Zero O’Clock Menu Malaysia 2024

Hello, Zero O’Clock lovers, are you looking for the latest Zero O’Clock Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Zero O’Clock Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Zero O'Clock Menu Malaysia

Zero O’Clock Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List

Polo Bun Series 菠萝包系列

One of their standout menu items is the Golden Polo Bun, which is a must-try for any bread lover at just RM 7.31. Another crowd pleaser is the Butter Polo Bun, which is a perfect balance of buttery and fluffy, priced at RM 9.14. They also offer a Scrambled Egg Polo Bun and Cheese Polo Bun, both priced at RM 9.14 and RM 8.53 respectively, adding a savory touch to the menu. And for dessert, the Ice Cream Polo Bun is a sweet and satisfying end to your meal, priced at RM 9.74.

Golden Polo BunRM 7.31
Butter Polo BunRM 9.14
Scrambled Egg Polo BunRM 9.14
Cheese Polo BunRM 8.53
Ice Cream Polo BunRM 9.74

Fried Snack Series 炸料系列

Their menu features classic fast food favorites such as French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, and Chicken Popcorns. Each dish is affordably priced at RM 9.74 for the French Fries and Chicken Nuggets and RM 10.96 for the Chicken Popcorns. The portions are generous and the flavors are spot-on, making Zero O’Clock Menu Malaysia a great option for those looking for a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

French FriesRM 9.74
Chicken NuggetsRM 9.74
Chicken PopcornsRM 10.96

Waffle Series 华夫饼系列

Their menu offers a variety of options to choose from, including the Plain Belgian Waffle for only RM 9.74, the Classic Belgian Waffle for RM 12.18, the Banana Chocolate Waffle for RM 14.62, the Brown Sugar Pearl Waffle for RM 17.66, the Berries Waffle for RM 18.27, and the Mixed Fruit Waffle for RM 19.40. Each waffle is made with the freshest ingredients and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

Plain Belgian WaffleRM 9.74
Classic Belgian WaffleRM 12.18
Banana Chocolate WaffleRM 14.62
Brown Sugar Pearl WaffleRM 17.66
Berries WaffleRM 18.27
Mixed Fruit WaffleRM 19.40

Dessert Series 蛋糕甜点系列

Basque Burnt Cheesecake 巴斯克焦香起司蛋糕RM 18.27
Chocolate Pie 巧克力派RM 18.27

In-house Hand Brew Series 独家手冲系列

This restaurant offers a wide range of options, including Hand Brew Milk Tea (starting at RM 11.57), Hand Brew Milk Coffee (starting at RM 12.79), Hand Brew YuenYeung (starting at RM 13.40), Hand Brew Black Tea (starting at RM 9.14), Hand Brew Pearl Milk Tea (starting at RM 14.01), Hand Brew Pearl Milk Coffee (starting at RM 15.23), and Hand Brew Pearl YuenYeung (starting at RM 15.83).

Hand Brew Milk Teafrom RM 11.57
Hand Brew Milk Coffeefrom RM 12.79
Hand Brew YuenYeungfrom RM 13.40
Hand Brew Black Teafrom RM 9.14
Hand Brew Pearl Milk Teafrom RM 14.01
Hand Brew Pearl Milk Coffeefrom RM 15.23
Hand Brew Pearl YuenYeungfrom RM 15.83

In-house Signatures 招牌系列

Signature Milk Tea With Pearl & Milk Foamfrom RM 15.23
Signature YuenYeung With Pearl & Milk Foamfrom RM 17.05
Signature Milk Coffee With Pearl & Milk Foamfrom RM 16.44

Milk Foam Series 奶盖系列

Milk Foam Black Teafrom RM 11.57
Milk Foam Milk Teafrom RM 14.01
Milk Foam Milk Coffeefrom RM 15.23
Milk Foam YuenYeungfrom RM 15.83
Milk Foam AmericanoRM 14
Milk Foam Caffè Lattefrom RM 16.44
Milk Foam Avocado Smoothiefrom RM 20.71

Brown Sugar Series 黑糖系列

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Teafrom RM 16.44
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Coffeefrom RM 17.66
Brown Sugar Pearl YuenYeungfrom RM 18.27
Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milkfrom RM 17.66
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Teafrom RM 17.66
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Coffeefrom RM 18.88
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl YuenYeungfrom RM 19.49
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milkfrom RM 18.88

Espresso Series 意大利咖啡系列

This restaurant offers a wide variety of options, from the classic Americano (starting at RM 12.79) to the rich and creamy Caffè Latte (starting at RM 14). Other options include the strong and bold Long Black (starting at RM 11.57), the frothy and sweet Cappuccino (starting at RM 14), and the decadent Mocha (starting at RM 15.23). And for something truly indulgent, try the Affogato for only RM 15.83.

Americanofrom RM 12.79
Long Blackfrom RM 11.57
Cappuccinofrom RM 14
Caffè Lattefrom RM 14
Mochafrom RM 15.23
AffogatoRM 15.83

Non-Coffee Beverages 非咖啡饮料

Lemon Teafrom RM 9.74
Lemon Blackcurrantfrom RM 12.18
Chocolatefrom RM 14.62

Ade Series 韩国气泡系列

Their selection of ades is absolutely delicious, with a variety of flavors to choose from. Whether you prefer fruity or sweet, you’ll find something you love. Try the Yuzu Ade for a tangy citrus flavor, or the Pear Ade for a more subtle sweetness. If you’re in the mood for something more tropical, the Mango Ade is sure to hit the spot. And for those who love berries, the Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry Ades are all fantastic options. And if you’re looking for something a little more unique, the Granny Smith Apple Ade or Passionfruit Ade are both delicious choices. And don’t forget the Blue Lagoon, a refreshing blend of blue curaçao and Sprite. All of their ades are reasonably priced, starting at just RM 15.83, and the Blue Lagoon is priced at RM 17.66.

Yuzu Adefrom RM 15.83
Pear Adefrom RM 15.83
Mango Adefrom RM 15.83
Strawberry Adefrom RM 15.83
Blueberry Adefrom RM 15.83
Raspberry Adefrom RM 15.83
Granny Smith Apple Adefrom RM 15.83
Passionfruit Adefrom RM 15.83
Blue Lagoonfrom RM 17.66

Milk Series 牛奶系列

Mango Milkfrom RM 15.83
Strawberry Milkfrom RM 15.83
Blueberry Milkfrom RM 15.83
Raspberry Milkfrom RM 15.83
Granny Smith Apple Milkfrom RM 15.83

Smoothies Series 沐昔系列

Mango Smoothiesfrom RM 15.83
Strawberry Smoothiesfrom RM 15.83
Blueberry Smoothiesfrom RM 15.83
Raspberry Smoothiesfrom RM 15.83
Avocado Milk Smoothiefrom RM 19.50

Yogurt Smoothies Series

Strawberry Yogurtfrom RM 17.05
Blueberry Yogurtfrom RM 17.05
Raspberry Yogurtfrom RM 17.05
Granny Smith Apple Yogurtfrom RM 17.05

Frappe Series 希腊法拉沛系列

Cookies And Cream Frappéfrom RM 19.49
Double Chocolate Chip Frappéfrom RM 19.49
Matcha Frappéfrom RM 19.49
Espresso Frappéfrom RM 19.49
Vanilla Espresso Frappéfrom RM 20.71
Hazelnut Espresso Frappéfrom RM 20.71
Caramel Espresso Frappéfrom RM 20.71

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How many branches does Zero O’Clock have in Malaysia?

3/4 branches of Zero O’Clock have in Malaysia.

Is Zero O’Clock Halal?

 Zero O’Clock’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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