Waker Chicken Menu Prices Singapore 2024

Hello Waker Chicken lovers, are you looking for the latest Waker Chicken Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Waker Chicken Menu 2024 Singapore with prices.

Waker Chicken Menu Singapore

Waker Chicken Menu Singapore With Prices List


Fried Chicken

Look no further than Waker Chicken Menu Prices Singapore! Indulge in their Original Crispy Chicken for just S$16.90, or spice things up with their Sweet & Spicy Chicken priced at S$18.20. For a flavorful twist, try their Soy Sauce Chicken or Fire Spicy Chicken, both available at S$18.20. And if you’re craving a unique blend of sweet and savory, don’t miss their Honey Butter Chicken for S$19.50.

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How many pieces are in a waker chicken?

Have you ever wondered how many pieces are in a Waker Chicken? Well, let me tell you about this delightful Korean Fried Chicken Hawker that has recently opened up. When you order half a chicken from Waker Chicken, you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with seven delicious pieces. The best part is that it’s incredibly affordable, priced at just $13 to $14. That means each mouthwatering piece costs around $2 or even less, which is an absolute steal considering the usual higher prices you would find for authentic Korean fried chicken at other restaurants

How many kg of chicken do I need for 100 people?

I’ve got you covered! In order to cater to everyone’s appetite, it is recommended to cook approximately 20 kilograms of chicken. This quantity should be sufficient to satisfy the hunger of all your guests. For a more detailed and engaging experience, I invite you to check out my latest blog post titled “Cooking 20 KG CHICKEN FOR 100 PEOPLE | Village Cooking Food,” where I delve into the process of cooking delicious chicken dishes for large gatherings.

What are 8 pieces of chicken?

An 8-piece typically consists of 2 split breasts along with their back and rib portions, 2 drumsticks, 2 thighs accompanied by their back portions, and finally, 2 wings. So, when you order an 8-piece chicken, you can expect to receive this assortment of delicious poultry parts.

How many chickens do I need for 20 adults?

you’ll need to serve 20 adults, here’s a simple calculation. Let’s say you have 20 people to feed. Take a look at the row for 5 people in your recipe or serving guide, and prepare that amount. So, in this case, you’ll need approximately 20 chicken drumsticks, 15 thighs, 25 chicken wings, and 15 chicken breasts to ensure a satisfying meal for all 20 guests.

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