Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu prices 2023 Malaysia

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Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu Malaysia 2023 With Prices List


Vighna Bamboo Briyani offers a unique twist to the traditional biryani dish by cooking it in bamboo. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of biryanis to cater to different preferences, including the Bamboo Chicken Briyani, Bamboo Mutton Briyani, Bamboo Vegetable Briyani, and Bamboo Prawn Briyani. The biryanis are priced between RM 15.60 to RM 27.30, making it affordable for customers who want to try this unique dining experience. Additionally, the menu includes other dishes, such as Fried Chicken and Briyani Rice, for customers who prefer something different. If you are looking for a different dining experience, Vighna Bamboo Briyani is worth trying.

003. Bamboo Chicken BriyaniRM 20.80
005. Bamboo Mutton BriyaniRM 26
002. Bamboo Vegetable BriyaniRM 15.60
006. Bamboo Prawn BriyaniRM 27.30
201. Fried ChickenRM 9
225 Briyani RiceRM 5.20
Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu Malaysia


601 Mango LassiRM 9
602 Orange LassiRM 9
603 Strawberry LassiRM 9
604 Rose LassiRM 9
605 Milo LassiRM 9
606 Plain LassiRM 9
Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu Malaysia


407 Vanilla Milkshake With CreamRM 11.70
408 Mocha Milkshake With CreamRM 11.70
409 Chocolate Milkshake With CreamRM 11.70
410 Coffee Milkshake With CreamRM 11.70
411 Coconut Milkshake With CreamRM 11.70
412 Blue Ocean Milkshake With CreamRM 11.70
Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu Malaysia

Kaithi Briyani

3 Pax Kaithi BriyaniRM 97.50
4 Pax Kaithi BriyaniRM 130
5 Pax Kaithi BriyaniRM 165.50
6 Pax Kaithi BriyaniRM 195
8 Pax Kaithi BriyaniRM 260
Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu Malaysia

Vighna Cake Briyani

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting twist on traditional briyani, Vighna Bamboo Briyani has got you covered. Their cake briyani dishes are truly one-of-a-kind and are sure to leave a lasting impression. Choose from a variety of options including egg, vegetarian, chicken, kaadai, mutton, prawn, fish, and crab, with prices ranging from RM 71.50 to RM 143. These dishes are served in a bamboo cake and are filled with deliciously seasoned rice and your choice of protein, making for a filling and satisfying meal. Be sure to check out Vighna Bamboo Briyani’s menu to try one of these unique dishes for yourself.

Egg Cake BriyaniRM 71.50
Vegetarian Cake BriyaniRM 71.50
Chicken Cake BriyaniRM 91
Kaadai Cake BriyaniRM 91
Mutton Cake BriyaniRM 104
Prawn Cake BriyaniRM 117
Fish Cake BriyaniRM 117
Crab Cake BriyaniRM 143
Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu Malaysia

Perattal (Gravy) Dishes

219. Mutton PeratalRM 13
217. Chicken PeratalRM 9
220 Crab MasalaRM 23.40
218. Kaadai PerattalRM 10.50

Fried Dishes

Vighna Bamboo Briyani offers a range of tantalizing side dishes to accompany their signature biryanis. From the crispy and juicy Fried Chicken and Kaadai (Puyuh) Fry to the vegetarian-friendly Cauliflower Fry and Mushroom Fry, there’s something for everyone to indulge in. The Onion Fried Egg and Masala Fried Egg provide a unique twist on classic egg dishes, while the Fish Fry and Squid (Sotong) Fry bring a taste of the sea to your table. With such a wide variety of flavorful sides to choose from, you’ll have a hard time deciding which to try first at this beloved Malaysian restaurant.

201. Fried ChickenRM 9
202. Kaadai (Puyuh) FryRM 9
203. Cauliflower Fry (Vegetarian)RM 9
204. Mushroom Fry (Vegetarian)RM 9
205. Onion Fried EggRM 10
206. Fish FryRM 10
207. Masala Fried EggRM 11.70
208. Squid (Sotong) FryRM 13

Sambal Dishes

211 Vege Chicken SambalRM 7.80
212 Chicken SambalRM 10.40
213 Sardine SambalRM 10.40
214 Prawn SambalRM 16.90
215 Fish SambalRM 14.30
216 Squid (Sotong) SambalRM 16.90

Soup Dishes

801 Chicken SoupRM 13
802 Mutton SoupRM 16.90
803 Nandu RasamRM 23.40

Sarbat (Refreshing Juice)

701 Kulki SarbatRM 9.75
702 Sarbat SodaRM 9.75
703 Lime Soda With HoneyRM 9.75
706 Rose SarbatRM 9.75
707 Nannari SarbatRM 9.75

Claypot Special

Vighna Bamboo Briyani offers an extensive range of claypot biryani options on their menu, including the Claypot Chicken Biryani, which comes with perfectly cooked, flavourful chicken pieces and a generous serving of fragrant biryani rice. For seafood lovers, the Claypot Prawn Biryani and Claypot Fish Biryani are also great choices, both prepared with fresh ingredients and served in a hot claypot. The restaurant also caters to vegetarians with their Claypot Vegetarian Biryani, made with a variety of fresh vegetables and spices. With affordable prices ranging from RM 16.90 to RM 37.70, Vighna Bamboo Briyani is a must-visit for anyone looking for a delicious biryani meal in Malaysia.

