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Hello Mexigogo lovers, are you looking for the latest Mexigogo Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Mexigogo Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Mexigogo Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List

Value Deals

Burrito Lunch Set For 1RM 29.50
Taco Lunch Set For 1RM 28.50
Quesadilla Lunch Set For 1RM 28.50
Mexican Party SetRM 160.80
Mexigogo Menu  Malaysia


Chilli Nachos Con Carnefrom RM 18.30
El Classico Nachos (V)from RM 16.30
Pollo Nachosfrom RM 18.30
Turkey Ham Nachosfrom RM 17.30
Mexigogo Menu  Malaysia


Mexigogo Menu in Malaysia offers a mouthwatering range of tacos that will make your taste buds dance with joy. The Chicken Taco is a must-try for all chicken lovers, priced at RM 18.30. For seafood enthusiasts, the Fish Taco is a delicious option priced at RM 17.30. Vegetarians can indulge in the Mixed Wild Mushroom Taco (V) at an affordable price of RM 15.30. Meat lovers can enjoy the Chili Con Carne Chicken Taco and the Chili Con Carne Beef Taco, both priced at RM 17.80. The Beef Taco is another delectable option priced at RM 19.30. With such an exciting range of tacos, Mexigogo is the perfect destination for a satisfying and fulfilling meal.

Chicken TacoRM 18.30
Fish TacoRM 17.30
Mixed Wild Mushroom Taco (V)RM 15.30
Chili Con Corne Chicken TacoRM 17.80
Chili Con Carne Beef TacoRM 17.80
Beef TacoRM 19.30
Mexigogo Menu  Malaysia


Chicken Burritofrom RM 17.30
Beef Burritofrom RM 19.30
Fish Burritofrom RM 18.30
Mexigogo Menu  Malaysia


Chicken Quesadillafrom RM 17.30
Cheese Quesadillafrom RM 15.30
Chicken Con Carne Quesadillafrom RM 18.30
Beef Con Carne Quesadillafrom RM 19.30
Mexigogo Menu  Malaysia


Guacamole & ChipsRM 11.20
Shredded TortillasRM 10.20
Chips & SalsaRM 10.20
Jalapeno FritosRM 15.80
Mexigogo Menu  Malaysia

Add-On Dipping

Cheese SauceRM 5.60
GuacamoleRM 5.60
Tomato SalsaRM 3.70
Sour CreamRM 5.60
Mexigogo Menu  Malaysia


CokeRM 3.60
SpriteRM 3.60
100 PlusRM 3.60
Mexigogo Menu  Malaysia
Mexigogo Menu Malaysia Eat Zeely
Mexigogo Menu Malaysia

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Who is the owner of Mexigogo in Malaysia?

Lum Aik Siang is the owner of Mexigogo in Malaysia.

Is Mexigogo halal in Malaysia?

We are not sure if Mexigogo is halal in Malaysia or not.

What Mexigogo accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Mexigogo accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

How many branches have Mexigogo in Malaysia?

Mexigogo has more than 20 outlets in Malaysia.

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