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Premium Skewers风味精品


BBQ Box in Singapore offers a delectable range of grilled and roasted delights that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Indulge in the flavorful Cajun Roasted Chicken Mid Wings (奥尔良鸡中翅), priced at S$6.22, or enjoy the spicy kick of the Spicy Chicken Winglets (麻辣鸡中翅), also available for S$6.22. Delight in the bold flavors of the Black Pepper Chicken Winglets (黑胡椒鸡中翅), priced at S$6.22, or savor the tender and succulent Grilled Pig Trotter (吊炉猪手) for S$6.22. For a hearty option, try the Big Lamb Ribs (吊炉大羊排), priced at S$30.84. Enhance your meal with the delicious sides such as Grilled Sweet Potato (吊炉地瓜块), Grilled Pineapple (吊炉黄梨串), Grilled Cuttlefish Ball (吊炉墨鱼丸), or Grilled Whole Eggplant (锡纸烤全茄), available at various prices.

Grilled Seafood炭烤海鲜

Grilled Meats炭烤肉

Grilled Mutton (烤羊肉串) is a delightful treat available at BBQ Box in Singapore for just S$5.83. Indulge in the succulent Lamb With Red Switch (红柳枝羔羊肉) for S$4.92 or savor the flavorful Lamb Rid Tendon (羊排筋) priced at S$7. For beef lovers, the menu offers options like Grilled Beef Fingers (烤牛肉) and Grilled Beef Fat & Lean (烤牛肥瘦), both available for S$6.22. Sample the tasty Grilled Beef Ball (烤潮汕牛肉丸) or the tender Grilled Beef Tendon (烤牛熟筋) priced at S$4.15 and S$4.67 respectively. If you’re craving chicken, try the Grilled Chicken Meat (烤鸡肉) for S$5.83 or the flavorful Teriyaki Chicken Cartilage (照烧鸡软骨) for S$4.67. BBQ Box also offers a variety of grilled pork dishes, including Grilled Pork (烤猪肉串), Mala Baby Back Ribs (麻辣子弹排骨), Grilled Pork Skin (烤猪皮), and Grilled Pork Sausage (烤猪肉香肠), among others. Savor the delightful combination of Grilled Enoki Mushroom With Bacon (培根金针菇) for S$8.81. I

Grilled Vegetables炭烤蔬

BBQ Box in Singapore offers a variety of delicious grilled vegetables to complement your meal. Try the Grilled Romaine Lettuce (烤油麦菜) for just S$2.07, or savor the smoky flavor of Grilled Oyster Mushroom (烤鲜耗菇), Grilled Shiitake Mushroom (烤香菇), and Grilled Pleurotus Eryngii (烤杏鲍菇), each priced at S$2.07. For a nutritious side dish, indulge in the Grilled Long Bean (烤长豆) or enjoy the sweetness of Grilled Sweet Corn (烤玉米), both available for S$2.07. If you’re looking for a satisfying snack, try the Grilled Potato Chips (烤土豆片) or the Grilled Dry Soya Bean Cakes (烤干豆腐), both served on 3 sticks for S$3.63.

Cold Dishes凉菜

BBQ Box in Singapore offers a delectable selection of appetizers and cold dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Indulge in the Spicy Dry Soya Bean Cake Floss (红油干豆腐丝) for S$10.11 or savor the fiery Spicy Enoki Mushroom (红油金针菇) also priced at S$10.11. For a unique and spicy twist, try the Sichuan Tasty Lotus Root (川味藕片) or the Salt & Pepper Edamame (椒盐毛豆), both priced at S$10.11. If you’re craving something refreshing, the Spicy Cucumber (手拍黄瓜) and Pig Ear With Cucumber (猪耳朵拌黄瓜) are delightful options available for S$12.70 and S$12.96 respectively. Don’t miss out on the Dongbei Cold Dish (东北凉拌菜) and the Spinach With Special Vinegar (香醋菠菜), both priced at S$10.11. Enjoy the perfect combination of flavors with Peanuts With Vinegar (老醋花生) for S$11.40 or savor the unique taste of Jelly Fish Head In Special Sauce (捞汁海蜇头) priced at S$12.70.


