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Hello Toast Box lovers, are you looking for the latest Toast Box Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Toast Box Menu 2024 Singapore with prices.

Toast Box Menu Singapore

Toast Box Menu Singapore With Prices List


Our Heritage, Our Home

Oat My Goodness!

Priced at just S$4.60, this creamy and aromatic beverage is a perfect blend of smooth oat milk and robust coffee. For an extra touch of flavor, I tried their Oat Milk Kopi Melaka, priced at S$5.60, which added a unique twist with its rich Melaka flavor. To satisfy my hunger, I opted for the 2 Ham and Cheese Sandwich combo along with 2 Oat Milk Kopi, starting at an affordable price of S$13.92.

Bundle Deals

I had the pleasure of trying their delightful Asian Delights Set, which includes two mouthwatering dishes and two scrumptious Banana Cake Bundles, all for just S$26.10. Additionally, I savored their flavorful Toast & Curry Puff Set, priced at a reasonable S$7.50. The restaurant also offers a fantastic deal on their Curry Puffs—buy five and get one for free, priced at S$10.

Traditional / Thick Toast

Toast Box Menu Prices Singapore. Indulge in their mouthwatering Traditional Butter Toast, Kaya Toast, Peanut Toast, and more, starting at just S$2.40. Don’t miss their scrumptious Thick Toast variations, including Kaya, Peanut Butter, Floss, Butter, and Butter Sugar, all priced from S$2.60.


Toast Box Menu Prices is the place to be! Their Ham & Cheese Sandwich Set is a steal at just S$9.90, while the Chilli Tuna & Egg Sandwich Set offers a satisfying blend of flavors for S$12. Craving a standalone sandwich? The Ham & Cheese Sandwich is available for only S$4.10, and the Chilli Tuna & Egg Sandwich can be yours for S$6.30.

Asian Delights

Their menu offers a wide range of mouthwatering options such as Mee Tai Bak Soup (S$7.20), Mee Siam (S$7.50), and Curry Chicken with Rice (S$8.20). Whether you’re craving Laksa (S$7.80), Fried Bee Hoon With Chicken Wing (S$7.20), or Dry Mee Siam With Chicken Wing (S$7.20), this restaurant has got you covered. Don’t miss their delectable Drumstick Braised Pork Rice (S$10.80), Braised Pork Rice (S$8.20), and Homemade Nasi Lemak (S$9.30). For noodle lovers, Mee Rebus (S$7.50), Prawn Noodle Soup (S$8.70), and NEW Curry Chicken Noodle (S$8.20) are must-tries. Indulge in their Salted Egg Minced Pork Rice (S$8.20) or Sin Chow Fried Rice With Chicken Wing (S$9.30) for a delightful culinary experience.

Asian Delight Sets

Indulge in the flavorsome Mee Rebus Set for only S$13.10 or savor the rich Prawn Noodle Soup Set priced at S$14.30. The Curry Chicken with Rice Set is a delightful option at S$13.80, while the Laksa Set brings a burst of taste at S$13.40. With options like Fried Bee Hoon With Chicken Wing Set, Fried Mee Goreng With Chicken Wing Set, and Dry Mee Siam With Chicken Wing Set, all priced at S$12.80, your taste buds are in for a treat. The extensive menu also features Drumstick Braised Pork Rice Set (S$16.20), Braised Pork Rice Set (S$13.80), Homemade Nasi Lemak Set (S$14.80), Sin Chow Fried Rice With Chicken Wing Set (S$14.80), Salted Egg Minced Pork Rice Set (starting from S$13.80), and the enticing NEW Curry Chicken Noodle Set for S$13.80.

Cakes, Pastries And Dessert

Indulge in their delectable offerings like the NEW Coconut + Kopi Jellies for only S$1.60. Don’t miss out on the flavorful Salty Tau Sar Piah and Sweet Tau Sar Piah, priced at S$2.90 each. Treat your taste buds to the delightful Pandan Chiffon Cake, Honey Cake, and Banana Cake, all for just S$2.70 each. If you’re craving for something unique, try their Pandan Kaya Roll and Kopi Gao Gao Roll, available for S$2.70 each (1 Pc) or S$10.80 (4 Pc).

