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BlackBall Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


BlackBall menu offers a unique and flavorful range of desserts and drinks that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. If you’re looking for a refreshing and creamy beverage, the Boba Milk Tea and Boba Milk Green Tea are both great options. For something more fruity, try the Melon Jade Jelly, made with fresh melon chunks and jade jelly. But if you’re in the mood for something more substantial, the Blackball Signature dessert is a must-try, featuring a combination of grass jelly, taro balls, and red beans. Another popular option is the Golden Sweet Corn Delight, a shaved ice dessert topped with fresh corn kernels and cream.

A1. Blackball Signature 大黑丸from RM 15.90
G6. Boba Milk Tea 波霸奶茶from RM 7.80
A3. Golden Sweet Corn Delight 黄金玉米冰from RM 14.90
A5. Classic Blackball Signature 黑丸嫩仙草from RM 15.90
G7. Boba Milk Green Tea 波霸奶绿茶from RM 7.80
A7. Melon Jade Jelly 黑丸嫩爱玉from RM 10.90
BlackBall Menu Malaysia

Classic Cold Desserts 经典冷甜点

If you’re a fan of Taiwanese desserts, BlackBall is definitely worth a visit! Their menu features a variety of shaved ice, jelly, and soy-based desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth. One must-try dish is the Blackball Signature, which comes with an assortment of toppings like grass jelly, taro balls, and pearls. Another highlight is the Golden Sweet Corn Delight, which combines creamy shaved ice with juicy corn kernels and a scoop of ice cream. For something warmer, give the Signature Soya Delight a go – the silky soy milk is paired with chewy grass jelly and bouncy taro balls. Prices start from as low as RM 10.90, so it’s an affordable treat for anyone craving a sweet fix.

A1. Blackball Signature 大黑丸from RM 15.90
A3. Golden Sweet Corn Delight 黄金玉米冰from RM 14.90
A5. Classic Blackball Signature 黑丸嫩仙草from RM 15.90
A6. Signature Soya Delight 精选豆浆冰from RM 13.90
A7. Melon Jade Jelly 黑丸嫩爱玉from RM 10.90
A9. Soy Joyful 团圆豆花from RM 11.90
A10. Soy Dearest 芝心豆花from RM 17.90
A13. Soy-Cheerful 紫糯豆花from RM 16.90
BlackBall Menu Malaysia

Warm Desserts 温馨甜点

If you’re a fan of Asian desserts, then you have to try BlackBall’s unique selection of sweet soups and tang yuan. Their K2 Sesame Soup with Purple Tang Yuan is a must-try for its nutty, creamy flavor and chewy texture. If you’re feeling adventurous, the K7 Ginger Soup with Crystal Tang Yuan offers a spicy kick that’s balanced by the soft, translucent tang yuan. For those who prefer something more traditional, the K1 Black Glutinous Rice Soup with Sweet Potato Balls is a comforting classic. With reasonable prices starting from RM 10.90, BlackBall is the perfect spot for a post-meal treat or a mid-day snack.

A1A. Hot Blackball Signature 黑丸烧仙草from RM 15.90
K1. Black Glutinous Rice Soup W. SP Balls 紫米红豆汤地瓜圆from RM 10.90
K2. Sesame Soup with Purple Tang Yuan 芝麻紫糯from RM 15.90
K3. Hot Soya with Purple Tang Yuan 豆浆紫糯from RM 13.90
K5. Taiwanese Ginger Soup 台式姜汤from RM 12.90
K6. Black Glutinous Rice Soup With Purple Tang Yuan 紫米紫糯from RM 15.90
K7. Ginger Soup w. Crystal Tang Yuan 水晶圆姜汤from RM 16.90
K8. Blackball Hot Sesame 黑丸烧芝麻from RM 11.90
K9. Hot Soya w. Crystal Tang Yuan 水晶圆热豆浆from RM 15.90
BlackBall Menu Malaysia

