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BRADERS CAFE Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


B08. Giant Chicken ChopRM 29.83
B07. Original Chicken ChopRM 26.50
H02. Nasi Daging Bakar DanokRM 29.17
A06. Korea ChickenRM 22.50
I04. Grilled Chicken Aglio OlioRM 20.55
J02. Green TeaRM 6.88


A01. Mushroom SoupRM 11.50

A La Carte

A06. Korea ChickenRM 22.50
A04. Mini SausagesRM 10.83

Brader’s Signature Items

Their menu offers a variety of delicious options, but I highly recommend the Original Chicken Chop (B07) for RM 26.50 and the Giant Chicken Chop (B08) for RM 29.83. Both dishes were cooked to perfection and were a satisfying size. If you’re in the mood for something a little lighter, the Fish & Chips (B06) is also a great choice for only RM 19.89.

B07. Original Chicken ChopRM 26.50
B08. Giant Chicken ChopRM 29.83
B06. Fish & ChipsRM 19.89

Nasi Goreng Combo

I recently visited and was impressed by the variety of Nasi Goreng options on the menu. My favorite dish was the Nasi Goreng Giant Chicken Chop (C02) for only RM 34.83. The portion was huge and the chicken was cooked to perfection. I also tried the Nasi Goreng Lamb Chop (C03) for RM 42.50 and it was equally delicious. The Nasi Goreng Grilled Chicken (C04) for RM 29.17 was also a great option for those looking for a lighter dish.

C01. Nasi Goreng Chicken ChopRM 31.50
C02. Nasi Goreng Giant Chicken ChopRM 34.83
C03. Nasi Goreng Lamb ChopRM 42.50
C04. Nasi Goreng Grilled ChickenRM 29.17

Grilled Section

The menu offered a variety of options to choose from, but I decided to try their grilled chicken dish (D01) which was priced at RM 26.50. The chicken was cooked to perfection and was incredibly juicy and flavorful. I also decided to try their mini jumbo lamb chop (D02) which was priced at RM 41.50. This dish was equally as delicious and the lamb was tender and juicy. For those looking for a larger portion, they also offer a giant jumbo lamb chop (D03) at RM 46.73.

D01. Grilled ChickenRM 26.50
D02. Mini Jumbo Lamb ChopRM 41.50
D03. Giant Jumbo Lamb ChopRM 46.73

Cheesy Grilled Items

The Cheesy Lamb Chop, at RM 36.55, was cooked to perfection and had a perfect balance of cheese and lamb flavor. The Italian Grilled Chicken, at RM 29.27, was also cooked perfectly and had a great combination of Italian herbs and spices. I highly recommend visiting BRADERS CAFEMenu Malaysia and trying these dishes for yourself.

E02. Cheesy Lamb ChopRM 36.55
E01. Italian Grilled ChickenRM 29.27

Special Signature Items

H02. Nasi Daging Bakar DanokRM 29.17
H01. Daging DanokRM 24.17
H03. Nasi Ayam PenyetRM 28.17

Pasta Section

One dish that particularly stood out to me was their Grilled Chicken Aglio Olio (I04) for only RM 20.55. The tender and juicy chicken paired perfectly with the flavorful aglio olio sauce. Another dish that I highly recommend is the Grilled Lamb Carbonara (I07) for RM 38. The lamb was cooked to perfection and the carbonara sauce was rich and creamy. For those who love meatballs, the Meatballs Bolognese (I01) at RM 20.83 is a must-try. The meatballs were juicy and the bolognese sauce was spot on. If you’re in the mood for something with a bit of a kick, the Pepperoni Carbonara (I05) at RM 21.50 is a great option.

I04. Grilled Chicken Aglio OlioRM 20.55
I07. Grilled Lamb CarbonaraRM 38
I01. Meatballs BologneseRM 20.83
I06. Grilled Chicken CarbonaraRM 29.27
I03. Seafood Aglio OlioRM 24.83
I05. Pepperoni CarbonaraRM 21.50
I02. Lamb Chop BologneseRM 33.64


B04. Giant MeatballsRM 19.89
A07. Mini MeatballsRM 10.64
A02. Nuggets TempuraRM 9.10
A03. Cheesy WedgesRM 7.55


J06. CappuccinoRM 8.33
J07. Chocolate MilkRM 6.88
J12. Mango BingoRM 6.15
J13. Strawberry LoverRM 6.15
J22. Fruity Blue LycheeRM 6.15
J10. Chocolate Milk TeaRM 8.33
J01. Milk TeaRM 6.88
J02. Green TeaRM 6.88
J04. MochaRM 6.88
J15. Fruity GrapeRM 6.15
J03. Milk CoffeeRM 6.88
J05. ChafeRM 6.88
J50. LatteRM 8.33
J08. Chocolate BerryRM 6.88
J09. Chocolate Green TeaRM 8.33
J11. Peach YogurtRM 6.15
J16. Fruity HoneydewRM 6.15
J17. Fruity KiwiRM 6.15
J20. Fruity Blue LemonRM 6.15
J21. Fruity LycheeRM 6.15

Cheese Beverages

J34. Milk Tea CheeseRM 11.97
J31. Strawberry CheeseRM 11.97
J33. Green Tea CheeseRM 11.97
J32. Choco CheeseRM 11.97

Frizzy World

J35. Frizzy BerryRM 7.61
J36. Frizzy YogurtRM 7.61

Malaysian Favorite Beverages

J37. Lemon TeaRM 6.15
J38. Honey Lemon TeaRM 6.88
J39. Sugar Red TeaRM 5.42
J40. Sugar Black CoffeeRM 5.42
J41. Nescafe ORM 5.42
J42. Fresh LemonRM 5.42

BRADERS CAFE Alternative Restaurants

Who is the owner of  BRADERS CAFE Malaysia?

Jangan Risau Brader is the owner of  BRADERS CAFE Malaysia.

How many branches does BRADERS CAFE have in Malaysia?

64 many branches are BRADERS CAFE in Malaysia.

Does BRADERS CAFE accept credit cards?

Yes! BRADERS CAFE accepts credit cards.


 BRADERS CAFE’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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