Sagar Restaurant Menu Price Malaysia 2024

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Sagar Restaurant Menu Price Malaysia
Sagar Restaurant Menu

Sagar Restaurant Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List

Arabic Salad, Yogurt Salad, Fattoush, Kachumber Salad, Chicken Bucket Biriyani, Mutton Bucket Biriyani, Fish Bucket Biriyani, Prawn Bucket Biriyani, Dhal Palak, Gobi Masala, Mushroom Mutter Masala, Andhra Chicken Curry, Peanut Masala, Gobi, Gobi Manchurian, Paneer, Paneer Tikka, Paneer Podimas, Chicken Lollipops, Fish, Calamari, Chilli Chicken, Chilli Prawn, Rogan Ghosh, Mughlai Mutton Kurma, Mutton Sheek Masala, Mutton Chettinad, Mutton Varuval, Mutton Chukka.

Menu Price
Arabic Salad RM10.70
Yogurt Salad RM13.10
Fattoush RM10.70
Kachumber Salad RM10.70
Green Salad RM11.90
Tandoori Chicken Salad RM20.30
Bucket Biriyani
Chicken Bucket Biriyani RM167.90
Mutton Bucket Biriyani RM203.90
Fish Bucket Biriyani RM191.90
Prawn Bucket Biriyani RM215.90
Non Vegetarian Plain Bucket Biriyani RM119.90
Egg Bucket Biriyani RM131.90
Indiagate Singnature Curry
Dhal Palak RM14.30
Gobi Masala RM16.70
Mushroom Mutter Masala RM21.50
Andhra Chicken Curry RM31.10
Andhra Royyala Kurma (Prawn) RM35.90
Vegetarian Appetizers
Peanut Masala RM8.30
Gobi 65 RM15.50
Gobi Manchurian RM16.70
Paneer 65 RM22.70
Paneer Tikka RM28.70
Paneer Podimas RM25.10
Raw Banana Tawa Fry RM14.30
Baby Corn Pepper Fry RM15.50
Non Vegetarian Appetizers
Chicken Lollipops RM21.50
Fish 65 RM20.30
Calamari 65 RM28.70
Chilli Chicken RM21.50
Chilli Prawn RM31.10
Chilli Calamari RM29.90
Nandu Rasam(Crab Soup) RM23.90
Mutton Pepper Soup RM16.70
Cream Of Mushroom Soup RM10.70
Cream Of Chicken Soup RM10.70
Sweet Corn Soup Vegetable RM10.10
Sweet Corn Soup Non Vegetable RM10.70
Cream Of Fresh Broccoli RM10.70
Chicken Tandoori RM16.70
Grilled Tandoori Fish Fillet RM27.50
Chicken Tikka RM25.80
Chicken Malai Tikka RM26.30
Fish Tikka RM26.30
Tangdi Kabab(4 Pcs Chicken) RM28.70
Chicken Seekh Kebab RM26.30
Mutton Sheek Kebab RM29.90
Indian Gate Mix Tandoori Platter RM59.90
Tandoori Prawns RM35.90
Rogan Ghosh RM31.10
Mughlai Mutton Kurma RM31.10
Mutton Sheek Masala RM29.90
Mutton Chettinad RM31.10
Mutton Varuval RM29.90
Mutton Chukka RM29.90
Mutton Capsicum RM31.10
Kheema Muttar RM31.10
Dhal Gosht RM28.70
Nandu Varuval(Crab Chettinadu) RM40.70
Prawn Masala RM31.10
Malabar Fish Curry RM28.70
Fish Tikka Masala RM26.30
Meenu Kolumbu RM27.50
Chettinad Prawn Pepper Fry RM31.10
King Fish Pan Fried RM17.90
Pomfret Fish Pan Fried RM28.70
Naan / Roti
Plain Naan RM5.90
Butter Naan RM7.10
Garlic Naan RM7.10
India Gate Cheese Naan RM11.90
India Gate Cheese Garlic Naan RM13.10
Chappati RM5.90
Pudina Parata RM7.10
Bamboo Biriyani
Bamboo Vegetable Biriyani RM19.10
Bamboo Chicken Biriyani RM23.90
Bamboo Mutton Biriyani RM29.90
Plain Biriyani RM16.70
Vegetable Biriyani RM19.10
Egg Biriyani RM20.30
Chicken Biriyani RM22.70
Mutton Biriyani RM29.90
Fish Biriyani RM27.50
Mushroom Pulao RM16.70
Jeera Rice RM13.10
Steam Rice RM7.10
Curd Rice RM13.10
Vanilla Ice Cream RM6.50
Chocolate Ice Cream RM6.50
Gulab Jamun RM9.50
Gajar Ka Halwa RM15.50
Indian Gate Special Dessert RM20.30
Fresh Juices
Green Apple Juice RM7.10
Orange Juice RM9.00
Watermelon Juice RM7.10
Pineapple Juice RM9.00
Lemon Juice RM9.00
Carrot Juice RM10.20
Lemon + Mint Juice RM10.20
Mango Juice RM11.40
Strawberry Juice RM12.60
Buttermilk Lassi RM13.70
Sweet Lassi RM13.70
Salted Lassi RM13.70
Mango Lassi RM16.70
Strawberry Lassi RM16.70
Banana Lassi RM16.70


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what sagar restaurant acepet cradit card?

yes! sagar restaurant acepet cradit card.

Who is the owner of Sagar restaurant?

The owner of Sagar restaurant is Suresh Poojari.

How many outlets have Sagar restaurant?

Sagar restaurant has more than 40 outlets all over the world.

What is the famous food of Sagar?

Chironji Ki Barfi is the famous food of Sagar.

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