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Penang Rojak Menu Malaysia 2023 With Prices List


Penang Rojak in Malaysia is a must-visit spot for those who love traditional local delicacies. The Rojak Buah priced at RM 9 is an all-time favorite for those who want a perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors. Another signature dish is the Sotong Kangkong, priced at RM 18, which is a delightful combination of fresh kangkong and succulent squid. The Popiah, priced at RM 8.50, is another popular dish that promises to tantalize your taste buds. For a crispy and satisfying snack, try the Crispy Tauhu priced at RM 7.50. The Thai Style Fish Ball priced at RM 8.80 is another popular choice that is bursting with flavor. If you want to try a variety of dishes, the Set B priced at RM 16 is the perfect option for you. Head to Penang Rojak for a truly authentic Malaysian culinary experience.

Rojak Buahfrom RM 9
Sotong Kangkong 鱿鱼蕹菜from RM 18
Popiah 薄饼from RM 8.50
Crispy Tauhu 脆扑扑豆腐卜from RM 7.50
Thai Style Fish Ball 泰式鱼蛋from RM 8.80
Set Bfrom RM 16
Penang Rojak Menu Malaysia


If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable meal in Malaysia, Penang Rojak Menu has got you covered! With a variety of mouth-watering sets to choose from, including Set G starting from RM 24.80, Set B from RM 16, Set A from RM 28, Set C from RM 27, Set D from RM 17.50, Set E from RM 36, Set F from RM 36.50, Set H from RM 35.80 and Set I from RM 26.30, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in the best Malaysian cuisine at Penang Rojak Menu!

Set Gfrom RM 24.80
Set Bfrom RM 16
Set Afrom RM 28
Set Cfrom RM 27
Set Dfrom RM 17.50
Set Efrom RM 36
Set Ffrom RM 36.50
Set Hfrom RM 35.80
Set Ifrom RM 26.30
Penang Rojak Menu Malaysia


Looking for a quick and delicious snack in Malaysia? Look no further than Penang Rojak Menu! From the sweet and savory Rojak Buah starting from RM 9, to the flavorful Sotong Kangkong 鱿鱼蕹菜 starting from RM 18, to the perfect combination of Rojak and Sotong in one dish starting from RM 21, there’s something for everyone. Craving something light and crispy? Try the Popiah 薄饼 starting from RM 8.50 or the Crispy Tauhu 脆扑扑豆腐卜 starting from RM 7.50. For something more filling, the Golden Fried Tauhu 黄金豆腐 starting from RM 9.10 or the Thai Style Fish Ball 泰式鱼蛋 starting from RM 8.80 are sure to satisfy. Don’t forget to try the Rojak Biscuit With Sauce for a unique twist on a classic favorite, starting at just RM 8!

Rojak Buahfrom RM 9
Sotong Kangkong 鱿鱼蕹菜from RM 18
Popiah 薄饼from RM 8.50
Rojak Biscuit With SauceRM 8
Crispy Tauhu 脆扑扑豆腐卜from RM 7.50
Golden Fried Tauhu 黄金豆腐from RM 9.10
Thai Style Fish Ball 泰式鱼蛋from RM 8.80
Rojak Sotongfrom RM 21
Penang Rojak Menu Malaysia
Penang Rojak Menu Malaysia
Penang Rojak Menu Malaysia
Penang Rojak Menu Malaysia

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Who is the owner of Penang Rojak in Malaysia?

 Leong Gwo Wei is the owner of Penang Rojak in Malaysia.

Is Penang Rojak halal in Malaysia?

Yes! Penang Rojak is halal in Malaysia

What is inside rojak?

Are you curious about what makes up the delicious dish known as rojak? This local salad is a mixture of fresh vegetables, fruits, and dough fritters all tossed together with a sticky black sauce. The sauce is the star of the show, made with a combination of fermented prawn paste, sugar, lime, and chili paste to create a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and savory flavors. The salad is then garnished with chopped peanuts and finely-cut fragrant ginger flowers, adding a unique texture and taste to this beloved Malaysian dish.

What Penang Rojak accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Penang Rojak accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

How healthy is rojak?

If you’re looking for a healthy salad option, rojak may not be the best choice. While it may contain fresh vegetables and fruits, it’s important to note that rojak is quite high in calories and fat. In fact, with 518 calories, it’s been compared to the calorie count of a Big Mac (550 calories). That being said, if you’re looking to indulge in a delicious treat every once in a while, rojak can be a great option. Just be mindful of portion sizes and balance it out with other healthy choices throughout the day.

What is the difference between Singapore rojak and Malaysia rojak?

Are you curious about the difference between Singapore rojak and Malaysia rojak? While both dishes share similar ingredients and flavors, there are some distinct differences between the two. Singaporean rojak, also known as Chinese rojak, typically consists of cucumber, radish, pineapple, dough fritters, and dried beancurd puffs all drenched in a sweet and spicy sauce. In Malaysia, rojak often includes deep-fried fermented soya beans (tempeh) and fried beancurd (tahu goreng), adding a unique texture and flavor to the dish. Both versions are delicious in their own right, and it’s worth trying both to see which one you prefer!

Is Rojak high in sugar?

If you’re concerned about your sugar intake, you may be wondering whether Rojak is a good choice. Rojak is a popular salad dish that typically includes a mixture of chopped fruits, vegetables, and seafood, all topped with shredded peanuts and a palm sugar dressing. Unfortunately, this dressing is what contributes to Rojak’s high sugar content. While the dish can be a healthy choice if you go easy on the dressing and opt for mostly vegetables and fruits, it’s important to be aware of the sugar content if you’re watching your sugar intake.

What are the types of rojak?

If you’re a fan of Rojak, you might be interested to know that there are many types of this popular salad dish. In Indonesia, for example, Rojak is known as Rujak and comes in several varieties like serut, tumbuk and cingur. The Indonesian version often includes a mix of tropical fruits such as wax or water apple, pineapple, mango, jicama, and kedondong. In some cases, the ingredients are mashed together rather than sliced and mixed or shredded, giving the dish a unique texture and flavor.

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