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Hana K-Food Menu Prices Singapore 2024

Hello Hana K-Food lovers, are you looking for the latest Hana K-Food Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Hana K-Food Menu 2024 Singapore with prices.

Hana K-Food Menu Singapore

Hana K-Food Menu Singapore With Prices List



Their menu boasts a variety of delectable soups, such as the flavorful Kimchi Soup and the hearty Spicy Beef Soup, starting from just S$16.70. Indulge in the rich and satisfying flavors of their Bean Paste Soup or the mouthwatering Spicy Tofu Soup.

Mixed Rice


From the flavorful Kimchi Fried Rice starting at just S$ 17.80 to the comforting Ginseng Chicken Soup for S$ 18.40, their selection promises a delightful gastronomic experience. Don’t miss the delectable Kimbap at S$ 13 or the savory Jja Jang Rice and Jjambbong Rice, both priced at S$ 17.30.

Jeon Gol


From the mouthwatering Ddukboki at just S$14 to the delightful Kimchi Pancake also priced at S$14, every dish will leave your taste buds craving for more. Don’t miss out on the delectable Steamed Dumpling for only S$11.90, and don’t forget to pair it all with their perfectly cooked Plain Rice, priced at just S$2.20.

Drinks and Desserts


 Hana K-Food alternative restaurants 

What is K cuisine?

Introducing our delightful K-Cuisine, a delectable butter alternative that captures the luscious and luxurious flavors of butter while offering the healthful advantages of culinary oil. Indulge in the rich taste of butter without compromising on the nutritional benefits – a perfect choice for enhancing your favorite dishes with a touch of irresistible goodness!

Why is K food so popular?

Korean food’s immense popularity can be attributed to its wholesome and balanced nature. Many Korean dishes perfectly harmonize carbohydrates, protein, and nutrient-packed non-starchy vegetables. The presence of fiber and antioxidants, especially in beloved kimchi, not only tantalizes our taste buds but also promotes a sense of satiety, making it a favorable choice even for those aiming for weight loss.

What is BTS’s favorite food in Korea?

BTS, the beloved K-pop sensation, has quite a diverse taste of Korean cuisine! Among their top picks are the iconic and ever-popular Kimchi, a staple in Korean culture, as well as succulent Meats and Korean Barbecue, which are always on their list of all-time favorites. When they crave something crispy and delightful, they turn to the crunchy dream that is Korean Fried Chicken. And for comforting noodle cravings, they indulge in the goodness of Jajangmyeon, a hearty noodle dish. Seafood Extravaganza is also a hit with the members, as they delight in the delicious ocean delicacies.

How many branches does Hana K-Food in Singapore?

23 branches are Hana K-Food in Singapore.

Who is the owner of Hana K-Food in Singapore?

Emeril Lagasse is the owner of Hana K-Food in Singapore. His first restaurant, named Emeril’s, opened in 1990. Since then, he has opened 11 more branches of this business. He has appeared on cooking shows since the early 90s and would have his own in 1996. In this show, he used the catchphrase “BAM!” that we still associate with him today.

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