Mixed & Match

CM1. Grass Jelly Ice Base 仙草冰沙底from RM 8.90
CM2. Soya Ice Base 豆浆冰沙底from RM 8.90
CM3. Sweet Corn Ice Base 玉米冰沙底from RM 8.90
CM4. Hot Grass Jelly Base 烧仙草低from RM 8.90
CM5. Hot Soya Base 烧豆浆底from RM 8.90
CM6. Grass Jelly Base 嫩仙草低from RM 8.90
CM7. Jade Jelly Base 嫩爱玉底from RM 8.90
BlackBall Menu Malaysia

Milk & Tea

BlackBall offers a wide range of refreshing and delicious drinks on their menu, including milk teas, grass jelly drinks, and matcha lattes. For those who love milk teas, you can choose from their classic Boba Milk Tea or the Pudding Milk Tea. If you’re a fan of grass jelly, try their Grass Jelly Milk Tea or Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly. And for those who love matcha, you can opt for the Uji Matcha Latte or the Red Bean Matcha Latte. With prices ranging from RM 7.80 to RM 13.80, there’s a drink for every budget.

G2. Grass Jelly Milk Tea 嫩仙草奶茶from RM 7.80
G3. Grass Jelly Milk Green Tea 嫩仙草奶绿茶from RM 7.80
G4. Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly 鲜奶仙草冻饮from RM 9.90
G5. Fresh Milk with Pearls 鲜奶珍珠冻饮from RM 9.90
G6. Boba Milk Tea 波霸奶茶from RM 7.80
G7. Boba Milk Green Tea 波霸奶绿茶from RM 7.80
G8. Pudding Milk Tea 布丁奶茶from RM 9.90
G10. Milk Tea with Baby Balls 小丸子奶茶from RM 10.90
G11. Uji Matcha Latte 宇治抹茶拿铁from RM 11.80
G12. Red Bean Matcha Latte 红豆抹茶拿铁from RM 13.80
BlackBall Menu Malaysia

Refreshing Beverages 饮料

BlackBall in Malaysia offers a wide range of refreshing drinks to quench your thirst on a hot day. Their menu features classic milk teas such as the Boba Milk Tea and Grass Jelly Milk Tea, as well as unique creations like the Cheesy Green Tea and Avocado Summer Dream. If you’re looking for something fruity, try the QQ Cranberry Lemon Juice or the 3Q Passion Fruit Green Tea. And for those who enjoy a bit of texture in their drinks, the Winter Melon Tea with Sky Pearls or the Sour Plum Tea with Nata De Coco are sure to satisfy. With so many options to choose from, BlackBall is the perfect spot to grab a drink and beat the heat.

E1. Blackball Classic Tea 日月红茶from RM 6.90
E2. Blackball Green Tea 茉香绿茶from RM 6.90
E3. Blackball Xian Cao Tea with Grass Jelly 黑丸仙草冻饮from RM 5.80
H1. Winter Melon Tea with Grass Jelly 冬瓜仙草冻饮from RM 7.80
H2. Winter Melon Tea with Sky Pearls 冬瓜寒天球茶from RM 8.80
H3. Winter Melon Tea with Baby Balls 小丸子冬瓜茶from RM 7.80
F2. Sour Plum Tea with Nata De Coco 淡水酸梅茶from RM 7.80
F3. 3Q Passion Fruit Green Tea 百香绿茶from RM 8.90
F4. 3Q Passion Fruit Winter Melon Tea 百香冬瓜from RM 8.90
F6. QQ Cranberry Lemon Juice 蔓越莓柠檬from RM 7.80
F7. Pudding Iced Cocoa 布丁可可from RM 12.90
F8. Mocha with Grass Jelly 摩卡仙草冰from RM 8.80
F9. Iced Jade Tea 翡翠柠檬冰from RM 8.80
F10. Honey Lemon Aiyu 爱玉柠檬冰茶from RM 8.80
J1. Cheesy Green Tea 奶霜绿茶RM 10.90
J2. Cheesy Milk Tea 奶霜奶茶RM 12.90
P1. Avocado Summer Dream 鳄梨芦荟柠檬RM 16.90
P2. Avocado Boba Fresh Milk 鳄梨黑糖鲜奶RM 19.90
L1. Devil Boba Fresh Milk Matcha 恶魔黑糖厚鲜奶抹茶RM 15.90
L3. Devil Boba Fresh Milk Sesame 恶魔黑糖厚鲜奶芝麻RM 15.90
L4. Devil Boba Fresh Milk Caramel 恶魔黑糖厚鲜奶火焰焦糖RM 14.90
P5-Sesame Marble 芝心理石from RM 10.80
P6-Green Marble 花心绿玉from RM 13.80
P7- Pink Romance 粉浪漫from RM 8.80
BlackBall Menu Malaysia

