Guzman Y Gomez Menu Prices Singapore 2024

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Guzman Y Gomez Menu Singapore

Guzman Y Gomez Menu Singapore With Prices List


Mini Mains

Indulge in mouthwatering Mini Bowls, Burritos, and Fajita dishes starting from just S$10.50. Craving some Mexican goodness? Try their Mini Nachos, Nacho Fries, and Enchiladas, all available from S$10.60. Don’t miss out on the tasty Mini Cali Burrito and refreshing Mini Salad, both priced from S$10.50.


Their menu boasts an array of delectable options, from the zesty Burrito Bowl and satisfying Burrito to the flavorful Fajita Bowl and Fajita Burrito, all starting at just S$13.70. Don’t miss their delightful Nachos, Nacho Fries, Enchilada, Cali Burrito, and Salad, each with its unique blend of flavors, ranging from S$14.60 to S$17.


Their menu offers a delectable array of options at unbeatable prices. Craving some Australian Ground Beef Mince Hard Tacos? You can savor one for just S$3 or grab a pair for S$6.50. For those with a bigger appetite, three Hard Tacos will only cost you S$13.50. But that’s not all; their Soft Tacos are equally delightful, starting at S$6.50 for one and going up to S$13.50 for three.


Their menu boasts an array of delectable choices, like the Cheese Quesadilla starting at just S$6, the classic Quesadilla from S$9.90, and for a little extra indulgence, the Quesadilla Plus from S$12. With reasonable prices and mouthwatering flavors, Guzman Y Gomez is a must-visit spot for any Mexican cuisine enthusiast.

Make it a Meal

Kid Picks


Look no further than Guzman Y Gomez! With an extensive menu featuring mouthwatering options like Sour Cream, Jalapeno Ketchup, and Chipotle Mayo, you’ll be in for a treat. Don’t miss out on their delectable Corn Chips, Black Bean, and the heavenly Guacamole in both Small and Regular sizes. And if you’re craving something tangy, try their Pico de Gallo and Tomatillo options. For a satisfying side, their Fries are a must-try. Visit Guzman Y Gomez and indulge in these flavorsome delights without breaking the bank – prices start at just S$0.50!



Salsas Station

Their menu boasts a delightful range of toppings, including Roasted Jalapeños, Smokey Chipotle, Habanero, Diced Onions, Coriander, and Pickled Jalapeños – each priced at just S$0.50. Spice up your meal and add that extra kick to your favorite dishes. Guzman Y Gomez is your go-to destination for a true Mexican culinary experience without breaking the bank! Don’t miss the chance to tantalize your taste buds with these incredible options.

Guzman y Gomez  alternative restaurants

Is Guzman y Gomez halal certified?

Well, I’m happy to share that Guzman y Gomez offer Halal-certified chicken at all of their locations. That means if you’re looking for Halal chicken, you’re in luck! However, it’s essential to note that they also use non-Halal meats and don’t strictly follow Halal processes in their kitchen. So, while the chicken is Halal certified, other meat options may not be. Keep this in mind when making your dining choices. Hope this clears things up! Feel free to share your thoughts or any other questions you might have in the comments below. Happy eating.

What country are Guzman and Gomez from?

“Discovering the origins of Guzman y Gomez, we find ourselves delving into the flavorful world of Mexican cuisine. This beloved fast-food chain hails from Sydney, where it was born in 2006 thanks to the visionary minds of Steven Marks and Robert Hazan, who happened to be childhood best friends and New Yorkers. Steven’s expertise in hedge fund management and Robert’s background in fashion wholesale and retail merged their passions for authentic, fresh Mexican flavors that they cherished from their American upbringing. Together, they set forth on a mission to bring the essence of Mexico to the palates of food enthusiasts around the globe.”

How healthy are Guzman and Gomez?

Inquiring about the healthiness of Guzman and Gomez? Well, at GYG, they’re all about embracing real food that’s prepared fresh and crafted with the finest ingredients. Their menu proudly boasts a 100% clean label, ensuring absolutely no added preservatives, artificial flavors, added colors, or any questionable additives. With such a commitment to serving up scrumptious and wholesome meals, they’ve got something to satisfy every lifestyle. So, if you’re looking for a place that cares about offering nutritious and delicious fare, Guzman and Gomez is the way to go!

Who owns Guzman y Gomez Singapore?

This popular fast-food chain traces its roots back to Sydney in 2006, founded by the dynamic duo of Steven Marks and Robert Hazan from New York City. With their vision and hard work, the brand has grown substantially, boasting over 160 restaurants across various locations. As part of its expansion, Guzman y Gomez has made its mark on the international stage, venturing into Japan, Singapore, and the United States.

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