Plain Vanilla Menu Prices Singapore 2023

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Plain Vanilla Menu Prices Singapore

Plain Vanilla Menu Singapore With Prices List





Plain Vanilla’s menu in Singapore offers an exquisite selection of coffee and beverages that cater to every discerning palate. From the robust and aromatic Long Black, starting at S$ 6.21, to the velvety and balanced Flat White and Cappuccino, both priced from S$ 6.83, each sip promises a delightful coffee experience. For those seeking a creamier option, the rich and indulgent Mocha, priced at S$ 8.69, is a perfect choice. For a refreshing and chilled beverage, the Iced White, starting at S$ 8.07, provides a delightful respite. Tea enthusiasts will find solace in the Hot Tea, priced at S$ 7.45, while those seeking a fusion of flavors can indulge in the Tea Latte, starting from S$ 10.56. Additionally, the menu offers a velvety and heartwarming Hot Chocolate, priced at S$ 10.56, perfect for a cozy indulgence. Whether you’re a coffee lover or a tea connoisseur, Plain Vanilla’s menu promises a memorable and satisfying experience with a delightful array of beverages to suit every preference.

Sweet Bakes Selection

Indulge in a delightful array of delectable treats at Plain Vanilla in Singapore. From the scrumptious Teacake Slice, starting at S$ 11.18, to the irresistible Brownies, priced at S$ 8.69, every bite is a burst of flavors. The Loaf Slice, available for S$ 6.83, offers a perfect blend of moistness and taste. For a more petite option, the mouthwatering Muffins, starting from S$ 5.22, are sure to please. Those craving a unique treat will relish the Galette, available at S$ 7.45, offering a delightful mix of flavors and textures. Sweet Tarts, starting from S$ 9.94, are an exquisite choice for those with a penchant for tangy goodness. Lastly, don’t miss out on the delightful range of Cookies and Shortbread, priced from S$ 4.72, perfect for a quick, satisfying bite. With an array of flavors and textures, Plain Vanilla’s delectable treats are sure to delight any dessert lover and elevate the dining experience to new heights.

Savoury Tarts

Plain Vanilla Menu Prices Singapore

Does plain vanilla have WiFi?

At all our stores, we provide complimentary WiFi services for your convenience. Stay connected and enjoy seamless internet access while you dine with us. Whether you’re catching up on work, browsing the web, or simply staying connected with friends and family, our free WiFi ensures you can stay online throughout your visit. We believe in enhancing your overall experience at our establishments, and offering free WiFi is just one way we aim to make your time with us enjoyable and hassle-free. So, feel free to connect and make the most of your time at our stores.

Is vanilla extract not halal?

In conclusion, artificial vanilla extract does not contain alcohol or any other non-halal ingredients, making it halal. It is a suitable option for individuals following halal dietary guidelines and seeking a permissible alternative to natural vanilla extract. Rest assured that you can use artificial vanilla extract in your recipes without any concerns about its halal status. Enjoy the delightful flavor it adds to your dishes and desserts, knowing that it aligns with your dietary preferences and requirements.

Does pure vanilla have alcohol?

It’s true that by FDA standards, pure vanilla extract must contain a minimum of 35 percent alcohol, which is the same proof as Captain Morgan rum. Despite its alcohol content, pure vanilla extract is not sold in liquor stores but is commonly found in grocery stores and is a common household staple for many people. It is important to note that although pure vanilla extract contains alcohol, it is not used as an alcoholic beverage but as a flavoring agent in cooking and baking. As always, individuals following specific dietary restrictions or beliefs should be mindful of the ingredients they use in their recipes.

Who is the owner of plain vanilla?

In the second part of a three-part series highlighting talented local artisans in the world of sweets, we have the pleasure of talking to Vanessa Kenchington, the founder of Plain Vanilla. Her passion and dedication have led to near-perfection in her craft of creating delightful treats.

Is vanilla Coke is halal?

No, Coca-Cola is not halal certified. The company has stated that while they continuously work on improving their products, they do not specifically produce beverages that are compliant with the halal diet. As such, individuals who follow halal dietary guidelines may choose to avoid consuming Coca-Cola products.

What is plain vanilla swap?

The term “Plain Vanilla Swap” refers to a type of financial derivative known as an interest rate swap. In this swap, two parties agree to exchange interest rate payments on a notional principal amount over a set period of time. One party pays a fixed interest rate, while the other pays a floating interest rate based on a reference rate, such as LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate). This exchange allows both parties to manage their interest rate exposure and hedge against interest rate fluctuations. The term “plain vanilla” indicates that this type of swap is straightforward and standard without any additional features or complexities.

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