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Jewel Coffee Menu Singapore

Jewel Coffee Menu Singapore With Prices List




Their delightful Mushroom Cream Sauce Spaghetti, Chicken Lasagna, Beef Lasagna, Chicken Bolognese, and Beef Bolognese dishes are sure to satisfy your cravings. With each plate priced at just S$ 13.20, this restaurant offers a wallet-friendly and delectable dining experience that will leave you wanting more.


This charming restaurant offers a delectable selection of pastries and treats that will tantalize your taste buds. From the buttery Croissant at just S$ 4.10 to the savory Curry Chicken Puff at S$ 6.20, their menu promises a delightful journey of flavors. Don’t miss out on their delightful Sticky Cinnamon Bun with Pecans, a true indulgence at S$ 5.10.

Wraps & Sandwiches

Their diverse selection of wraps will tantalize your taste buds without breaking the bank. From the savory Tex Mex Beef Wrap to the aromatic Tandoori Chix Basil Wrap and the classic English Muffin with Turkey Ham, Egg & Cheese, their menu has something for everyone. Don’t miss the mouthwatering Egg & Sausage Wrap for a satisfying treat. With prices starting at just S$7.20, Jewel Coffee Menu is the perfect spot to enjoy a scrumptious meal without compromising on quality.


Ice Cream




Their menu offers an impressive selection of delightful coffee options, from the classic Espresso at an affordable S$ 5.50 to the rich and creamy Mocha starting at S$ 7.60. Whether you prefer a soothing Latte or a robust Americano, they’ve got you covered, with prices starting from S$ 6.30. Don’t miss their unique creations like The Gibraltar, a must-try at S$ 6.40.

Brewed Coffee

Iced Tea

Other Beverages

Indulge in the rich and soothing flavors of Matcha Latte and Taro Frappe, starting at just S$6.90. For the chocolate enthusiasts, don’t miss their velvety Chocolate and Ice Mocha, priced from S$7.60. From classic options like Vanilla Thickshake to unique blends like Soy Chocolate, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer hot or iced, Jewel Coffee has you covered with their refreshing Iced Milk and Hot Soy Milk, both at S$4.90.

Premium Assorted Tea

Canned Beverages

Jewel Coffee Alternative Restaurants

Where is Jewel coffee from?

This delightful coffee haven sprouted from the dreams of its owner, Adrian Khong. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, precisely at One Shenton Way, Jewel Coffee embarked on its journey. With a vision to serve the finest coffees to both seasoned coffee aficionados and newcomers, the shop quickly became a go-to destination for international coffee enthusiasts.

Who is the founder of Jewel Coffee?

Jewel Coffee, nestled in the bustling hub of Shenton Way, was brought to life by none other than Adrain Khong, a former banker who now passionately embraces the role of a skilled barista. This charming 900 sq ft coffee haven attracts numerous corporate individuals seeking their daily dose of delight from a wide selection of single-origin coffees during their mornings and lunch breaks.

Who owns Mecca coffee?

Mecca Coffee, a thriving coffee brand established in 2005, is the brainchild of Paul Geshos, a talented musician and dedicated barista. Originating from Sydney, Mecca Coffee stands out in the bespoke coffee industry, embracing a unique approach. Their core belief revolves around the idea that exceptional coffee can only be achieved by wholeheartedly supporting the various communities involved in the intricate coffee supply chain. With a commitment to quality and community, Mecca Coffee has been making its mark in the coffee world.

Which is the most precious coffee in the world?

This extraordinary coffee holds the crown for being the most expensive, and its uniqueness lies in its production process. Derived from coffee beans that have undergone partial digestion by the Indonesian palm civet, and later excreted, this coffee’s exceptional method of production contributes to its high price tag. If you’re an adventurous coffee enthusiast with a taste for the extraordinary, Kopi Luwak might be the perfect indulgence for you!

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