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The Icing Room Menu Singapore

The Icing Room Menu Singapore With Prices List


Dry Cakes

Chilled Cakes

From the luscious Mango Coco 6-inch cake to the rich and decadent Dark Forest Gateau, there’s a perfect cake for every occasion. The DIY Chantilly Cake Set is a creative option starting at just S$17. Don’t miss the refreshing Fresh Strawberry Yogurt 4 Inch or the classic New York Cheesecake Slice for a mouthwatering experience. With prices ranging from S$3.50 to S$42.80, this dessert haven is a must-visit for any cake lover seeking heavenly flavors and impeccable quality.

Sliced Cakes

The Icing Room Alternative Restaurants

What are the types of icing?

First up, we have the ever-popular Buttercream, loved for its soft and spreadable texture, not to mention its fantastic taste and versatility. For a lighter option, turn to Whipped Cream, perfect for those who prefer a less heavy frosting. Royal Icing brings a regal touch to your desserts, while Cream Cheese Frosting adds a tangy twist to your sweet treats. If you’re looking for a fluffy and airy topping, Meringue is the way to go. Lastly, there’s Fondant, a smooth and pliable icing that allows you to get creative with cake decoration.

What is the icing on the cake?

The term “icing on the cake” refers to that delightful extra touch or bonus that enhances an already good thing, making it even better. Picture this – you’re at a fantastic concert, thoroughly enjoying the music, and then comes the icing on the cake – the chance to meet the band afterward! It’s that little cherry on top that brings an added level of joy and satisfaction to an already enjoyable experience.

What is decorating icing called?

When it comes to sprucing up those delightful cakes, we rely on the enchanting charm of decorator icing, often called frosting. This delectable concoction boasts a smooth and creamy texture that can be tailored to various consistencies to suit diverse artistic needs. For crafting intricate flower decorations, a firm consistency works wonders, while medium consistency lends itself gracefully to crafting elegant borders. And when it’s time to add the final personal touch, a thin consistency is perfect for icing or writing delightful letters and words on those delectable creations.

What kind of icing is used to decorate cakes?

This classic icing has a pure white color and dries into a smooth, firm shell with a matte finish. Its strength and stability make it ideal for piping intricate designs and flooding areas with color. Moreover, you can also apply Royal icing smoothly over cakes, providing a solid foundation for your creative decorations.

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