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Sushi-GO  Menu Singapore

Sushi-GO Menu Singapore With Prices List



Their Kani Sushi-GO tempts with fresh crab goodness at just S$4.80 for 4 pieces, while the Meat Sushi-Go offers a delectable meaty delight at the same price for 3 pieces. For a taste of traditional Inari Sushi-Go, relish 4 pieces at S$6.90. Don’t miss the Kidz Favorite for only S$4.20, a treat your little ones will adore! Indulge in a sushi feast that won’t break the bank at Sushi-GO!

GO-Sushi Set

Their menu offers an array of mouthwatering sets to satisfy any sushi lover’s cravings. From the fresh and succulent Go-Ebi Set at just S$9.50 to the delectable Go-Sashimi Set with 10 pieces priced at S$16.80, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss the unique Mentai Mayo Aburi Set for only S$14.80, a true flavor explosion. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or prefer veggie options, Sushi-GO has got you covered. Indulge in their enticing selections, like the Go-Veggie Sushi Set A at S$5.90 or Go-Maki Set B for S$10.50. If you’re in the mood for some creative DIY fun, try the Go Diy Sushi Sets starting at S$9.80.


Their menu prices are simply unbeatable, offering a delightful range of handrolls that’ll leave your taste buds singing. From the savory Soft Shell Crab Handroll to the classic Salmon Avocado Handroll, each bite is an explosion of flavors. And with prices starting as low as S$2.40, you can savor the goodness without breaking the bank.

Bento Don Set

Their DIY Double Don Set is a delight at just S$10.90, and the Salmon Ikura Chirashi Set is a heavenly treat priced at S$14.20. Don’t miss their flavorful Go Kidz Bento for only S$8.90. With a wide range of options like the mouthwatering Unagi Don Set at S$14.60, the delectable Gyudon Set for S$7.80, and the tantalizing Yangnyeom Chicken Don Set for S$10.80, Sushi-GO ensures an affordable and scrumptious dining experience for all sushi lovers.

Sushi Noodle Set


You absolutely must check out Sushi-GO! Their menu offers a delightful variety of sashimi options at pocket-friendly prices. From the mouthwatering Maguro and Kajiki Sashimi priced at just S$6.30, to the indulgent Thick Cut Salmon Sashimi at S$8.60, each bite is a symphony of freshness and flavor. Don’t miss the Sashimi Platter for a lavish treat at only S$16.50. With such affordable prices and premium quality, Sushi-GO is undoubtedly a top-notch destination for sashimi enthusiasts.



When it comes to authentic and affordable Japanese delicacies in Singapore, Sushi-GO is a top-notch choice! Their menu boasts a delightful range of dishes, including Miso Soup for just S$2.20 and the delectable Chawanmushi priced at only S$2.50. Don’t miss out on the perfect accompaniments like Shoyu Sachet and Wasabi Sachet, each at a steal of S$0.10 and S$0.20 respectively. And of course, a visit to Sushi-GO wouldn’t be complete without indulging in their flavorful Gari for just S$0.50.

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How expensive is Sushiro?

How much does it cost to dine at Sushiro? Well, at this popular spot in Singapore, you’ll find prices kicking off at $2.20++, which is just slightly over ¥100. Considering the top-notch quality of their offerings – all the way from imported Japanese ingredients, including the delightful sashimi – it’s a competitive deal. With a vast selection of over 100 sushi varieties to choose from, you’ll mostly be looking at prices ranging from $2.20++ to $3.20++. So, whether you’re a sushi aficionado or just curious to try some delicious Japanese delicacies, Sushiro has got you covered!

Is sushi express worth it?

“Is Sushi Express worth your money? Absolutely! Compared to other sushi joints like Itacho Sushi and Genki Sushi, Sushi Express stands out as an affordable option, with each plate priced at just $1.50++. This means you can indulge without worrying about breaking the bank. Not only that, their commitment to quality is commendable. They source their fish from reputable places, with ikura and scallops flown all the way from Japan, and salmon from Norway. This ensures that you’re treated to a delightful selection of fresh and delicious sushi, making it a steal of a deal!”

Why sushi is expensive?

“Why Sushi Comes with a Hefty Price Tag: Unraveling the Secrets Behind the Cost
If you’ve ever wondered why sushi tends to burn a hole in your wallet, let’s dive into the reasons behind its expensive allure and some nifty tips to save a few bucks. At the heart of it all lies the need for top-notch fish, which doesn’t come cheap. Since sushi primarily revolves around the delightful combination of fish and rice, the fish must be of impeccable taste and texture to keep customers coming back for more. Naturally, this means the cost of sourcing high-quality, raw fish is notably steep, and that’s a significant factor contributing to sushi’s higher price point.”

How come sushi is so expensive?

Why is sushi often accompanied by a hefty price tag? Well, the secret lies in its premium ingredients. To achieve that delectable taste, top-notch sushi demands only the finest rice and high-quality, often expensive, fish. A pound of top-grade sushi rice alone can set you back anywhere from $12 to $15, while premium fish can reach prices in the hundreds of dollars per pound. So, it’s the exceptional ingredients that contribute significantly to sushi’s lavish cost.

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