Large Hot Beverages

From the aromatic Kopi O to the refreshing Lemon Tea and the delightful Milo, this restaurant offers a wide range of choices. With prices ranging from S$ 3.40 to S$ 3.90, you can enjoy a large cup of your favorite drink at an affordable price.

Large Cold Beverages


They offer a range of delicious options, including the mouthwatering Toast Box Asian Delight Paste for just S$6.60. You can also enjoy their famous Hainanese Kaya and Peanut Butter in bottles, each priced at S$6.30 and S$7.10 respectively. Craving a hot cup of coffee? Toast Box has you covered with their aromatic Coffee Powder at S$10.80 and convenient 2in1 Kopi Sachets starting from S$6.60. Don’t miss out on their delectable sauces like the Sweet Spicy Belacan Chili Sauce for S$8.20, Shrimp Sambal Sauce at S$6.90, and Nasi Lemak Sambal Chili Sauce also for S$6.90.

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How much is toast box?

In my quest to discover the delightful offerings at Toast Box in Singapore, I’ve got the scoop on their menu and prices for 2023. If you’re wondering how much a visit to Toast Box will set you back, let me break it down for you. Their Traditional/Thick Toast Menu features mouthwatering options like the Traditional Butter Toast, which treats you to freshly toasted bread adorned with butter slices, all for the affordable price of S$2.40. If you’re a fan of Hainanese Kaya, then you’ll love their Traditional Kaya Toast, where the bread is toasted to perfection and topped with a generous spread of this delectable delight, along with butter slices, also priced at S$2.40. And if peanuts are your jam, the Traditional Peanut Toast, with its irresistibly tasty peanut spread, can be yours for the same price of S$2.40. Toast Box has got your toast cravings covered, and it won’t break the bank either!

How much is toast box curry chicken?

Toast Box, known for its Asian Delights, offers a range of delicious dishes on their menu. Apart from the Curry Chicken, you can also try their Mee Siam for S$6.70, Laksa for S$7.20, or Drumstick Braised Pork Rice for S$10.50. So, if you’re craving some flavorful curry chicken, head to Toast Box and enjoy their affordable and tasty options!

What is toast box Singapore?

Toast Box Singapore, let me tell you all about it! This delightful coffee chain was founded in October 2005 and pays homage to the nostalgic Nanyang coffee and toast culture that thrived in Singapore during the 1960s and 70s. Toast Box aims to recreate the charm and flavors of that era, offering a unique experience for coffee and toast enthusiasts.

What does Toast Box sell?

If you’ve ever wondered what you can find at Toast Box, let me introduce you to their delightful offerings. Toast Box has carved a niche for itself by serving an array of scrumptious items that will tickle your taste buds. When you step into Toast Box, be prepared to indulge in their signature menu, which features a delightful range of options. From Nanyang coffee that will awaken your senses to traditional kaya toast that boasts a perfect balance of sweetness and texture, Toast Box has got you covered. If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, their peanut thick toast, curry chicken with rice, laksa, mee rebus, and Hainanese kaya will satisfy your cravings. With Toast Box, every visit promises a delightful experience with their mouthwatering offerings.

What is the average cost of toast?

When it comes to the average cost of toast, the Toast POS software package is a great option, priced at only $79 per month for each terminal. However, it’s important to note that the hardware itself comes at a higher cost of over $899. If you want assistance with installation, Toast offers the choice of in-person or remote installation for an additional fee of $499. So, to get your toast business up and running smoothly, you’ll need to factor in these costs for the software, hardware, and installation.

Is toast cheaper?

When it comes to affordability, toast and square have different offerings for restaurants. While toast provides restaurant-specific features such as customizable floor planning, reservation capabilities, and perishable inventory tracking, it comes at a higher cost. On the other hand, square offers a range of free features and affordable hardware, but it may lack certain functionalities that larger restaurant businesses require for seamless operations.

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