Jason Niang Dou Fu Menu Prices Singapore 2023

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Jason Niang Dou Fu Menu Singapore

Jason Niang Dou Fu Menu Singapore With Prices List


Yong Tau Foo

Their menu boasts a delightful array of options, including the mouthwatering Chye Poh Sauce, the rich and flavorful Laksa, and the tantalizing Tom Yam. Whether you prefer it in a comforting soup or a satisfying dry version, starting from just S$ 6.30, this restaurant offers an affordable and delicious Yong Tau Foo experience.

Side Dishes

Their Fried Octopus balls, Fried Seafood dumplings, Fried Crispy Fish, and Fried Crispy Chicken are absolute delights. With each dish priced at just S$6.80, you’ll experience a burst of flavors without breaking the bank. A must-visit for a truly satisfying and affordable culinary experience!


Jason Niang Dou Fu Alternative Restaurants

What is Yong Tau Foo soup made of?

We’re diving into the delicious world of Yong Tau Foo, a mouthwatering dish hailing from the Hakka Chinese cuisine. So, what exactly is Yong Tau Foo soup made of? Well, it’s a delightful combination of tofu and various vegetables like bitter gourd, okra, peppers, eggplants, mushrooms, and more. The magic happens when these veggies are stuffed with flavorful meat and/or fish paste. You have the option to enjoy it either in a comforting, savory soup or dry with a delectable sweet bean sauce.

What is yong tau foo in Chinese?

I’m thrilled to share with you the delightful world of Yong Tau Foo, a beloved Chinese dish that has taken the streets of Malaysia by storm. Hailing from the Hakka Chinese tradition, this mouthwatering street food is known for its tantalizing stuffed tofu, and the name itself, 酿豆腐, translates to exactly that in Chinese. If you’re eager to recreate this scrumptious treat in the comfort of your own kitchen, stay tuned as I walk you through a simple and satisfying homemade Yong Tau Foo recipe.

Is Chinese long soup healthy?

Is Chinese long soup good for your health? Absolutely! Chinese soups have a rich history of being regarded as rejuvenating elixirs with numerous health benefits. For centuries, these soups have been trusted natural remedies, known to strengthen the immune system, combat common illnesses like colds, and enhance energy levels, making them ideal for active individuals and even athletes.

Why is Chinese soup so yellow?

Have you ever wondered why Chinese soup has that vibrant yellow hue? Well, here’s the secret behind it! Chinese restaurants often enhance the color of their egg drop soup by adding a dash of yellow food coloring. This addition gives the soup its beautiful and iconic appearance. However, if you’re not a fan of food coloring, no worries! You can easily omit it without affecting the taste. Alternatively, some people opt for turmeric to achieve the yellow color, but keep in mind that it will impart a slightly different flavor to the soup.

Are These Popular Hawker Dishes Really Healthier?

Are These Popular Hawker Dishes Really Healthier?
Hey there, lensman here with a fresh insight into one of our favorite hawker dishes: Yong Tau Foo! You might be wondering, “Is yong tau foo good for a diet?” Well, here’s the lowdown. Yong tau foo can actually be a beneficial addition to your diet thanks to its unsaturated fat content. However, it’s important to be mindful of the sodium levels, as they can be quite high. The beauty of yong tau foo lies in the fact that you have the power to customize your meal by choosing what ingredients you include.

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