101. Claypot Egg BriyaniRM 16.90
102. Claypot Sardine BriyaniRM 16.90
103. Claypot Vegetarian BriyaniRM 18
104. Claypot Chicken BriyaniRM 23.40
105. Claypot Kaadai(Puyuh) BriyaniRM 24.70
106. Claypot Mutton BriyaniRM 28.60
107. Claypot Prawn BriyaniRM 36.80
108. Claypot Fish BriyaniRM 36.80
109. Claypot Squid BriyaniRM 32.50
110. Claypot Crab BriyaniRM 37.70

Bamboo Special

Vighna Bamboo Briyani in Malaysia offers a wide range of bamboo briyanis that you don’t want to miss. From the delectable Bamboo Egg Briyani to the Bamboo Crab Briyani, each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic spices. Vegetarian? Try the Bamboo Vegetable Briyani, a combination of flavorful rice and veggies. Looking for something more adventurous? The restaurant also serves Kaadai (Puyuh) Briyani, Mutton Briyani, and Fish Briyani, all cooked to perfection in a bamboo container to impart a unique aroma and taste. Not to forget, the prices are reasonable, starting from only RM 14.30 for the Bamboo Egg Briyani, making it an affordable yet mouth-watering experience.

001. Bamboo Egg BriyaniRM 14.30
002. Bamboo Vegetable BriyaniRM 15.60
003. Bamboo Chicken BriyaniRM 20.80
004 Bamboo Kaadai (Puyuh) BriyaniRM 22
005. Bamboo Mutton BriyaniRM 26
006. Bamboo Prawn BriyaniRM 27.30
007. Bamboo Fish BriyaniRM 27.30
008. Bamboo Squid BriyaniRM 29.90
009. Bamboo Crab BriyaniRM 35

Additional Dish

221 Boiled EggRM 1.30
222 PapadamRM 1.30
223 RaitaRM 2.60
224 White RiceRM 2.60
225 Briyani RiceRM 5.20
226 SambarRM 2.60
227 Thairu (Yoghurt)RM 3.90


If you’re a fan of spicy flavors and bold aromas, Vighna Bamboo Briyani’s beverage selection is sure to please. Their menu boasts a range of classic and unique options, including the traditional Teh Tarik and the zesty Lime Asam Boi. For those looking to spice things up, the Masala Chai and Masala Coffee are perfect choices, with fragrant spices and a satisfying kick. If you prefer something cooler and more refreshing, try the Lime Juice or Lime Sirap. No matter your beverage preference, Vighna Bamboo Briyani has something for everyone. Prices start at just RM 2.60, so you can quench your thirst without breaking the bank.

Teh Ofrom RM 2.60
Teh O Haliafrom RM 3.25
Teh Haliafrom RM 3.65
Sirapfrom RM 3.25
Lime Sirapfrom RM 3.25
Lime Juicefrom RM 3.25
Teh Tarikfrom RM 3
MILO ICEfrom RM 3.90
Mhorefrom RM 3.90
Lime Asam Boifrom RM 3
Rose Milkfrom RM 3.90
Bru Coffeefrom RM 5
Masala Chaifrom RM 6
Masala Coffeefrom RM 6.50

Can Beverages

401 Mineral WaterRM 3.25
402 CokeRM 4.55
404 Plus 100RM 4.55
405 Ice Lemon TeaRM 4.55
406 Soya BeanRM 4.55

Fresh Juices

501 Green Apple JuiceRM 9
502 Orange JuiceRM 9
504 Carrot JuiceRM 10.40
Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu Malaysia
Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu Malaysia
Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu Malaysia
Vighna Bamboo Briyani Menu Malaysia

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What is a bamboo biryani?

Bamboo biryani has long-grained rice cooked to perfection with authentic spices and your favourite meat inside a bamboo, which promises to give a punch to your taste buds. A delectable, inventive biryani recipe that will indeed connect you with the scent of nature,

What is special about bamboo biryani?

Traditionally, tribal bamboo biryani is prepared oil-free with raw chicken marinated in local spices and herbs and stacked with rice in alternate layers within the hollow tube of a freshly cut bamboo stem.

Does bamboo biryani taste different?

With a unique aroma, flavour and style of preparation, Bamboo Biryani has a distinct culinary finesse to it. Cooked and served in a bamboo stalk, Bamboo Biryani is made by stuffing the stalk with layers of marinated chicken and flavoured Basmati rice.

Is bamboo chicken good for health?

Bamboo chicken is an oil free and nutritionally rich dish.

How healthy is bamboo rice?

Bamboo rice contains almost all essential B vitamins. A deficiency of this vitamin can cause anaemia as well as Alzheimer’s. B vitamins are also crucial for red blood cell formation, effective nerve functioning, as well as healthy cognitive growth and this rice, can be of great help.

Is bamboo rice healthier than regular rice?

Bamboo rice has a higher protein content than wheat and white rice. This makes it an excellent choice for people suffering from rheumatic pain and joint pain.

What is the Flavour of bamboo?

Bamboo shoots have a fairly sweet, earthy taste, but are special because they retain their crunchy characteristics even when cooked.

Can we eat bamboo rice daily?

The regular use can help to controls Joints pain, back pain and rheumatic pain due to higher protein content. It can lowers cholesterol levels. The Bamboo Ric is a good source of vitamin B6.

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