LiHO Tea Menu Malaysia 2024

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LiHO Tea Menu Malaysia
LiHO Tea Malaysia

LiHO Tea Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List

LiHO Tea Malaysia menu included Avocado Garden Brown Sugar Pearl Avocado Pandan Avocado Pudding Avocado Golden Avocado Yakult Avocado Oat Milk Avocado CheezHO Avocado Tropical Avocado Milk Tea Earl Grey Milk Tea Milk Green Tea Winter Melon Milk Tea Chocolate Milk Da Hong Pao Milk Tea Da Hong Pao Milk Tea + Brown Sugar Pearl Fruit Tea Plum Green Tea Lemon Aloe Melon Tea Passion Aloe Ha Tea Lychee Aloe Ha Lychee Rose Jing Syuan Yakult Lemon Yakult Triple Peach Triple Peach Pomelo.


Avocado Garden

Brown Sugar Pearl AvocadoRM9.68
Pandan AvocadoRM10.43
Pudding AvocadoRM10.43
Golden AvocadoRM11.18
Yakult AvocadoRM11.18
Oat Milk AvocadoRM11.18
CheezHO AvocadoRM12.67
Tropical AvocadoRM12.67

Milk Tea

Earl Grey Milk TeaRM5.25
Milk Green TeaRM5.25
Winter Melon Milk TeaRM5.25
Chocolate MilkRM5.93
Da Hong Pao Milk TeaRM6.68
Da Hong Pao Milk Tea + Brown Sugar PearlRM7.80

Fruit Tea

Plum Green TeaRM5.93
Lemon Aloe Melon TeaRM6.68
Passion Aloe Ha TeaRM6.68
Lychee Aloe HaRM6.68
Lychee Rose Jing SyuanRM7.43
Yakult LemonRM8.93
Yakult Triple PeachRM8.93
Triple Peach PomeloRM8.93
Sunrise CoconutRM8.93
Mango DelightRM9.68
Singapore Fruit TeaRM11.18

Fresh Milk & Oat Milk Tea

Brown Sugar LoverRM6.68
Brown Sugar LoverRM6.68
Royal Oolong DoubleRM7.43
Cookies MachiRM8.93
Golden Oolong Oat LatteRM8.93
Singa-pandan ShakeRM8.93
Herbal Jelly Gula Melaka Oat MilkRM10.50

Brew & CheezHO Tea

Jing Syuan TeaRM4.50
Jasmine Green TeaRM4.50
Roasted Oolong TeaRM4.50
Earl Grey TeaRM4.50
Winter Melon TeaRM4.50
Honey Green TeaRM5.25
CheezHO Melon TeaRM6.75
CheezHO Green TeaRM6.75

Lit Coffee

LiHO Signature CoffeeRM5.93
Da Hong Pao Yuan Yang CoffeeRM6.68
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk CoffeeRM7.43
Oat Milk CoffeeRM8.93

LiHO Tea Alternative Restaurants

Who is the owner of LiHO?

The owner of LiHO is Seshan Ramaswami, Adina Wong.

What is LiHO best drink?

LiHO’s best drinks include Lychee Jing Syuan Tea ($3.30, $4.30), Fresh Lemon Juice Kanten and Golden Ai Yu ($4.00 and $5.10), Golden Yuzu Juice and Golden Ai Yu ($3.70 and $4.70), and Vitagen ‘n’ Peach ($4.10, $5.40).

Is LiHO Malaysia halal?

Yes LiHO Malaysia is halal. We’ve checked with LiHO and confirmed that they use Muslim-friendly ingredients for their in-store drinks.

Is LiHO membership free?

Yes, LiHO membership is free. To sign up as a member for free, simply set up an account on LiHO’s membership page.

What is good at LiHO?

The top picks at Liho include Lychee Jing Syuan Tea, Fresh Lemon Juice Kanten and Golden Ai Yu, Golden Yuzu Juice and Golden Ai Yu, and Vitagen ‘n’ Peach.

What is the most popular bubble tea?

The top most popular bubble tea flavors are Classic Milk Tea. Tiger Milk Tea. Thai Milk Tea. Taro Milk Tea. Lychee Fruit Tea.

What is in LiHo mango delight?

The majority of bubble tea products are halal. The main concern with bubble tea is generally the Tapioca balls or pearls, or the popping bobas which resemble other Gelatin products, such as sweets and jelly. These balls are actually made from agar or alginate (a seaweed extract) which are both Halal.

What are LiHO pearls made of?

Taro Q is LiHo’s name for boba pearls made from taro, the sweet, tropical yam-like root vegetable commonly found in Southeast Asia.

How many outlets have LiHO Tea Menu outlets in Malaysia?

LiHO Tea has 7 outlets in Malaysia.

What LiHO accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! LiHO accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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