Para Thai Menu Prices 2023 Malaysia

Hello Para Thai lovers, are you looking for the latest Para Thai Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists Para Thai Menu 2023 Malaysia with prices.

Para Thai Menu Malaysia 2023 With Prices List


D02 Tom Yum Soupfrom RM 19.90
M01. Phad Thai Goong SodRM 24.90
B03. Som Tam ThodRM 21.90
P01. Tab Tim KrobRM 16.90
Para Thai Menu Malaysia


A01. Mieng KamRM 27.90
A02. Poh Piah ThodRM 18.90
A03. Thod Mon PlaRM 20.90
A05. Ruam Khong WangRM 48.90
A06. Goong Hom Sa BaiRM 21.90
Para Thai Menu Malaysia


B01. Yam Ma MuangRM 21.90
B02. Som Tam Goong KrobRM 20.90
B03. Som Tam ThodRM 21.90
Para Thai Menu Malaysia


D01. Fire Pot Tom Yum Soupfrom RM 31.90
D02 Tom Yum Soupfrom RM 19.90
Para Thai Menu Malaysia


E01. Geang Keow Wan GaiRM 22.90
E01. Geang Keow Wan NueRM 31.90
E03. Geang Massaman GaiRM 22.90
E03. Geang Massaman NueRM 31.90
Para Thai Menu Malaysia


F01. Gai Phad Bai Kra ProwRM 21.90
F02. Gai Phad Med Ma MuangRM 24.90
F03. Pik Gai Thod Tom YumRM 24.90


G01. Suer Rong HaiRM 41.90
G02. Nue Phad Ga PowRM 38.90
G03. Nue Phad Prik Thai DumRM 41.90


If you’re looking for delicious Thai seafood dishes in Malaysia, Para Thai’s menu won’t disappoint! Indulge in their must-try Pla Thod Mieng Kam, crispy and flavorful fish served with tasty toppings. Another standout option is the Pla Ka Phong Naung Ma Nao, a steamed sea bass dish with zesty lime sauce. For a spicy kick, try the Pla Ka Phong Thod Rad Prik, crispy fried fish with chili sauce. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret it! Prices range from RM 29.90 to RM 64.90.

H01. Goong Ob Won SanRM 41.90
H02. Pla Thod Mieng KamRM 64.90
H03. Pla Ka Phong Naung Ma NaoRM 64.90
H04. Pla Ka Phong Thod Rad PrikRM 64.90
H05. Pla Ka Phong Thod Phad Piaw WanRM 64.90
H06. Pla Muk Phad Ka-piRM 30.90
H07. Pla Muk YangRM 41.90
H08. Pla Muk Chub Pang ThodRM 29.90
H09. Pla Muk Naung Ma NaoRM 48.90

Bean Curd & Eggs

For those who love Thai cuisine, Para Thai’s menu in Malaysia is a must-try! One of their popular vegetarian dishes is the Touhu Kra Ta Ron, which features stir-fried tofu with mixed vegetables in a delicious gravy sauce. If you’re a fan of basil, try the Touhu Phad Kra Prow, a fragrant and spicy tofu stir-fry. For a more unique taste, opt for the Touhu Phad Hed Hom Gai Sab, which combines tofu and mushrooms in a sweet and savory sauce. Meat lovers will enjoy the Kai Jew Hom, a tasty minced chicken and basil dish, or the Kai Jew Gai Sab Goong Sab, which features minced chicken with prawns. Finally, seafood fans should try the Hoi Tod, a crispy and savory oyster omelet that’s hard to resist. Prices range from RM 20.90 to RM 31.90.

J01. Touhu Kra Ta RonRM 30.90
J02. Touhu Phad Kra ProwRM 21.90
J03. Touhu Phad Hed Hom Gai SabRM 22.90
J04. Kai Jew HomRM 20.90
J04. Kai Jew Gai Sab Goong SabRM 22.90
J05. Hoi TodRM 31.90


K01. Phak Bung Phad Ka-piRM 21.90
K01. Phak Bung Phad Kra ThiamRM 21.90
K02. Phad Kha Na Pla KhamRM 21.90
K03. Phad Phak RuamRM 24.90
K04. Broccoli Phad Kra ThiamRM 26.90


M01. Phad Thai Goong SodRM 24.90
M02. Kuey Teow Nue ToonRM 26.90
M04. San Mee Tom Yum TalayRM 25.90
M05. Rad Na GaiRM 22.90
M05. Rad Na TalayRM 26.90


Are you craving Thai rice dishes in Malaysia? Look no further than Para Thai’s menu! Their Kaow Phad Sapparod Gai is a must-try, with fragrant fried rice mixed with juicy chicken and sweet pineapple chunks. For seafood lovers, try the Kaow Phad Sapparod Talay, which combines the same flavorful fried rice with a variety of seafood. If you’re in the mood for something spicy, opt for the Kaow Phad Tom Yum Goong, a hot and sour fried rice with shrimp. Another great option is the Kaow Ka-prow Gai, a basil chicken fried rice with a savory kick. Prices range from RM 22.90 to RM 26.90, and with so many delicious choices, you won’t be disappointed!

N01. Kaow Phad Sapparod GaiRM 22.90
N01. Kaow Phad Sapparod GoongRM 24.90
N01. Kaow Phad Sapparod TalayRM 26.90
N02. Kaow Phad Tom Yum GaiRM 22.90
N02. Kaow Phad Tom Yum GoongRM 24.90
N02. Kaow Phad Tom Yum TalayRM 25.90
N03. Kaow Ka-prow GaiRM 22.90
N03. Kaow Ka-prow NueRM 26.90


R01. Thai Jasmine Fragrant RiceRM 3.50
R02. Sunny Side UpRM 2.90


P01. Tab Tim KrobRM 16.90

Soft Beverages

Q12. Coca-Cola Rasa AsliRM 7.90
Q13. Coca-Cola Zero SugarRM 7.90
Q14. SpriteRM 7.90
Q21. Mineral WaterRM 4.50
Q15. A&WRM 7.90
Para Thai Menu Malaysia
Para Thai Menu Malaysia
Para Thai Menu Malaysia
Para Thai Menu Malaysia

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Who is the owner of para thai in Malaysia?

Bunmee Chanthima is the owner of Para Thai in Malaysia.

Is Para Thai halal in Malaysia?

Yes! Para Thai is halal in Malaysia.

How many branches have Para Thai in Malaysia?

Para Thai has more than 30 outlets in Malaysia.

What Para Thai accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Para Thai accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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