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My Briyani House Menu Singapore

My Briyani House Menu Singapore With Prices List




Their selection of Maggi Goreng dishes is simply mouthwatering, starting from just S$6.90. From the classic G01. Maggi Goreng to the hearty G02. Maggi Goreng Double, there’s something for every noodle lover. Don’t miss the flavorsome G08. Nasi Goreng, priced at S$8.30.



Indulge in a delectable selection of Prata dishes, from classic Prata Butter and Prata Onion starting at just S$2.90, to the more adventurous Prata Chicken Floss and Prata Banana Chocolate for only S$5.75. Don’t miss the mouthwatering Coin Set with Chicken at S$10.90.

Chicken 65

Their diverse menu offers a range of tantalizing dishes, including Mee Goreng 65, Bee Hoon Goreng 65, Kway Teow Goreng 65, Nasi Goreng 65, and Maggi Goreng 65, all priced at an affordable S$ 10.20.





Their T01. Plain Thosai is a savory delight priced at just S$5.20. For a burst of flavors, try T05. Thosai Masala for only S$6.90. With options like T08. Thosai Masala Egg and T10. Thosai Egg Onion Cheese, starting at S$6.30, your taste buds are in for a treat. Don’t miss out on their T02. Thosai Egg with a cheesy twist at S$5.75, or savor the goodness of T04. Thosai Cheese and T06. Thosai Egg Onion, both for S$5.80.

Roti John

My Briyani House Menu Singapore is the place to be! With a mouthwatering selection of options like Roti John Mutton, Roti John Chicken, and Roti John Chicken Floss, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Their delectable blend of flavors will leave you craving for more. Plus, the prices are quite affordable, with dishes ranging from S$ 7.50 to S$ 8.60.


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How many branches does My Briyani House have in Singapore?

4 branches are My Briyani House have in Singapore.

Who owns my Briyani house in Singapore?

The term “biryani” finds its roots in the Persian word “birian,” which translates to “fried before cooking.” This leads us to believe that the biryani might have its origins in Iran, formerly known as Persia. However, another captivating tale links the dish to Mumtaz Mahal (1593-1631), the beloved queen of Shah Jahan, who is said to have been the inspiration behind the magnificent Taj Mahal.

Which is the richest biryani in the world?

You won’t believe it, but the richest biryani in the world comes with a touch of pure gold! Introducing the Borough’s Royal Gold Biryani from Bombay Borough, a plate of this luxurious dish will set you back a whopping 1,000 dirhams, equivalent to around ₹19,705.85. This extravagant biryani is truly fit for royalty, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it on my blog!

Who is the king of all biryani?

Who holds the crown as the ultimate biryani ruler? Drumroll, please! It’s none other than the magnificent Awadhi biryani, a culinary creation originating in the 18th century and crafted by the skilled Mughal Khansamahs of Awadh. This regal biryani reigns supreme among all its counterparts. The secret to its majesty lies in the Dum method of preparation, where tender meat is marinated with a blend of aromatic spices and then partially cooked, while the fragrant rice is flavored with saffron, cinnamon, and star anise.

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