Akashi Japanese Restaurant Menu Prices Singapore 2024

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Akashi Japanese Restaurant Menu Singapore

Akashi Japanese Restaurant Menu Singapore With Prices List


Chinmi Appetizer

Indulge in their exquisite Morokyu, Edamame, and Pitan Tofu for a tantalizing start. Don’t miss the flavorful Shirauo Tempura and refreshing Hiyashi Wakame. For a unique experience, try the Chuka Kurage and Dashimaki Tamago. The Kawahagi, Fugu Mirin Boshi, Maguro Natto, and Ika Natto offer a perfect blend of flavors. And for a true seafood lover’s delight, savor the Kawa Ebi, Tatami Iwashi, Sakura Ebi, Yaki Tarabou, and Asari Chilli.


From the freshest Maguro, Shake, Ama Ebi, Shime Saba, and Tako Sashimi to the mouthwatering Ika, Toro, Chu Toro, and Otoro Sashimi, each dish is a masterpiece. Don’t miss the exquisite Toro Sashimi, a true delicacy at just S$ 88.80.


Look no further than Akashi Japanese Restaurant Menu Singapore! Indulge in their delectable selection of sushi masterpieces like Aburi Toro, Otoro, and Ama Ebi, each priced at an attractive S$24.80, S$45, and S$15.80, respectively. Don’t miss the flavorful Ikura and Aburi Shake options, priced at just S$15.80 and S$13.80 for 3 pieces.


From the delectable Negi Toro Temaki at just S$17.80 to the mouthwatering Shake Kawa Temaki priced at only S$8, their menu boasts a tantalizing array of sushi rolls that will satisfy any sushi lover. Don’t miss out on the Spicy Tuna, Maguro, Spider, or Ebi Tempura Temaki, all equally delightful at affordable prices.

Makimono Sushi

From the mouthwatering Ebi Tempura Maki to the delightful Negi Toro Maki, their diverse sushi selection caters to all tastes. With wallet-friendly options like Kappa Maki and Natto Maki priced at just S$ 7.40, you can indulge in a satisfying culinary experience without breaking the bank. Head to Akashi Japanese Restaurant Menu for a memorable sushi feast that will leave you coming back for more!



A La Carte

Their menu boasts a delectable selection of dishes that will satisfy any Japanese food enthusiast. Try their mouthwatering Kama Shioyaki and Unagi Kabayaki for a true umami experience. For a rich and tender treat, don’t miss the Buta Yaki (Kurobuta) and Tenderloin Steak. Vegetarians will love the Mizuna Tomato Sarada and Yasai Itame. The Ebi Gyoza and Agedashi Tofu are perfect appetizers.

Soba & Udon

Their menu offers a delightful array of dishes, including the delectable Kani Ramen at just S$14 and the refreshing Hiyashi Inaniwa Udon priced at S$12.20. Don’t miss the savory Gyo Somen for S$19.80 or the pocket-friendly Akashi Yaki Ramen for only S$10. With its authentic flavors and reasonable prices, Akashi is a must-visit for all noodle lovers in the city. Indulge in their Chasoba (S$12.40) or savor the premium Gyu Niku Inaniwa Udon (S$24.80) for a memorable dining experience!


Set Menu

Look no further than Akashi Japanese Restaurant Menu Singapore! With a diverse array of delectable dishes, Akashi has something to satisfy every palate. Indulge in their mouthwatering Shake Hanami Don Set or the flavorful Maguro Hanami Don Set, both priced at just S$37. For those who prefer poultry, the Wakadori Teriyaki Set and Chicken Katsu Set are delightful choices at S$19.80. With so many tempting options like the Gindara Misozuke Set, Wagyu Don Set, and more, Akashi is a must-visit culinary destination.


Sushi Platter



Akashi Japanese Restaurant Alternative Restaurants

Who owns Akashi Singapore?

The reins of Akashi Singapore are now in the capable hands of Javier Goh, following the proud legacy of his father, Sam Goh. As part of The Akashi Group’s second generation, Javier Goh is set to lead the business to new heights, carrying forward the family’s entrepreneurial journey.

Where is Akashi from?

Akashi is nestled in the west-central part of Honshu, and its proximity to Kōbe is evident as it lies alongside the beautiful Akashi Strait of the Inland Sea. This charming place has a historical significance as it developed as a castle town, and fascinating remnants from the Jōmon and Yayoi periods can still be found on the nearby hills.

How big is Akashi?

How impressive is Akashi’s size? Well, let me tell you, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is not just remarkably long, but it also stands tall with its two towers soaring at an astonishing height of 928 feet, making them the tallest bridge towers on the planet! Check out the images to witness its grandeur.

What is Akashi known for?

What is Akashi known for? Well, this charming coastal town holds a special place in the hearts of seafood enthusiasts. Akashi’s rich history revolves around its prominent landmark, Akashi Castle, strategically positioned to oversee vital trade routes and the picturesque Seto Inland Sea. Although the castle lies in ruins today, it continues to draw visitors as a beloved cherry blossom destination during the spring season.

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