Playmade by 丸作  Menu Prices Singapore 2024

Hello Playmade by 丸作 lovers, are you looking for the latest Playmade by 丸作  Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Playmade by 丸作  Menu 2024 Singapore with prices.

Playmade by 丸作  Menu Singapore

Playmade by 丸作  Menu Singapore With Prices List


Seasonal Special Series

Original Series

From the refreshing Jasmine Green Tea and Taiwan Green Tea to the aromatic Earl Grey Tea and Osmanthus Oolong Tea, each cup is a perfect blend of flavors. With prices starting at just S$3.30, you can enjoy a hot or iced cup of your favorite tea without breaking the bank. Treat yourself to the soothing Chrysanthemum Tea or the wholesome Brown Rice Sencha, both available from S$3.30.

Latte Series

From the rich and soothing Black Tea Latte to the refreshing and aromatic Green Tea Latte, their menu caters to all latte lovers. Indulge in the velvety goodness of the Burnt Caramel Latte or the comforting Cocoa Latte. For a unique twist, try the Matcha Latte or the Brown Rice Latte. The Earl Grey Latte and Chrysanthemum Latte are also excellent choices.

Milk Tea Series

Whether you’re a fan of classic favorites like Taiwan Milk Tea and Green Milk Tea or prefer unique options like Burnt Caramel Milk Tea and Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea, they have it all. With prices starting at S$4.40, you can savor these delightful beverages in hot versions too. Don’t miss out on their Ovaltine and Cocoa options, priced from S$5.10. Indulge in the rich flavors of Chrysanthemum Milk Tea or Brown Sugar Milk Tea, both available for just S$4.90. For those looking for a twist, the Earl Grey Milk Tea will surely please your taste buds at S$4.40.

Yakult Series

From the zesty Grape Yakult Green Milk Tea to the tantalizing Grapefruit Yakult Green Tea, each sip is a burst of flavor. With prices starting from just S$5.20, these Yakult teas are a must-try for any tea enthusiast. Experience the perfect harmony of fruit and Yakult goodness today!”

Honey Series

Indulge in the richness of Honey Black Tea, Honey Green Tea, and Honey Taiwan Green Tea, all starting from just S$4.30. For those seeking a creamier experience, try the Honey Black Latte, Honey Green Tea Latte, or Honey Taiwan Green Tea Latte at an affordable S$5.90. The menu also boasts unique combinations like Honey Lemon Chrysanthemum Tea, perfect for a refreshing treat. With prices starting from S$4.60, you’re in for a delightful tea adventure at Playmade!

Fresh Fruit Series

 Playmade alternative restaurants 

What is popular at Playmade?

I want to share with you what’s creating a buzz at Playmade! If you happen to be at VivoCity, you’re in for a treat because they’re offering an amazing 1-for-1 deal on their top five best-selling drinks. This promo runs until December 11, 2021, so make sure to mark your calendars! Now, let’s talk about these delightful beverages that have captured the hearts of many. First up, we have the refreshing Large Taiwan Milk Tea, followed by the soothing Chrysanthemum Milk Tea. For those who crave a burst of fruity goodness, you can’t go wrong with the Orange Pulp Green Tea. Feeling a bit adventurous? Try the unique Pink Cactus Float Jasmine Green Tea. And last but not least, they have the ever-popular Yakult Green Tea, which is always a crowd-pleaser. So head over to Playmade and indulge in these top-notch drinks while the offer lasts.

What is the Chinese name for Playmade?

‘Playmade’! In Chinese, it corresponds to the word 丸, which carries the beautiful meaning of ‘pearl’. So, the delightful and refreshing beverages we know as Playmade are essentially associated with the essence of pearls in Chinese culture. Isn’t it fascinating how language and culture intertwine to create such wonderful names? Now you know the Chinese name for Playmade!

Who is the founder of Playmade Singapore?

Who is the founder of Playmade Singapore? The brain behind the flourishing bubble tea venture known as Playmade Singapore is none other than Amanda Poo. Alongside her co-franchise owner, Crystal Wee, Amanda Poo embarked on this exciting journey after developing a passion for bubble tea during their trip to Taiwan. Their love for the delightful beverage drove them to establish the successful Playmade brand in Singapore.

What is playmade?

What exactly PlayMade is? Well, let me introduce you to this popular Taiwanese bubble tea shop known as PlayMade by 丸作. Located at Tampines One, this place is famous for its unique flavored pearls, which set it apart from other bubble tea joints. If you’re a bubble tea enthusiast or simply curious about trying something new and exciting, PlayMade is definitely worth a visit! Their distinctive and delicious pearl options will surely leave you coming back for more.

What is Playmade known for?

“What sets Playmade apart and has garnered it a well-deserved reputation since its debut in 2017 is its exceptional boba creations. Renowned for their innovative approach, Playmade has been delighting customers with a diverse array of flavors, skillfully experimenting to push the boundaries of boba beverages. One standout example of their ingenuity is the unique chrysanthemum pearl flavor, a delightful concoction they proudly crafted. With a commitment to constant creativity, Playmade continues to be a top player in the boba industry, offering a delightful experience with each sip.”

What are playmade pearls made of?

What exactly goes into crafting those delightful playmade pearls? Well, these little pearls are crafted with care using only fresh and natural ingredients, completely free from any additives or artificial food colorings. Take, for instance, the irresistible pink cactus pearls, which get their charming hue from the delicate pink pulp of the exclusive “penghu” cactus, a rare gem found solely in Taiwan. So, when you indulge in these pearls, you can be sure you’re savoring nature’s goodness without any unnecessary extras.

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