Sri Budi Tomyam Menu Malaysia 2024

Hello Sri Budi Tomyam lovers, are you looking for the latest Sri Budi Tomyam Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Sri Budi Tomyam 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Sri Budi Tomyam Menu Malaysia

Sri Budi Tomyam Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Nasi Goreng KampungRM 9
Nasi Goreng TomyamRM 10
Nasi Goreng CinaRM 7.50
Nasi Goreng PattayaRM 12
Nasi Goreng AyamRM 11.50
Kuey Teow GorengRM 8.50


Their menu features a variety of fish dishes, each with their own unique and flavorful twist. I highly recommend the Ikan 3 Rasa, Ikan Namprikpau, Ikan Masam Manis, Ikan Stim Limau, and Ikan Stim Halia, all priced at a reasonable RM 49. They also serve Siakap Kengsom for the same price point. The fish is always fresh and cooked to perfection, and the seasoning is spot on. It’s a great spot for a casual dinner or a special occasion.

Ikan 3 RasaRM 49
Ikan NamprikpauRM 49
Ikan Masam ManisRM 49
Ikan Stim LimauRM 49
Ikan Stim HaliaRM 49
Siakap KengsomRM 49

Keng Som

One of the standout dishes on their menu is the Kengsom Ayam, a traditional Malaysian dish made with chicken and a spicy tomato-based sauce. At only RM 12, it’s a great value for the quality of the dish. They also offer other options such as the Kengsom Daging (RM 12.70) made with beef, the Kengsom Campur (RM 13.50) a mixed dish, the Kengsom Sotong (RM 14.50) made with squid, the Kengsom Udang (RM 14.50) made with shrimp and the Kengsom Seafood (RM 14.50) a seafood dish, and even the Kengsom Belut (RM 15) made with eel.

Kengsom AyamRM 12
Kengsom DagingRM 12.70
Kengsom CampurRM 13.50
Kengsom SotongRM 14.50
Kengsom UdangRM 14.50
Kengsom SeafoodRM 14.50
Kengsom BelutRM 15


This restaurant serves up delicious and hearty tomyam dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied. The menu is extensive, with options such as Tomyam Campur for RM 12, Tomyam Ayam for RM 11.50, and Tomyam Seafood for RM 12.50. They also offer unique options like Tomyam Sayur, Tomyam Sotong, Tomyam Daging, and Tomyam Cendawan all at RM 11.50. For seafood lovers, they have Tomyam Udang at RM 12.50 and Tomyam Belut at RM 15. And for those who are feeling adventurous, try their Tomyam Poktek at RM 23.

Tomyam CampurRM 12
Tomyam AyamRM 11.50
Tomyam SeafoodRM 12.50
Tomyam SayurRM 11.50
Tomyam SotongRM 12.50
Tomyam DagingRM 11.50
Tomyam CendawanRM 11.50
Tomyam UdangRM 12.50
Tomyam BelutRM 15
Tomyam PoktekRM 23


Sup TulangRM 18
Sup AyamRM 11.50
Sup PerutRM 11.50
Sup DagingRM 12
Sup CampurRM 12
Sup Urat KetingRM 11.50
Sup CendawanRM 11.50
Sup EkorRM 20
Sup PuyuhRM 12
Sup BelutRM 15


Tomsep DagingRM 15
Tomsep AyamRM 15
Tomsep EkorRM 20
Tomsep CampurRM 15
Tomsep PerutRM 15
Tomsep TulangRM 16


Their menu offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from, such as Sayur Campur for RM 7.50, Kalian Ikan Masin for RM 9, Kangkung Belacan for RM 7.50, Cendawan Goreng for RM 8.50, Tauge Ikan Masin for RM 9, Sup Sayur for RM 11.50, Somtam for RM 10.50, and Kerabu Mangga for RM 10.50. Each dish is packed with flavor and made with fresh ingredients. The service is also top-notch, making for a great dining experience.

Sayur CampurRM 7.50
Kalian Ikan MasinRM 9
Kangkung BelacanRM 7.50
Cendawan GorengRM 8.50
Tauge Ikan MasinRM 9
Sup SayurRM 11.50
SomtamRM 10.50
Kerabu ManggaRM 10.50


Telur BungkusRM 12.30
Telur DadarRM 3
Telur BistikRM 12.30
Telur MataRM 1.80

Ayam / Daging / Udang / Sotong

This restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The menu includes classics like Masak Kunyit and Masak Merah, as well as more unique options like Masak Lada Hitam and Masak Halia. And with prices starting at just RM 10, it’s affordable for any budget. I highly recommend trying the Masak Paprik and Masak Pedas, or for something truly unique, the Masak Nam Prik Pao. And don’t forget to end your meal with the delicious Celup Tepung, available for just RM 10.50.

