Milano Pizza and Wine Menu Prices Singapore 2024

Hello Milano Pizza and Wine lovers, are you looking for the latest Milano Pizza and Wine Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of  Milano Pizza and Wine Menu 2024 Singapore with prices.

Milano Pizza and Wine Menu Prices Singapore

Milano Pizza and Wine Menu Singapore With Prices List


Milano Pizza and Wine Menu in Singapore offers a delectable array of dishes that will delight your taste buds! Treat yourself to the indulgent Garlic & Mozzarella Cheesy Milk Buns, a perfect blend of garlic, mozzarella, and cheesy goodness that will leave you craving more. For a taste of Italy, the Carbonara Suppli is a must-try, featuring a delightful combination of carbonara flavors in every bite.For a refreshing and wholesome option, indulge in the Caprese Chopped Salad, a dish that captures the essence of fresh and flavorful ingredients. The Bagna Cauda Steak Tartar promises a luxurious and savory treat, perfectly complemented by the bold flavors of Bagna Cauda.

Sicilian Grandma Pizza

Neo-neapolitan Pizza

Milano Pizza and Wine in Singapore presents a mouthwatering selection of artisanal pizzas that will take your taste buds on a flavorful journey! Experience the unique and tantalizing combination of flavors with the Upside-down Vodka Sauce & Calabrese, a delightful pizza that boasts a twist on the classic vodka sauce. For a taste of Mexico, the Mexican Street Corn & Shishito Peppers pizza is a must-try, combining the flavors of street corn with the mild heat of shishito peppers.Indulge in the savory La Carne pizza, a meat lover’s dream that offers a delightful medley of meats. The Beef Cheek Bolognese pizza promises a rich and hearty experience with tender beef cheek infused with Bolognese flavors.

Handmade Pasta


Experience the rich and diverse flavors of Milano Pizza and Wine’s New York Style with their exquisite entrees! Indulge in the delectable Chicken Francaise, a New York classic that promises a delightful blend of flavors with tender chicken. For a luxurious and tender option, the 24-Hour Barolo Braised OX Cheek is a must-try, offering a rich and savory taste that will leave you wanting more.For seafood lovers, the Herb Crusted Halibut is a perfect choice, featuring perfectly cooked halibut with a delightful herb crust. The Eggplant Milanese offers a vegetarian delight with its crispy and flavorful eggplant preparation.


Milano Pizza and Wine Menu Prices Singapore

Who is the owner of Milano Pizza?

Mazen Kassis is the President of Milano Pizza Ltd., and his family name has a rich history in the pizza industry in the Greater Ottawa Region. Alongside the Vice President, the ownership team boasts over 70 years of combined experience, making them highly knowledgeable in the pizza business. With such expertise, Milano Pizza Ltd. has established itself as a reputable and trusted player in the pizza industry, providing customers with delicious and high-quality pizzas. Their long-standing history and dedication to crafting excellent pizzas have contributed to their success in the market.

How many slices in a medium pizza Milano?

The pizza sizes offered at Milano Pizza Ltd. are as follows: Small with 4 slices, Medium with 6 slices, and Large with 8 slices. These size options provide customers with the flexibility to choose the right amount of pizza based on their appetite and group size. Whether it’s a small gathering or a larger party, Milano Pizza Ltd. ensures that their customers can enjoy their delicious pizzas in the perfect portion size.

What happened to Milano’s pizza?

In the mid-90s, Milano Pizza faced challenges and was unable to sustain its operations. As a result, some of its outlets, including the one in Holland Village, had to be closed down. However, to ensure that the brand’s legacy lived on, rival pizza chain Domino’s Pizza acquired the remaining Milano Pizza branches. This acquisition allowed some of Milano Pizza’s popular recipes and flavors to continue delighting pizza lovers under the Domino’s Pizza brand. Though Milano Pizza faced tough times, its impact on the pizza industry in the Greater Ottawa Region remains noteworthy.

Who is the oldest pizza?

Pizzeria Port’Alba, which opened in 1830, is recognized as the world’s first pizzeria. However, its origins can be traced back even further to 1738, when Antica started as a food stand for peddlers. Over the years, this food stand evolved and eventually became Pizzeria Port’Alba, solidifying its place in history as the pioneer of pizza establishments. With its long-standing history, Pizzeria Port’Alba continues to be celebrated for introducing the beloved dish to the world, making it an iconic destination for pizza enthusiasts and a testament to the enduring appeal of this Italian delicacy.

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