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Nine Fresh Menu Singapore With Prices List


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Freshly Brewed Tea (Chilled)

Indulge in a delightful range of tea offerings at Nine Fresh. Savor the rich flavors of Red Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Four Seasons Oolong Tea, and Earl Grey Tea, all starting from S$3.50. For a creamy twist, try their Milk Tea for S$4.38 or opt for the enticing blend of Earl Grey with Milk Tea, also available at S$4.38. Whether you prefer classic tea varieties or crave the comforting sweetness of milk-infused teas, Nine Fresh has the perfect selection to satisfy your tea cravings.

Taro Ball Signatures

Treat yourself to a delightful array of jelly desserts at Nine Fresh. Try the Grass Jelly Special with the perfect blend of black sugar and aloe vera, starting from S$3.50. Indulge in the wholesome goodness of the Oat Treasure Grass Jelly, available from S$3.50. For a taste of their signature creation, go for the Nine Fresh Signature dessert, starting at S$4.38. For a fruity twist, savor the Fruity Ai-Yu Jelly or the Black Sugar Ai-Yu Jelly, both available from S$4.75. Experience the delightful combination of Pearly Bean Curd with mango and crystal pearls, starting from S$4.38. Don’t miss the Jellicious Cup, Goodness Cup, and Black Cup, each offering a unique and satisfying taste, starting from S$4.75. Enjoy a delectable treat of jelly desserts at Nine Fresh that will surely satisfy your cravings.

Mixed Bases Specialties

Indulge in a medley of delightful flavors with Nine Fresh’s jelly desserts. Try the Mixed Bean Cup, a perfect blend of peanuts and assorted beans, starting at S$4.38. For a tropical twist, savor the Tropical Cup featuring mango and lychee with a delightful texture, also available from S$4.38. Embark on a treasure hunt with the Treasure Cup, combining grape crystal pearls and eight types of treasures, starting at S$4.38. Experience the richness of the Abundance Cup, a delectable mix of sweet potatoes, taro, and black and white pearls, available from S$4.75. For a harmonious taste, indulge in the Yin-Yang Cup, a delightful combination of oat jelly and crystal pearls, starting at S$4.50. Relish the Golden Cup, featuring honey, lotus seeds, and oat jelly, for a taste of luxury, starting at S$4.88. Brighten up your day with the Sunshine Cup, combining eight types of treasures, crystal pearls, and ai-yu jelly, available from S$4.50

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Nine Fresh Menu Prices Singapore

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Why is nine fresh called

During that chaotic time, we had to react swiftly, and that’s when we decided on the name Nine Fresh (九鲜). The name combines ‘九’ from 九份 (Jiufen) and ‘鲜’ (Fresh) because our desserts are made and served fresh every day!

Can nine fresh be kept overnight?

To ensure your desserts stay fresh, it’s best to refrigerate them as soon as possible. If you don’t plan to consume them within 2 hours from pickup or delivery, make sure to chill them to avoid spoilage.

Where is nine fresh from?

Nine Fresh, a well-known dessert chain brand in Singapore, has been serving innovative and budget-friendly chilled taro ball desserts since its establishment in 2012. They take pride in offering a wide selection of freshly produced desserts that are served daily.

What is best at Nine Fresh?

There are several things to love about Nine Fresh:
Bean Curd: Their bean curd is crafted from freshly-ground soya bean, and its texture resembles our local version of Taho.
Grass Jelly: Nine Fresh offers a delightful rendition of our local Gulaman, providing a unique twist on this classic favorite.
Ai-Yu Jelly: Made from fig fruit seeds and lightly sweetened with black sugar, Ai-Yu Jelly offers a refreshing and distinct flavor that sets it apart from other desserts.

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