Masak Kunyitfrom RM 10
Masak Merahfrom RM 10
Masak Lada Hitamfrom RM 10
Masak Haliafrom RM 10
Masak Paprikfrom RM 10
Masak Pedasfrom RM 10
Masak Nam Prik Paofrom RM 10
Masak Kicapfrom RM 10
Masak Kerabufrom RM 10
Masak Masam Manisfrom RM 10
Celup TepungRM 10.50


Belut HaliaRM 13
Belut PedasRM 13
Belut KicapRM 13
Belut PaprikRM 13
Belut Lada HitamRM 13
Belut KunyitRM 13
Belut Masam ManisRM 13
Belut Nam Prik PauRM 13
Belut Pad PedRM 13
Belut Pad Kreng KengRM 13
Belut MerahRM 13


Puyuh Pad PedRM 12
Puyuh KunyitRM 12
Puyuh HaliaRM 12
Puyuh PedasRM 12
Puyuh KicapRM 12
Puyuh PaprikRM 12
Puyuh Lada HitamRM 12
Puyuh Masam ManisRM 12
Puyuh Nam Prik PauRM 12
Puyuh Pad Kreng KengRM 12
Puyuh MerahRM 12


Ayam ButterRM 18
Ayam ManggaRM 18
Ayam KoreaRM 18
Kerabu PerutRM 11.50
Sotong Cili KeringRM 15
Udang Bawang PutihRM 12
Sotong Telur MasinRM 23
Udang ButterRM 25
Tulang NamprikpauRM 18
Ayam GajusRM 12
Bilis PedasRM 11.50
Ayam LemonRM 18
Tulang GorengRM 18
Puyuh Nam Prik PaoRM 11.50
Kerabu Telur MasinRM 6
Tauhu Jepun Masam ManisRM 12
Kerabu BilisRM 11.50
Yam Kai KrobRM 18


Pad Kra Pao DagingRM 12
Pad Kreng Keng AyamRM 12
Pad Kreng Keng DagingRM 12
Pad Kra Pao AyamRM 12
Larb DagingRM 12
Pad Ped AyamRM 12
Pad Ped DagingRM 12

Sup Celup

Bee Hoon Sup CampurRM 11.50
Kuey Teow Sup CampurRM 11.50
Maggi Sup CampurRM 11.50
Bee Hoon Sup SpecialRM 12.50
Maggi Sup SpecialRM 12.50
Bee Hoon Sup DagingRM 10
Bee Hoon Sup PerutRM 10


Maggi Sup AyamRM 9.50
Mee Sup AyamRM 9.50
Mee Sup DagingRM 10
Mee Sup PerutRM 10
Mee Sup CampurRM 11.50
Mee Sup SpecialRM 12.50
Bee Hoon Sup AyamRM 9.50
Kuey Teow Sup AyamRM 9.50
Kuey Teow Sup DagingRM 10
Kuey Teow Sup PerutRM 10
Kuey Teow Sup SpecialRM 12.50
Maggi Sup DagingRM 10
Maggi Sup PerutRM 10
Bee Hoon GorengRM 8.50
Mee Goreng MamakRM 9
Kuey Teow GorengRM 8.50
Kuey Teow LadnaRM 11.50
Mee RebusRM 11.50
Mee GorengRM 8.50
Kuey Teow TomyamRM 11.50
Kuey Teow HailamRM 11.50
Kuey Teow Hong KongRM 11.50
Mee LadnaRM 11.50
Mee BandungRM 11.50
Bee Hoon TomyamRM 11.50
Bee Hoon Hong KongRM 11.50
Kuey Teow RebusRM 11.50
Bee Hoon SingaporeRM 10
Mee HailamRM 11.50
Mee TomyamRM 11.50
Mee Hong KongRM 11.50
Bee Hoon HailamRM 11.50
Bee Hoon LadnaRM 11.50
Bee Hoon BandungRM 11.50
Bee Hoon RebusRM 11.50
Kuey Teow BandungRM 11.59


Their chicken chop dish, priced at RM 18, was cooked to perfection and had a great taste. I also tried their Roti Bakar Telur, which was only RM 5.50 and was a great addition to my meal. The fries were also a hit at only RM 6. I was particularly impressed with their Colek Perut and Keropok Lekor dishes, both priced at RM 11.50 and RM 5 respectively. The Pulut Mangga and Kerabu Maggi were also delicious options, priced at RM 12 and RM 11.50 respectively. The Colek Buah and Roti Bakar were also budget-friendly at RM 10 and RM 3.50.

