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Spizza Menu Singapore

Spizza Menu Singapore With Prices List



Their menu offers a delightful array of dishes like Rucola e Parmigiano and Caprese, bursting with freshness and taste. Don’t miss out on their tantalizing Insalata Greca and Cesare, both priced at S$ 16.74. For a unique twist, try the Anatra at just S$ 16.74.



“Spizza Menu Singapore offers a delightful culinary experience with a range of delectable dishes. Indulge in their succulent Calamari priced at just S$18.36 or savor the delightful Bruschetta at S$12.42. The Mozzarella at S$15.12 and Portobello Mushroom at S$17.28 are must-tries. Don’t miss out on the exquisite Parma e Melone for only S$18.36. A gastronomic delight awaits!”

Pasta and Oven Baked Dishes

Their menu boasts a delightful array of mouthwatering dishes, such as Parmigiana, Lasagna, and Ravioli starting from just S$17.28. Don’t miss their tantalizing Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola or Gnocchi Alla Mama Rossa, both starting from S$21.60. For those with a taste for customization, the Create Your Own Pasta option starts from S$19.98.


From the classic Margherita Pizza to the exquisite Vittoria Pizza, each one is a delight starting from just S$25.92. Indulge in the scrumptious Anna Pizza, the flavorful Sofia Pizza, and many more. With prices as low as S$27, this restaurant is a pizza lover’s paradise!




Alcoholic Beverages

Spizza Alternative Restaurants

How many pizza huts are there in Singapore?

“Back in 1981, Pizza Hut Singapore kickstarted its delicious journey with a single outlet located at Jalan Jelita. Fast forward to today, and I’m thrilled to share that our pizza empire has grown significantly, boasting a whopping 77 outlets across the country! That’s right, we’ve become the largest pizza chain restaurant in Singapore, spreading joy and cheesy goodness to pizza lovers all around. So, whenever you’re craving some scrumptious pizza, you can trust that a delightful Pizza Hut experience awaits you nearby!”

Which pizza brand is the best in Singapore?

I’ve got you covered! After extensive research and taste-testing, I’ve compiled a list of the 15 best pizza places in the city that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From the classic flavors of La Pizzaiola and Lino to the delightful offerings of Picolino and PizzaExpress, there’s a wide range of options to choose from. Don’t miss out on the delectable sourdough pizzas at Plank Sourdough Pizza or the mouthwatering creations at Prego and P.S. Cafe. And for those seeking an authentic Italian experience, be sure to visit Publico Ristorante at InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay, where they serve up Italian favorites done to perfection.

Which country has the most pizza?

The burning question we’ve all had at some point: Which country holds the title for consuming the most pizza? Brace yourself for the answer because it might just surprise you! Norway takes the crown as the reigning champ of pizza consumption, proving that frozen pizzas are a hit there. But don’t count the United States out just yet – they devour hundreds of pizza slices every second, making them a close contender. Across the pond, the United Kingdom proudly claims pizza as a fast-food favorite, while Germany is experiencing a growing trend in pizza appreciation. And, of course, we can’t forget the birthplace of pizza itself – Italy, where this delightful dish originated.

Who has the most pizza stores in the world?

Well, the answer to that is Domino’s! When it comes to revenue, Domino’s holds the top spot, making it the largest pizza chain globally. In terms of store count, it comes in second place, but don’t underestimate its reach. With a whopping 15,900 stores spread across 85 countries, Domino’s has undoubtedly made its mark on the pizza industry worldwide.

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