Sushi Tei Menu Prices Singapore 2024

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Sushi Tei Menu Prices Singapore

Sushi Tei  Menu Singapore With Prices List



Sushi Tei presents a delectable selection of dishes that never fail to tantalize the taste buds. The Berry Hiramasa Sashimi, priced at S$20.20, offers a burst of fresh and succulent flavors that are simply irresistible. For sushi enthusiasts, the Berry Hiramasa Sushi at S$8.80 showcases a delightful fusion of tastes that will leave you craving for more. The Tako Meshi Onigiri, available for S$7.60, provides a delightful blend of textures with each bite. If you’re in the mood for a roll, the Furutsu Ebi Roll at S$16.40 is a delightful choice, offering a harmonious combination of ingredients. For a unique treat, the Negitoro Saku-Saku Roll at S$17.70 delights with its crunchy goodness. Sushi Tei also satisfies your cravings for variety with the Kushikatsu Moriawase at S$16.30, a delectable platter of assorted skewers. As for a mouthwatering rice bowl option, the Kazan Wagyu Don, priced at S$34.10, promises a rich and savory experience. Sushi Tei has a wide range of delightful offerings that will transport your taste buds to a culinary paradise.

Chutoro Feast

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Sushi Tei’s menu boasts a delightful array of appetizers that perfectly complement their exquisite sushi offerings. Chuka Iidako, priced at S$8.50, presents tender seasoned baby octopus that will leave your taste buds enchanted. For a delectable taste of the ocean, Chuka Chinmi at S$8.50 offers a medley of seafood delights. Seafood enthusiasts will also appreciate the Lobster Salad, a tantalizing dish priced at S$11.40. The Chuka Wakame, S$8.50, boasts a refreshing seaweed salad that will invigorate your palate. Satisfy your craving for seafood with the delightful Hanasaki Ika at S$8.50, showcasing tender and succulent squid. For a burst of flavor, indulge in the Ikura Shoyuzuke, priced at S$12.60, where marinated salmon roe delivers a delightful umami experience. Sushi Tei’s Edamame, available for S$7.60, provides a classic and healthy appetizer option. For those who relish unique textures, Chuka Kurage at S$8.50 presents a delectable jellyfish dish. Adventure seekers will appreciate the Tako Wasabi, priced at S$8.80, featuring marinated octopus with a spicy twist

Sushi Tei Special Rolls

Sushi Tei’s sushi creations are nothing short of extraordinary, and their signature rolls promise an unforgettable dining experience. The Spicy Mentai Spider Roll, priced at S$22.70, features a tantalizing combination of crispy soft-shell crab, spicy mentai mayo, and a burst of flavors that will leave you craving for more. For a burst of colors and flavors, the Rainbow Roll, available for S$20.20, presents a delightful ensemble of fresh ingredients that dance on your palate. Take flight with the Phoenix Roll, a luxurious choice at S$29.10, showcasing the perfect harmony of flavors and textures. The Aburi Salmon Roll, priced at S$20.20, entices with its succulent and lightly seared salmon, elevating the sushi experience to new heights. Unleash your inner dragon with the aptly named Dragon Roll, S$22.70, featuring a delectable combination of eel, avocado, and tobiko

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Nigiri Sushi

Gunkan Sushi







Sushi Tei presents an enticing array of Udon, Soba, and Ramen dishes that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Japan. Indulge in the rich and comforting flavors of the Tonkotsu Udon/Soba/Ramen at S$12.60, a soul-soothing delight. For a hearty and flavorful option, the Nabeyaki Udon at S$16.40 offers a satisfying combination of ingredients served in a traditional hot pot.For a classic and versatile choice, the Udon/Soba at S$12.60 allows you to savor the simple yet delightful taste of these traditional Japanese noodles. For a touch of sweetness, the Kitsune Udon/Soba/Ramen at S$15.20 features a savory broth complemented by sweet, fried tofu.


