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Hello Sushi-GO   lovers, are you looking for the latest Sushi-GO   Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of  Sushi-GO  Menu 2024 Singapore with prices.

Sushi-GO  Menu Singapore 2023 

Sushi-GO Menu Singapore With Prices List



Sushi-GO offers a delightful selection of sushi options on their menu in Singapore. From the delectable Kani Sushi-GO with four pieces at S$4.80 to the tasty Meat Sushi-Go with three pieces at the same price, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. For a unique choice, the Inari Sushi-Go with four pieces is available at S$6.90. And not to forget the little ones, the Kidz Favorite sushi option is priced at S$4.20, making it a hit among young sushi enthusiasts.

GO-Sushi Set

Sushi-GO’s impressive variety of sets in Singapore caters to all sushi enthusiasts. Enjoy the delightful Go-Ebi Set, featuring 8 pieces of succulent shrimp sushi, at an affordable S$9.50. For salmon lovers, the Double Salmon Set with 8 pieces awaits at S$11.80. For a tantalizing blend of flavors, indulge in the Mentai Mayo Aburi Set, offering 10 pieces of sushi for S$14.80. The Torotaku Sushi Set, priced at S$7.50, promises a delightful combination of tuna and pickled radish. Health-conscious diners can opt for the GO-Veggie Sushi Sets, A and B, each featuring 6 pieces and priced at S$5.90 and S$6.90 respectively. For a larger serving, the Go-Maki Sets, A and B, with 12 pieces each, are available for S$9.50 and S$10.50 respectively. Additionally, the Go-Sushi Sets, A and B, offer a delectable variety of 12 pieces each, priced at S$10.80. Sushi-GO also presents the Go-Tamago Set, a delightful choice of 12 pieces of tamago sushi, for S$12.80. For those craving sashimi, the GO-Sashimi Set, featuring 10 pieces, awaits at S$16.80. And to complete the range, the Salmon Sushi Set, offering 8 pieces, is available for S$11.80. For a personalized sushi experience, the Go Diy Sushi Sets are a fantastic choice, priced at S$9.80 and S$13.50


Bento Don Set

Sushi Noodle Set


Sushi-GO’s menu in Singapore presents a delightful array of handrolls to satisfy any sushi lover’s cravings. Indulge in the delectable Soft Shell Crab Handroll, priced at S$4.60, or savor the classic flavors of the California Handroll, available for S$2.80. For a delightful blend of salmon and avocado, try the Salmon Avocado Handroll at S$3.30. Those who appreciate the simplicity of Tamago can enjoy it in a Handroll for just S$2.40. Opt for the fresh and flavorful Salmon Handroll, priced at S$3, or relish the taste of the Lobster Salad Handroll at S$4.60. Additionally, the Una Tama Handroll, at S$4.60, offers a delightful combination of eel and tamago. With a wide range of handroll choices, Sushi-GO ensures a delightful sushi experience for every palate.



Sushi-GO  Menu Singapore

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Who Is The Owner Of Sushi-GO in  Singapore ?

Sole Proprietor Is The Owner Of Sushi-GO in  Singapore.

Is Sushi-GO Halal In Singapore ?

No! Sushi-GO Is not Halal In Singapore.

How Many Locations Have Sushi-GO In Singapore ?

Sushi-GO Has More Than 10 Outlets In Singapore .

What Sushi-GO Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore ?

Yes! Sushi-GO Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore.

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