Indulge in a delightful array of dumplings at BBQ Box in Singapore. Try the Pork Dumpling With Chili Oil (Spicy) (红油抄手) available in a set of 6 pieces for S$10.11 or savor the Japanese Capybara Dumplings (日式豚骨汤饺) in a set of 10 pieces for S$12.70. For a combination of flavors, the Shrimp Dumplings With Leek & Egg (虾仁三鲜水饺) come in a set of 6 pieces for S$7.52, while the Prawn And Chives Dumpling (虾仁三鲜水饺) are available in a set of 12 pieces for S$11.40. Enjoy the classic taste of Pork Dumplings With Cabbage (白菜猪肉水饺) in a set of 6 pieces for S$6.22, or choose the larger set of 12 pieces for S$10.11. If you prefer the aromatic flavor of leeks, the Pork Dumplings With Leek (韭菜猪肉水饺) are a delicious choice, also available in sets of 6 or 12 pieces. For a unique and spicy treat, try the Spicy Oil Pig Brain (锡纸脑花) or the Tinfoil Clam (锡纸花甲粉), both priced at S$12.70. Additionally, BBQ Box offers delectable soups, including the flavorful Golden Beef Soup (金汤肥牛) and Golden Fish Fillet Soup (金汤鱼片), both served with a spicy kick.



Quench your thirst with a variety of refreshing beverages available at BBQ Box in Singapore. Treat yourself to the crisp and invigorating Tsingtao Soda Water (青岛苏打水) for S$2.59, or indulge in the classic flavors of Coke (可乐) or Coke Zero (无糖可乐) priced at S$3.63 each. If you prefer a citrusy twist, opt for Sprite (雪碧) or the refreshing Ice Lemon Tea (柠檬茶), both available for S$3.63. For a lighter option, Green Tea (绿茶) and Herbal Tea (凉茶) are delightful choices priced at S$3.63 each. Savor the creamy and satisfying taste of Soy Bean (豆奶) or enjoy the soothing properties of Chrysanthemum Tea (菊花茶) also available for S$3.63. Indulge in the Iced Red Tea (康师傅冰红茶) or Rock Sugar Sydney (康师傅冰糖雪梨) for S$4.67 each, or try the Mango Flavor Yogurt Beverage (康师傅芒果小酪) for a fruity and creamy delight priced at S$4.67.

Alcoholic Drinks 酒精饮品

Quench your thirst with a wide selection of beverages available at BBQ Box in Singapore. Enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of Tsingtao 0% Alcohol Free (青岛无酒精啤酒) for S$4.92 or indulge in the rich and smooth Tsingtao Wheat Beer (青岛全麦) priced at S$10.11. For those seeking a hoppy and bold flavor, the Tsingtao IPA (青岛IPA) is a perfect choice at S$10.11. Experience the robust and velvety notes of Tsingtao Stout (青岛黑啤) available in a 500ml bottle for S$10.11. If you’re looking for a different beer option, the menu also offers Laoshan Beer (崂山啤酒) and Harbin Premium Lager (哈尔滨) priced at S$10.11 each. For fans of Taiwanese beer, Taiwan Beer (台湾啤酒) is available for S$11.40, while Tiger Beer (老虎) and Carlsberg (嘉士伯啤酒) are priced at S$12.70 each. For a premium beer experience, Heineken (喜力) is available in a 650ml bottle for S$14.00.

Frozen Dumplings速冻水饺(生)

(Frozen) Premium Skewers(生)风味精品

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Who Is The Owner Of BBQ Box in  Singapore ?

 Brian Kennett Is The Owner Of BBQ Box in  Singapore .

Is BBQ Box Halal In Singapore ?

No! BBQ Box Is not Halal In Singapore.

How Many Locations Have BBQ Box In Singapore ?

BBQ Box Has More Than 30 Outlets In Singapore .

What BBQ Box Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore ?

Yes! BBQ Box Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore.

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