Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu prices 2024 Malaysia

Hello Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters lovers, are you looking for the latest Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Frank Laurent Coffee RoastersMenu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Blue Cappuccinofrom RM 13
Mochafrom RM 13
Pesto Pasta Grilled Spice Chicken BreastRM 25
Chocolatefrom RM 12
Egg & CheeseRM 15
Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu Malaysia

Seasonal Beverages

Prosperous Tangy MandarinRM 18
Citrus Flourishing BlossomRM 19

Espresso Based Coffee

Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters’ menu in Malaysia offers an extensive range of delicious coffee beverages at affordable prices, starting from RM 8. From the classic Long Black and creamy Latte Float to the unique Blue Cappuccino and Peanut Butter Latte, there’s something for everyone. For those who prefer cold brews, the Guava Cold Brew Sensation and Matcha Mocha are not to be missed. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try the Black Matcha or Cold Brew Tonic. Overall, Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters’ menu is diverse, affordable, and perfect for coffee lovers looking to try something new.

Whitefrom RM 11
Mochafrom RM 13
Blue Cappuccinofrom RM 13
Peanut Butter Lattefrom RM 14
Long Blackfrom RM 10
Latte Floatfrom RM 15
Guava Cold Brew SensationRM 16
Matcha Mochafrom RM 14
Matcha Espressofrom RM 13
Cold Brew TonicRM 16
Black Lattefrom RM 14
Black Matchafrom RM 15
Black Mochafrom RM 15
Espressofrom RM 8
Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu Malaysia


Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters’ menu in Malaysia offers an impressive range of milk-based drinks and teas that are sure to please. From classic Milk and Honey Milk to indulgent Chocolate and Chocolate Marshmallow drinks, there’s something for everyone’s sweet tooth. For those who prefer tea, the Tropical Spring Tea and Peach Paradise Spring Tea are refreshing options. And for those who love matcha, the Matcha Latte and Matcha Affogato are must-tries, while the Houjicha Affogato and Hojicha Latte offer a unique and flavorful twist. Overall, Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters’ menu offers a diverse selection of milk-based drinks and teas that are sure to satisfy anyone’s cravings.

Matcha Lattefrom RM 13
Houjicha AffogatoRM 16
Milkfrom RM 8
Honey Milkfrom RM 11
Chocolatefrom RM 12
Hojicha Lattefrom RM 13
Chocolate Marshmallowfrom RM 15
Chocolate AffogatoRM 16
Matcha AffogatoRM 16
Tropical Spring TeaRM 13
Peach Paradise Spring TeaRM 13
Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu Malaysia

Tea Selection

Gryphon Teafrom RM 11


Fruit Juice Kombuchafrom RM 14
Cold Brew Kombuchafrom RM 14

Cold Brew

Cold Brew WhiteRM 15
Cold Brew BlackRM 15

Superfreeze Espresso

Superfreeze Espressofrom RM 25


Plain WaffleRM 14
Chocolate BananaRM 17


Forest Noire CakeRM 15
New York CheesecakeRM 15
Callebaut Chocolate CakeRM 16
California Carrot & Walnut CakeRM 17
Salted Caramel Macadamia CheesecakeRM 18
Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu Malaysia


Almond Blueberry MuffinsRM 11
Double Chocolate MuffinsRM 11

Mini Bagel Sandwich

Classic Hash BrownRM 12
Chicken PattyRM 13
Eggy MushroomRM 12
Fish-a-filletRM 14
Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu Malaysia

Grilled Sandwich Press

Egg & CheeseRM 15
Cheesy MeltsRM 13
Croque MadameRM 16
Pulled Shredded ChickenRM 20
Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu Malaysia


Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters’ menu in Malaysia offers a delectable selection of pasta dishes and macaroni and cheese options. From the classic Mushroom Egg Pasta to the unique Aglio Oilo Mala Plant-based Meat, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. For those who prefer chicken, the Chicken Breast & Egg Aglio Olio and Pesto Pasta Grilled Spice Chicken Breast are sure to satisfy. The Rose Pasta Grilled Chicken Chop and Rose Pasta Smoked Duck dishes offer a flavorful twist on classic pasta dishes. Vegetarians can indulge in the Mac & Cheese and Mac & Cheese Mala Plant-based Meat options, while meat lovers can opt for the Mac & Cheese Smoke Duck. Overall, Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters’ menu is a perfect fusion of classic and unique pasta dishes, making it a must-try for all foodies.

Aglio Oilo Mala Plant-based MeatRM 22
Mushroom Egg PastaRM 18
Chicken Breast & Egg Aglio OlioRM 24
Aglio Olio Mixed German SausagesRM 22
Aglio Olio Grilled UnagiRM 30
Pesto Pasta Grilled Spice Chicken BreastRM 25
Pesto Pasta Smoked SalmonRM 30
Rose Pasta Grilled Chicken ChopRM 25
Rose Pasta Smoked DuckRM 28
Truffle Pasta with Porcini MushroomRM 24
Mac & CheeseRM 19
Mac & Cheese Mala Plant-based MeatRM 23
Mac & Cheese Smoke DuckRM 25
Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu Malaysia
Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu Malaysia
Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters Menu Malaysia

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What flavor is best for cappuccino?

Some Popular flavors best for cappuccino are vanilla, chocolate, caramel, peppermint, raspberry, and cinnamon.

Is cappuccino stronger than a latte?

Yes! cappuccino is stronger than a latte because a cappuccino boasts a much stronger espresso flavor than a latte due to having less milk and more foam than a latte.

What is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino?

Cappuccinos are made using equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam, while lattes involve adding steamed milk to an espresso. Meanwhile, macchiatos are made by adding a splash of milk to a shot of espresso.

Which is healthier coffee or cappuccino?

The difference in calories between a cappuccino and coffee is pretty small, but a cappuccino has more calories because of the milk. A regular cup of coffee has virtually no calories.

What is espresso with milk called?

Latte Latte. A latte, much like a cappuccino, is a combination of espresso and steamed milk. They are generally no smaller than eight ounces, though there really isn’t a limit to how small or large they can be.

Is Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters halal in Malaysia?

Yes! Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters is halal in Malaysia.

Who founded Frank Laurent?

Frank Laurent found by  Frank Ee.

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