Yogurt 酸奶

Y1. Passion Fruit Yogurt 百香果酸奶RM 13.90
Y2. Sweet Yam Yogurt 大甲芋头酸奶RM 15.90
Y3. Strawberry Yogurt 草莓酸奶RM 14.90
BlackBall Menu Malaysia
BlackBall Menu  Malaysia
BlackBall Menu Malaysia
BlackBall Menu Malaysia

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Who owns Blackball?

Blackball is a beloved brand that has gained popularity for its delicious salami products. Started as a small family-run butchery in 1992, Blackball was founded by Pat Kennedy and Gary Seckers in the scenic town of Blackball on the West Coast of New Zealand. With a passion for producing high-quality meat products, the company has grown over the years, but it remains committed to using traditional recipes and methods. Today, Blackball is a trusted name in the food industry, and its products are enjoyed by foodies all over the world.

What is blackball dessert?

If you are looking for a refreshing and unique dessert to try, you might want to check out Blackball. This Taiwanese brand is known for its signature grass jelly, which is typically paired with shaved ice or chewy mochi balls, cooked beans, and brown syrup. The combination of flavors and textures creates a delightful treat that is perfect for beating the heat or satisfying your sweet tooth. Whether you are a fan of traditional Taiwanese desserts or simply looking for something new to try, Blackball is definitely worth a try.

Is blackball halal?

No! blackball is not halal.

What is blackball famous for?

Black jelly is known as “cincau hitam” in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is a popular dessert made from the leaves of Platostoma palustre (Mesona palustris), and it is often served in a sweet syrup with shaved ice and other toppings. Black jelly is similar to grass jelly and has a slightly herbal taste. In recent years, it has become a popular ingredient in bubble tea and other drinks. It can also be found in instant powder form, making it easier to prepare at home.

What is black ball made of?

Black Ball is a Taiwanese dessert brand that specializes in grass jelly. The brand is known for its various toppings, including taro balls, sweet potato balls, and red beans. However, if you are referring to the candy, Black Balls are small black-colored sweets that are made of sugar, glucose, peppermint oil, and food coloring. It is important to note that Black Balls are manufactured in a facility that also handles nuts, dairy, and gluten, which can be potential allergens for some people.

What is the difference between blackball and blackball mini?

If you’re a fan of Blackball, you might have noticed that they have a new addition to their menu – Blackball Mini. While the name might suggest a smaller portion size, there’s actually more to it than that. Blackball Mini comes in rounder plastic cups with a cute boba mascot on the cover, which makes it look even more appealing. Apart from that, the beverages themselves are just as delicious and refreshing as the regular Blackball drinks. So whether you’re in the mood for the classic Blackball experience or want to try something new with Blackball Mini, you’re sure to enjoy your visit to this popular Taiwanese dessert chain.

What is the size of blackball?

In terms of the size of Blackball desserts, they come in various sizes depending on the item. For example, their grass jelly desserts come in a small size, regular size, and large size. They also have drinks in regular and large sizes. So, the size of Blackball really depends on what specific item you’re referring to.

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