Old Chang Kee Menu Price Malaysia 2024

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Old Chang Kee Menu Price Malaysia
Old Chang Kee Menu

Old Chang Kee Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List

Burger Ayam Cheese Special, Burger Ayam Special, Burger Ayam Biasa, Burger Ayam Double Special, Burger Ayam Cheese, Burger Ayam DoubleCrispy Ayam Biasa, Crispy Ayam Cheese, Crispy Ayam SpecialRM9.50Crispy Ayam Cheese SpecialRM12.00Crispy Ayam Double, Burger Daging Double, Burger Ikan Biasa, Burger Ikan Special, Burger Ikan Cheese, Burger Ikan Cheese Special, Burger Ikan Double, Burger Ikan Double Special, Oblong Ayam Biasa, Oblong Ayam Special, Oblong Ayam Cheese, Oblong Ayam Cheese Special, Oblong Ayam Double.

Menu Price
Burger Ayam
Burger Ayam Cheese Special RM8.60
Burger Ayam Special RM6.50
Burger Ayam Biasa RM5.20
Burger Ayam Double Special RM9.20
Burger Ayam Cheese RM7.20
Burger Ayam Double RM7.90
Burger Ayam Double Cheese RM10.00
Burger Ayam Double Cheese Special RM11.30
Burger Daging
Burger Daging Cheese Special RM8.60
Burger Daging Special RM6.50
Burger Daging Double Cheese Special RM11.30
Burger Daging Biasa RM5.20
Burger Daging Cheese RM7.20
Burger Daging Double RM7.90
Burger Daging Double Special RM9.20
Burger Daging Double Cheese RM10.00
Burger Ikan
Burger Ikan Biasa RM5.20
Burger Ikan Special RM6.50
Burger Ikan Cheese RM7.20
Burger Ikan Cheese Special RM8.60
Burger Ikan Double RM7.90
Burger Ikan Double Special RM9.20
Burger Ikan Double Cheese RM10.00
Burger Ikan Double Cheese Special RM11.30
Oblong Ayam
Oblong Ayam Biasa RM7.90
Oblong Ayam Special RM9.20
Oblong Ayam Cheese RM10.00
Oblong Ayam Cheese Special RM11.30
Oblong Ayam Double RM13.20
Oblong Ayam Double Special RM14.40
Oblong Ayam Double Cheese RM15.00
Oblong Ayam Double Cheese Special RM16.20
Oblong Daging
Oblong Daging Biasa RM7.90
Oblong Daging Special RM9.20
Oblong Daging Cheese RM10.00
Oblong Daging Cheese Special RM11.30
Oblong Daging Double RM13.20
Oblong Daging Double Special RM14.40
Oblong Daging Double Cheese RM15.00
Oblong Daging Double Cheese Special RM16.20
Crispy Chicken Burgers
Crispy Ayam Biasa RM8.50
Crispy Ayam Cheese RM10.50
Crispy Ayam Special RM9.50
Crispy Ayam Cheese Special RM12.00
Crispy Ayam Double RM14.00
Crispy Ayam Double Special RM16.80
Crispy Ayam Double Cheese RM18.50
Crispy Ayam Double Cheese Special RM21.50

Old Chang Kee Alternative Restaurants

How many outlets does Old Chang have?

There are eighty outlets Old Chang has all over the world.

What is unique about Old Chang Kee?

Old Chang Kee specializes in the manufacture and sales of a wide range of very affordable high-quality food products including the signature curry puff and all other.

Who owns Old Chang Kee?

Mr, Han Keen Juan Mr, William Lim are the owner of Old Chang Kee.

What Old Chang Kee certified halal?

yes! Old Chang Kee is certified halal.

what old chang kee accept credit cards?

yes! old chang kee accept credit cards

Does Malaysia have Old Chang Kee?

yes! Malaysia have Old Chang Kee.

What is inside Old Chang Kee curry puff?

Every Old Chang Kee curry puff is painstakingly prepared – zesty curried potatoes, succulent bite-sized chicken chunks and slices of boiled egg mixes with a perfect combination of herbs and spices to create a flawless flavor and texture.

Can Old Chang Kee curry puff be kept overnight?

Yes it can but I would recommend storing it in the fridge overnight as my version contains chicken. Then on the day of serving, reheat in the oven or toaster oven.

How do you use the Old Chang Kee app?

Simply follow these steps: Download Old Chang Kee Rewards from Google Play or App Store. Sign up as a member for free. Link DBS/POSB debit or credit card, or DBS PayLah! account. Instantly receive 3 x welcome gift vouchers.

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