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Springleaf Prata Place Menu Singapore

Springleaf Prata Place Menu Singapore With Prices List



I recently visited the Springleaf Prata Place website in Singapore, and their menu offers a wide variety of delicious prata options. Starting from an affordable price of S$1.80, their Plain Prata is a simple yet satisfying choice. For a healthier option, the Hi-Fibre Prata is available for S$2. If you’re looking for a classic, the Egg Prata starting from S$3.10 is a must-try. They also have unique variations like Coin Prata (S$4.80) and Paper Prata (starting from S$2.30). Cheese lovers will enjoy the Cheese Prata (starting from S$4.30) and for those seeking a sweeter twist, the Milk Paper Prata (starting from S$3.20) or Sugar Paper Prata (starting from S$3) are excellent choices

Ultimate Series

The Springleaf Prata Place menu features a range of unique and flavorful dishes. The 2012 Ultimate Murtabak is priced at S$19.40, offering a satisfying and indulgent option. For a smaller portion, the 2012 Ultimate Mini is available for S$10.50. The 2013 Murtaburger, starting from S$12, combines the deliciousness of murtabak with the essence of a burger. The 2014 Plaster Blaster is priced at S$8.60 and offers a delightful combination of flavors. The 2015 Umami 50, priced at S$13.70, promises a burst of umami goodness. If you’re a fan of salted egg and prawns, the 2016 Salted Egg Prawn Prata is a must-try for S$16.20. The 2017 Prata Alfredo, priced at S$14.80, offers a creamy and flavorful experience. For a chicken lover, the 2018 La Ayam Parotta is available for S$13.70.

Goreng Items


Speciality Prata


Dessert Prata

Ala Carte

Springleaf Prata Place offers a variety of savory non-prata dishes as well. Their Fried Chicken is priced at S$7.40, while the Butter Chicken is available for S$9.20. If you prefer seafood, the Fried Fish is priced at S$5.20, and the Pepper Prawns can be enjoyed for S$13. For a hearty option, the Lamb Shank is available for S$22.20. Accompany your meal with flavorful sides like Briyani Rice for S$3.40 or Kambing Soup for S$6.70. Meat lovers will appreciate the Masala Chicken for S$7.40 and the Curry Mutton for S$8.10. Finally, for those craving a classic dish, the Fish Head Curry is priced at S$34.70.


Roti John


Favourite Drinks

Quench your thirst at Springleaf Prata Place with a variety of refreshing beverage options. Enjoy a cup of Teh Tarik starting from S$1.90 or indulge in the aromatic Teh Halia for S$2.30. For a unique flavor experience, try the Masala Tea priced at S$3.70. Coffee lovers can savor the rich taste of Coffee Tarik starting from S$1.90 or opt for the Bru Tarik available from S$2.40. Milo enthusiasts can enjoy a glass of Milo for S$2 or go for the extra indulgence of Milo Dinosaur (Cold) priced at S$4.70. Other cold beverage options include Barley (S$3.30), Rose Syrup Limau (S$3.70), Bandung (S$3.70), and Soursop (S$4.50).

Signature Mocktail Series

Lassi Series

Milkshake Series

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Springleaf Prata Place Menu Singapore

How much is Springleaf Prata plaster blaster?

At Springleaf Prata Place, you can enjoy their Plaster Blaster Set for just $5.90.

Who is the owner of Springleaf prata?

Springleaf Prata Place, a family-owned restaurant from Singapore, was founded in 2003 by SV Gunalan. They specialize in serving authentic cuisine from South and North India.

What is plaster prata?

The Prata Plaster is a dish where a sunny-side-up egg is cooked and placed on top of a prata, allowing you to enjoy the prata with its gooey yolk. It is different from the Egg Prata, which is made by cooking beaten egg within the prata dough.

Is prata breakfast food?

The Plaster Blaster Set at Springleaf Prata Place is priced at $5.90. The restaurant was founded in 2003 by SV Gunalan, a family-owned establishment from Singapore. They are known for their authentic cuisine from South and North India

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