Chicken ChopRM 18
Roti Bakar TelurRM 5.50
FriesRM 6
Colek PerutRM 11.50
Keropok LekorRM 5
Pulut ManggaRM 12
Kerabu MaggiRM 11.50
Colek BuahRM 10
Roti BakarRM 3.50
Pulut DurianRM 25


hey have a wide variety of nasi goreng options, including seafood, kampung, cina, Pattaya, USA, and even a tommyam option. My personal favorite is the Nasi Goreng Seafood, which is only RM 11.50. They also have other rice options like Nasi Putih for only RM 2.50 and Nasi Bubur for RM 7.50. They also have a variety of meat options, including chicken and beef, as well as options like Nasi Goreng Cendawan and Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin.

Nasi Goreng SeafoodRM 11.50
Nasi Goreng KampungRM 9
Nasi Goreng CinaRM 7.50
Nasi Goreng PattayaRM 12
Nasi Goreng USARM 13.50
Nasi PutihRM 2.50
Nasi Goreng TomyamRM 10
Nasi Goreng CendawanRM 9
Nasi BuburRM 7.50
Nasi Goreng Ikan MasinRM 10
Nasi Goreng BelacanRM 13.50
Nasi Goreng DagingRM 9
Nasi Goreng Daging MerahRM 12
Nasi Goreng Cili PadiRM 9
Nasi Goreng BiasaRM 7.50
Nasi Goreng ThaiRM 15
Nasi Goreng PaprikRM 12
Nasi Goreng Ayam KunyitRM 12
Nasi Goreng KerabuRM 9
Nasi Goreng AyamRM 11.50
Nasi Goreng UdangRM 11.50

Fresh Juice

Jus Carrot SusuRM 4.50
Jus EpalRM 3.80
Jus TembikaiRM 3.80
Jus Tembikai SusuRM 4.50
Jus NenasRM 3.80
Jus OrangeRM 3.50
Jus BarliRM 3
Jus ManggaRM 3.80
Jus Epal SusuRM 4.50
Jus Mangga SusuRM 4.50
Jus Jambu BatuRM 4.50
Jus LaiciRM 3
Jus Laici SusuRM 4.50
Jus Barli SusuRM 4.50


They offer a wide variety of options, including classic teh o ais for just RM 1.80, or you can upgrade to teh o ais limau for only RM 2.50. They also have a great selection of milo drinks, including the milo ais for RM 3.80 and the milo o ais for RM 3.50. For those looking for something a little different, they also offer options like cikung ais for RM 5 and bandung laici ais for RM 3.80. And for coffee lovers, they have a variety of options including kopi o ais for RM 2.30 and nescafe ais for RM 3.50.

Teh O AisRM 1.80
Teh O Ais LimauRM 2.50
Milo AisRM 3.80
Neslo AisRM 3.80
Teh AisRM 3
Sirap Limau AisRM 2.80
Cikung AisRM 5
Bandung Laici AisRM 3.80
Kopi O AisRM 2.30
Teh O Ais LaiciRM 3.80
Green Tea AisRM 3.80
Kopi AisRM 2.80
Milo O AisRM 3.50
Nescafe O AisRM 3
Nescafe AisRM 3.50
Horlicks O AisRM 3.50
Horlicks AisRM 3.80
Neslo O AisRM 3.50
Sirap AisRM 1.50
Sirap Laici AisRM 3.80
Bandung AisRM 2.80
Bandung Cincau AisRM 3.80
Sunquick AisRM 2.70
Limau AisRM 2.50

Sri Budi Tomyam Alternative Restaurants

How many branches does Sri Budi Tomyam have in Malaysia?

34 more branches are Sri Budi Tomyam has in Malaysia.

Who is the owner of Sri Budi Tomyam Malaysia?

Edward. Koo is the owner of Sri Budi Tomyam Malaysia

Does Sri Budi Tomyamaccept credit cards?

Yes!Sri Budi Tomyamaccept credit cards.

Is Sri Budi Tomyam Halal?

Sri Budi Tomyam’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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