Red Lantern Seafood Menu Prices Singapore 2024

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Red Lantern Seafood Menu Singapore

Red Lantern Seafood Menu Singapore With Prices List


BBQ 烧烤

Fish Head & Sliced Fish 鱼头鱼片

I recently visited the Red Lantern Seafood Menu website in Singapore, and I must say they have an impressive selection of fish head dishes. One standout option is their Fish Head Steamboat (鱼头炉) priced at just S$30.50. Additionally, their Curry Fish Head (咖哩鱼头), Assam Steamed Fish Head (亚参蒸鱼头), Fish Head in Black Bean Sauce with Bittergourd (豉汁苦瓜鱼头), Fried Fish Head in Curry Flavour (甘香鱼头), Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish Head (港蒸鱼头), and Claypot Fish Head (砂煲鱼头) are all available for S$26.90 each. If you prefer sliced fish dishes, they offer Sliced Fish in Black Bean Sauce with Bittergourd (豉汁苦瓜鱼片) starting from S$14.90, as well as Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish (酸甜鱼片), Ginger Spring Onion Sliced Fish (姜葱鱼片), Black Pepper Sliced Fish (黑胡椒鱼片), and Thai Style Sliced Fish (泰式鱼片), all starting from S$14.90. For a unique and flavorful option, I highly recommend trying their Claypot Salted Fish & Fish Head with Brinjal (咸鱼鱼头茄子煲) priced at S$30.50.

Pork & Deer Meat 猪肉鹿肉

During my visit to the Red Lantern Seafood Menu website in Singapore, I couldn’t resist exploring their delectable non-seafood options as well. One standout dish that caught my attention was the Sweet & Sour Pork (咕噜肉) priced at an affordable S$12.50. Additionally, they offer the mouthwatering Fried Pork Ribs (排骨王), Curry Pork (咖哩猪肉), Ginger & Spring Onion Pork (姜葱猪肉), Black Pepper Pork (黑椒猪肉), and Dried Chilli Pork (宫保猪肉), all available for S$12.50 each. If you’re looking for a unique flavor combination, I recommend trying their Bittergourd Pork Ribs (苦瓜排骨) and Red Lantern Pork Ribs (红灯笼排骨), priced at S$14.90 each. For those seeking something different, the Hot Plate Deer Meat (铁板鹿肉) and Black Pepper Deer Meat (黑椒鹿肉) are exquisite options starting from S$19.70. Lastly, the Marmite Pork Ribs (妈蜜排骨皇) at S$14.90 is a tantalizing choice.

Fish Maw 鱼鰾

Sea Cucumbers 海参

Chicken 鸡

Vegetables 菜

When it comes to vegetarian options, the Red Lantern Seafood Menu in Singapore doesn’t disappoint. I had the pleasure of trying their Salted Fish Bean Sprouts (咸鱼炒豆芽), priced at an affordable S$8.90. They also offer a delicious Stir-fried Chye Sim with Oyster Sauce (蚝油菜心) and Dried Shrimp French Bean (虾米四季豆), both starting from S$10.10. For a more flavorful and diverse option, the Eight Treasures Luo Han Vegetables (八宝罗汉斋) is a fantastic choice also priced at S$10.10. If you’re in the mood for a classic stir-fried dish, the Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables (油什菜) for S$12.50 is a great option. For a delightful combination of greens and protein, I highly recommend their Kailan with Sliced Fish (鱼片小芥兰) for S$14.90. If you’re a fan of broccoli, their Broccoli with Dual Mushroom (双菇芥兰花) for S$14.90, Broccoli with Scallop (带子芥兰花) for S$19.70, and Broccoli with Prawn (虾球芥兰花) for S$22.10 are all mouthwatering choices.