Sushi Tei’s diverse menu extends beyond delightful noodles to a tantalizing selection of Donburi and Rice dishes. For seafood enthusiasts, the Maguro Don at S$24 offers a delectable bowl featuring fresh tuna slices atop a bed of sushi rice. Meanwhile, the Negitoro Don at S$19 presents a perfect marriage of minced tuna belly and spring onions for a melt-in-your-mouth experience.For a luxurious treat, the Una Bara Chirashi Don at S$29.10 boasts a delightful assortment of grilled eel slices and vibrant toppings. The Salmon Ikura Don at S$25.30 offers a harmony of fresh salmon and delightful ikura, tantalizing the senses with every bite.



Sushi Tei Menu Prices Singapore

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When was sushi tei founded?

Since its debut in 1994, Sushi Tei has established a unique identity by blending the art of sashimi with the exciting teppanyaki style, creating an extraordinary Japanese dining experience for everyone. Sushi Tei is not just an ordinary restaurant; it has become a symbol of exquisite Japanese cuisine accessible to all. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Sushi Tei continues to delight customers with an array of delectable sushi, sashimi, and teppanyaki dishes, making it a favorite destination for Japanese food enthusiasts.

What country is sushi tei from?

Sushi Tei made its debut in Singapore in 1994 with a mission to offer a delightful variety of sushi to its customers. With over 80 outlets in nine countries, Sushi Tei is committed to providing freshness and using only top-grade ingredients in their dishes. The restaurant has become synonymous with high-quality Japanese cuisine and is dedicated to delivering a memorable dining experience to its patrons. With its wide range of sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese delights, Sushi Tei continues to be a favorite destination for sushi lovers across the globe.

Which country made sushi first?

Indeed, the origins of sushi can be traced back to a Chinese dish called narezushi. This ancient dish involved fermenting fish with rice, and it was first developed in Southeast Asia. Over time, it made its way to Japan, where the Japanese adapted and refined the preparation methods, eventually creating their own unique styles of sushi. Today, Japan is renowned as the sushi capital of the world, and sushi has become a beloved culinary delight enjoyed by people worldwide. The art of making sushi has evolved and diversified, with various types and flavors to suit different tastes and preferences.

Why is sushi so expensive?

You are absolutely right. The high cost of sushi can be attributed to the quality and freshness of its ingredients. Premium sushi rice and top-grade fish are essential for creating the best-tasting sushi. The cost of high-quality sushi rice can indeed range from $12 to $15 per pound, while certain types of premium fish, such as bluefin tuna, can cost hundreds of dollars per pound. Additionally, the expertise and skill of the sushi chefs, along with the careful preparation and presentation, also contribute to the overall cost of sushi dining experiences at reputable sushi restaurants.

Is it healthy to eat sushi a lot?

Yes, that’s correct. According to a registered dietitian, healthy adults can safely consume 2-3 sushi rolls, which typically consist of 5-8 pieces of sushi, per week. This moderate consumption ensures a balanced intake of nutrients while limiting potential risks associated with consuming too much raw fish and rice.

Why is sushi famous?

Absolutely, sushi’s popularity has spread worldwide, and it is indeed one of the most beloved and versatile dishes. Its wide range of ingredients allows for numerous flavor combinations, making it appealing to a diverse group of people with varying tastes and dietary preferences.
Sushi’s reputation as a high-quality and indulgent dish is well-deserved. The use of fresh, premium ingredients like top-grade fish and high-quality rice contributes to its luxurious appeal. The artful presentation of sushi and the precision in its preparation also add to the overall experience, making it a treat for both the eyes and the palate.

Is sushi is halal?

Yes, you are correct. Sushi, in general, can be considered halal as it primarily consists of ingredients like rice, fish, vegetables, and seaweed, which are permissible in Islamic dietary laws. However, as you mentioned, the use of mirin, which is a type of rice wine, in some sushi recipes can make it non-halal due to the presence of alcohol, which is considered haram (forbidden) in Islam.

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