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Attention Subway fans in Malaysia! Are you looking for the latest and greatest menu options at Subway in 2023? Look no further. We have compiled a complete and up-to-date Subway menu with all the prices and pictures you need.

subway malaysia menu
subway Malaysia

Menu List with Prices at Subway Malaysia

Subway Malaysia offers a variety of delicious food options to choose from. Their menu includes a range of sandwiches, wraps, and salads to satisfy any appetite. Some of the sandwich options include the Egg Mayo Sub, BBQ Chicken Strips, and Breaded Chicken Cutlet. If you’re in the mood for something a little lighter, try one of the wraps, such as the Egg Mayo Wrap, Breaded Chicken Cutlet, Bulgogi Chicken, or Chicken Teriyaki. And if you’re looking for a healthy option, the Subway Malaysia salad menu has plenty of choices, including the Egg Mayo Salad, Breaded Chicken Cutlet, Bulgogi Chicken, and Chicken Slice – Salad.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Subway Malaysia has something for everyone. So why wait? Check out the Subway menu for 2023 in Malaysia and satisfy your cravings today!


Egg Mayo SubRM12.10
BBQ Chicken StripsRM12.10
Breaded Chicken CutletRM13.65
Bulgogi ChickenRM14.10
Chicken SliceRM13.20
Chicken TeriyakiRM13.40
Italian B.M.T.™RM13.20
Meatball MarinaraRM14.50
Roast BeefRM13.20
Spicy ItalianRM13.40
Smoked ChickenRM13.40
Steak & CheeseRM14.10
Subway Seafood Sensation™RM14.85
Veggie Delite™RM13.85
Veggie DeluxeRM8.95

Egg Mayo Wraps

Breaded Chicken Cutlet – WrapsRM12.65
Bulgogi Chicken – WrapsRM14.65
Chicken Slice – WrapsRM13.75
Chicken Teriyaki – WrapsRM13.95
Italian B.M.T.™ – WrapsRM13.75
Meatball Marinara – WrapsRM15.05
Roast Beef – WrapsRM13.75
Spicy Italian – WrapsRM15.30
Smoky Chicken – WrapsRM13.95
Steak & Cheese – WrapsRM14.65
Subway Seafood Sensation™ – WrapsRM15.40
Tuna – WrapsRM12.65
Veggie Delite™ – WrapsRM14.80
Veggie Deluxe -WrapsRM8.70
Beef BurritoRM11.00
Chicken BurritoRM15.95

Egg Mayo Salad

Breaded Chicken Cutlet – SaladRM14.03
Bulgogi Chicken – SaladRM16.30
Chicken Slice – SaladRM15.60
Chicken Teriyaki – SaladRM15.60
Italian B.M.T.™ – SaladRM15.40
Meatball Marinara – SaladRM16.70
Roast Beef – SaladRM15.40
Roasted Chicken – SaladRM16.95
Spicy Italian – SaladRM16.05
Smoky Chicken – SaladRM15.60
Steak & Cheese – SaladRM16.30
Subway Seafood Sensation™ – SaladRM17.05
Tuna – SaladRM14.03
Veggie Delite™ – SaladRM16.05
Veggie Deluxe – SaladRM10.35

Sweet Corn Bowl

Chips – Jack N Jill BBQRM4.30
Chips – Jack N Jill Salsa ChilliRM3.40

Cold Beverages

Coca ColaRM3.60
Fanta GrapeRM3.60
Ice Lemon TeaRM3.60
Minute Maid Refresh OrangeRM3.60
Bottle Coke Light 500mlRM4.80
Bottle Dasani Water 500mlRM3.90
Bottle Minute Maid Mango 300mlRM4.80
Bottle Jasmine Green Tea 500mlRM4.80
Bottle Passion Fruit Tea 500mlRM4.80
Glaceau Vitamin Water Triple BerryRM6.80
Glaceau Vitamin Water RestoreRM6.80
Glaceau Vitamin Water Essential OrangeRM6.80

Hot Beverages

Premium Hot Teh TarikRM5.20
Premium Hot ChocolateRM5.85
Premium Hot TeaRM3.75
Premium Hot Black CoffeeRM5.85
Premium Hot White CoffeeRM3.95
Premium Hot LatteRM6.95
Premium Hot CappuccinoRM6.95
Premium Hot MochaRM6.95

Who is the owner of Subway Malaysia?

Datuk Vincent Choo and his wife Datin Cynthia Cheong are the Development agents or Owners of franchisees in Subway Malaysia. Subway Malaysia first came to Malaysia in the late 1990s. 

How many subways are there in Malaysia?

3300 Subways are in Malaysia. They aim to double their current store number in the region from 3300 to more than 6000 in the next five years. 

Is Subway popular in Malaysia?

Yes, Subway is a popular Burger chain in Malaysia. It’s fast, delicious, and looks healthy.

Are all Subway halal?

Subway is a monitored organization and halal. All Halal SUBWAY stores have numerous signs stating that they serve Halal food. These are situated on the menu panels, nutritional information, and in the front window of the store.

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