Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant Menu Prices Singapore 2023

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Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant Menu Prices Singapore

Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant Menu Singapore With Prices List



If you’re craving delectable and authentic South Indian flavors, Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant in Singapore has an impressive Thosai menu that won’t disappoint. Indulge in the classic Plain Thosai at just S$3, or try the delightful Cheese Thosai for S$3.90. For a burst of flavors, the Onion Thosai and Onion Egg Thosai are priced at S$3.90 and S$4.60, respectively. Don’t miss the Egg Masala Thosai at S$5.40 or the savory Rava Masala Thosai at S$4.60. With a wide range of Thosai variations to choose from, including options like Paper Thosai and Ghee Thosai, Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant promises an authentic and satisfying culinary experience for all South Indian cuisine enthusiasts.

Uthapam, Poori, Iddly & Pongal

Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant in Singapore offers a delightful array of breakfast options, including the scrumptious Poori Set at just S$3.90. If you’re a fan of Uthapam, you’ll be delighted to find a variety of choices, from the classic Plain Uthapam for S$3 to the flavorful Cheese Uthapam at S$3.90. For an extra kick, try the Egg Onion Uthapam priced at S$4.60. Traditional favorites like Iddly and Pongal are also available at S$3.20 and S$3.90 respectively, providing a hearty and comforting start to your day. Whether you’re looking for a simple breakfast or a more indulgent treat, Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant has something to suit every palate.

Roti Prata & Murtabak

Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant offers a delectable selection of Prata dishes that will satisfy your cravings. Indulge in the classic Plain Prata at just S$3, or try the flavorsome Onion Prata and Egg Onion Prata, both priced at S$3. For a delightful twist, opt for the Cheese Prata at S$3.20 or the unique Plaster Prata for S$2.60. If you’re a fan of Kuthu Prata, you’re in for a treat with choices like Chicken Kuthu Prata at S$6.50, Mutton Kuthu Prata at S$7.40, and Fish Kuthu Prata at S$7.40. Don’t miss the hearty and satisfying Chicken Murtabak and Mutton Murtabak, both available at S$7.40 and S$7.50 respectively. With a range of delightful Prata and Murtabak options, Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant ensures a delightful and fulfilling dining experience.


Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant offers a variety of mouthwatering sets and biryanis that will delight your taste buds. Indulge in the flavorful Chicken Set at just S$7 or the more indulgent Mutton Set at S$7.50. For a seafood delight, try the Fish Set priced at S$7.50 or opt for the Egg Set at S$7.40. If you prefer a vegetarian option, the Vegetable Set is available at S$8.20, offering a delightful assortment of flavors. For a wholesome and satisfying meal, don’t miss the Chicken Briyani at S$8.50, Egg Briyani at S$8.20, or the Vegetable Briyani priced at S$7.40. Whether you crave meat, seafood, or a vegetarian option, Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant ensures a delightful dining experience with their flavorful sets and biryanis.

Who Is The Owner Of Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant in  Singapore ?

On October 10, 2014, Mr. Gowtham Manoharan, a 25-year-old third-generation owner of Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant located at Block 16, Morse Road, had an interesting experience. He mentioned that around 15 curious visitors approached him with the hope of witnessing a mysterious and fascinating emerald green body of water. The exact location of this green water phenomenon is not mentioned, but it seems to have generated significant interest among visitors, prompting them to seek it out and see it with their own eyes.

Is Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant Halal In Singapore ?

It’s important to note that while Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant may not have a halal certification, they have made the decision to serve food that is free from pork and alcohol. This choice caters to customers who follow dietary restrictions and religious beliefs that prohibit the consumption of pork and alcohol. By offering pork and alcohol-free options, the restaurant aims to accommodate a wider range of diners and create a more inclusive dining experience for all. It’s always beneficial for customers to inquire about a restaurant’s menu and practices to ensure they align with their dietary preferences and requirements.

How Many Locations Have Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant In Singapore ?

Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant Has More Than 15 Outlets In Singapore

What Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore ?

Yes! Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore.

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