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Hawker Menu Singapore

Hawker Menu Singapore With Prices List

BBQ Seafood (01-18)

This restaurant offers a mouthwatering array of dishes that won’t break the bank. From the scrumptious Prawn Roll at just S$ 15.20 to the flavorful BBQ Stingray starting from S$ 22.40, your taste buds are in for a treat. Don’t miss their tantalizing Cereal/Salted Egg/Butter Prawn at S$ 29.50 or the delightful Hotplate Deer Meat priced at S$ 26.70. With options like White Bee Hoon and Sambal Kang Kong starting from S$ 9.50 and S$ 12.40 respectively, your dining experience is bound to be both satisfying and budget-friendly.

Hawker Alternative Restaurants

How much does hawker food cost in Singapore?

“Exploring the Price of Hawker Food in Singapore
One of the exciting aspects of traveling to Singapore is undoubtedly experiencing its vibrant hawker food culture. If you’re curious about the cost of these delicious street eats, here’s what you can expect. On average, dinner tends to be the most expensive, setting you back around S$6.20, followed closely by lunch at S$6.01. For those looking to save a bit, breakfast is the most budget-friendly option at S$4.81. If you plan to eat out three meals a day, the daily average comes to about S$16.89. Over a month (30 days), this would amount to an estimated total of S$506.70. Keep in mind that these are just average figures, and the prices may vary depending on the specific dishes and the location of the hawker center you choose. So, be sure to explore different food stalls to discover the diverse flavors and prices of Singapore’s hawker food scene!”

Is hawker food cheap?

Is hawker food inexpensive? Well, let me tell you that it’s a definite yes! When you visit hawker centres, you’ll be delighted to find mouthwatering dishes at incredibly affordable prices. According to a study by the Institute of Policy (IPS) called the Makan Index, hawker food is generally priced much lower compared to what you’d pay at coffee shops or food courts. So, if you’re looking for delicious meals that won’t break the bank, hawker food is the way to go!”

What is the most popular hawker food in Singapore?

What’s the talk of the town when it comes to hawker food in Singapore? Drumroll, please! It’s none other than the all-time favorite Chicken Rice! This beloved dish comes in delightful variations of steamed, roasted, and soy sauce chicken, making it a top contender for Singapore’s most cherished culinary delights. If you’re visiting Singapore, you simply can’t miss out on trying this iconic hawker delicacy. Find out more about this and other mouthwatering hawker treats in our 2023 guide to the 15 Best Hawker Food in Singapore on Singapore Foodie!”

Are hawker stalls cash only?

Are hawker stalls cash-only? Yes, when dining at hawker centers, it’s essential to come prepared with cash since most vendors don’t accept cards. Don’t worry, though; despite the fast-paced and bustling atmosphere, ordering can be a breeze. Simply ensure you have cash on hand, take a leisurely walk around the various stalls to pick your desired dishes, and enjoy the delightful culinary offerings!

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