Soups 汤

Bean Curd & Omelette 豆腐鸡蛋

The Red Lantern Seafood Menu in Singapore offers a variety of tantalizing dishes featuring bean curd and omelettes. One standout option is their Seafood with Homemade Bean Curd (四宝豆腐) priced at S$19.70, which combines the best of seafood flavors with their homemade bean curd. Another delectable choice is the Prawn with Bean Curd (虾球豆腐) for S$19.70, where succulent prawns and bean curd come together in perfect harmony. For a taste of their signature dish, don’t miss out on the Signature Bean Curd (招牌豆腐) priced at S$12.50. If you prefer a sizzling presentation, their Hot Plate Bean Curd (铁板豆腐) and Claypot Bean Curd (砂煲豆腐), both priced at S$12.50, are fantastic choices. Craving some Thai flavors? The Thai Style Bean Curd (泰式豆腐) for S$12.50 will transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Thailand. Additionally, the Red Lantern menu offers delightful omelette options, including the Crab Meat Omelette (蟹肉煎蛋) for S$10.10, Minced Meat Omelette (肉碎煎蛋), Fu Rong Omelette (芙蓉煎蛋), Cai Poh Omelette (菜脯煎蛋), and Prawn Omelette (虾仁煎蛋), all priced at S$7.70 each.

Noodles 面

If you’re craving a taste of classic noodle dishes, the Red Lantern Seafood Menu in Singapore has an array of options to satisfy your cravings. Their Hokkien Noodles (福建面), Hor Fun (河粉), and Bee Hoon (或米粉) are all priced at an affordable S$5.30 each, offering a variety of noodle textures to choose from. For those who enjoy a crispy texture, the Crispy Noodle (生面) is available for S$5.90. If you’re a fan of the rich and savory bean sauce, their Bean Sauce Hor Fun (豉汁河) is a must-try option also priced at S$5.90. The Braised Ee Mee (什錦焖伊面), Dried Hor Fun (干河), Singaporean Style Bee Hoon (星洲米粉), Mee Goreng (马来面), Dry Fried Ee Mee (干烧伊面), Dry Fried Mee Sua (干烧面线), and Dry Fried Vermicelli (干烧冬粉), all priced at S$5.90 or S$6.50, offer a range of flavors and textures to satisfy your noodle cravings. Seafood lovers will also enjoy their Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup (鱼头或鱼片米粉汤) and Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Soup (或鱼片米粉汤), both priced at S$6.50. Additionally, the menu offers Egg Bee Hoon Soup (蛋花米粉汤), Hor Fun with Sliced Fish (三捞鱼片河), Claypot Noodle (砂煲面或), and Ee Mee (伊面), all priced at S$6.50 or S$7.70.

Rice 饭

If you’re in the mood for a satisfying rice dish, the Red Lantern Seafood Menu in Singapore has a diverse selection to choose from. Their Egg Gravy Rice (滑蛋烩饭) and Yang Zhou Fried Rice (扬州炒饭), both priced at S$5.30, are delicious and comforting options. For a taste of Thai flavors, their Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice (泰式黄梨炒饭) is available for S$6.50. If you enjoy the unique flavor of salted fish, the Salted Fish Fried Rice (咸鱼或) priced at S$5.90 is a must-try. Chicken lovers will enjoy the Chicken Cube Fried Rice (鸡丁炒饭) for S$5.90. The menu also features a variety of rice dishes with delectable sauces, such as Sambal Sliced Fish Rice (参芭鱼片饭), Sambal Chicken Cube Rice (参芭鸡丁饭), Sambal Pork Rice (参芭猪肉饭), Curry Sliced Fish Rice (咖哩鱼片饭), Curry Chicken Cube Rice (咖哩鱼鸡丁饭), Curry Pork Rice (咖哩猪肉饭), Dried Chilli Sliced Fish Rice (宫保鱼片饭), Dried Chilli Chicken Cube Rice (宫保鸡丁饭), Dried Chilli Pork Rice (宫保猪肉饭), Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish Rice (酸甜鱼片饭), Sweet & Sour Chicken Cube Rice (酸甜鸡丁饭), Ginger Spring Onion Sliced Fish Rice (姜葱鱼片饭), Ginger Spring Onion Chicken Cube Rice (姜葱鸡丁饭), and Ginger Spring Onion Pork Rice (姜葱猪肉饭), all priced at S$6.50 each.

Red Lantern Seafood Alternative Restaurants

Red Lantern Seafood Menu Singapore

Who Is The Owner Of Red Lantern Seafood in Singapore ?

 Mr. Sunny Goh Is The Owner Of Red Lantern Seafood in Singapore.

Is Red Lantern Seafood Halal In Singapore ?

No! Red Lantern Seafood is not Halal In Singapore.

How Many Locations Have Red Lantern Seafood In Singapore ?

Red Lantern Seafood Has More Than 20 Outlets In Singapore .

What Red Lantern Seafood Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore ?

Yes! Red Lantern Seafood Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore.

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