Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House Menu Prices Singapore 2023

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Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House Menu Prices Singapore

Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House Menu Singapore With Prices List




Hainanese Chicken Rice

Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House is a hidden gem for all chicken rice lovers in Singapore! The menu offers a delightful selection of chicken rice dishes that won’t break the bank. Start with their humble yet delicious Steamed Rice at just S$1.50 or opt for the classic Plain Chicken Rice at S$1.70. For a more indulgent option, the Roasted Chicken and Steamed Chicken dishes are available starting from S$15.80, each promising succulent and flavorful chicken cooked to perfection. If you prefer a rice-centric meal, the Roasted Chicken Rice and Steamed Chicken Rice, both priced at S$6.30, are delightful choices. With such an affordable and delicious array of chicken rice dishes, Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House is a must-visit for a satisfying and budget-friendly dining experience!


Fried Noodles

Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House offers a delightful array of noodle dishes that are sure to please any noodle enthusiast in Singapore! Indulge in the savory Fried Noodles With Black Sauce at S$8 or savor the rich flavors of the Horfun Noodles With Seafood priced at S$8.70. For a hearty and satisfying option, the Stewed Beef Brisket Noodles at S$10.50 are a must-try.If you’re craving a burst of spices, the Curry Chicken Noodles at S$9.30 will tantalize your taste buds. For a unique twist, the Fried Carrot Cake Noodle with XO Sauce at S$8.60 is an excellent choice. Enjoy the delightful Goreng with Sambal Sauce at S$8 or opt for the classic Hong Kong Fried Noodle, available starting from S$8.60.

Rice Dishes

Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House presents an enticing selection of flavorful fried rice and rice dishes in Singapore! Satisfy your cravings with the tantalizing Fried Rice with Salted Fish at S$8 or indulge in the tropical goodness of the Pineapple Fried Rice priced at S$7.80. For an elevated experience, the XO Sauce Seafood Fried Rice and XO Sauce Beef Fried Rice, available from S$9.30 and S$10.60 respectively, are must-try options.If you prefer a taste of tradition, the Yangzhou Fried Rice and Kampong Fried Rice, both starting from S$8, offer classic and heartwarming flavors. Seafood enthusiasts will be delighted by the Seafood Fried Rice at S$8, while beef lovers can enjoy the Beef Fried Rice at S$9.30. For a delightful chicken option, the Chicken Fried Rice and Black Pepper Chicken with Rice, priced at S$8 and S$8.70 respectively, are sure to please.

Handmade Hong Kong Dim Sum

Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House offers a delectable variety of steamed and pan-fried dumplings and buns that will leave your taste buds dancing! For a delightful fusion, the Shanghai Steamed Dumplings with Chilli Crab at S$8.30 deliver a unique twist to traditional dumplings. Savor the savory goodness of the Shanghai Steamed Chicken Dumplings at S$6.50 or opt for the delightful Steamed Golden Sand Bun at S$4.70.If you’re a dim sum lover, the Har Kaw at S$6.10 and Siew Mai at S$5.50 are classic favorites that won’t disappoint. The BBQ Chicken Pau at S$4.20 offers a flavorful and satisfying option. Enjoy the comforting taste of the Steamed Chicken Dumplings at S$6.70 or indulge in the sweetness of the Steamed Red Bean Paste Bun priced at S$3.50.For those seeking a more adventurous taste, the Steamed Chicken Feet at S$5.50 and the Thai Style Steamed Beancurd Roll at S$6.20 are excellent choices. If you prefer pan-fried delights, the Pan-fried Chicken Dumplings at S$6.70 and Pan-fried Carrot Cake at S$4.10 are a must-try.







Fried Beef





Pasta Selections



Roti John Selection



Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House Menu Prices Singapore

Who Is The Owner Of Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House in  Singapore ?

ENAK ENAK HONGKONG TEA HOUSE PTE. LTD. is a registered company in Singapore, listed with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). It has been in operation for 13 years and 6 months since its establishment in 2010. As a well-established entity, ENAK ENAK HONGKONG TEA HOUSE PTE. LTD. has likely been serving customers with its offerings, possibly specializing in Hong Kong-style tea and cuisine, providing a delightful dining experience to patrons in Singapore for over a decade. The company’s long-standing presence reflects its commitment to quality service and culinary excellence.

Is Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House Halal In Singapore ?

At our beachfront location in East Coast Park, we take pride in providing a welcoming and affordable halal dining experience for all events. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, hosting a gathering with family and friends, or simply looking for a comfortable place to enjoy delicious halal cuisine, our restaurant offers the perfect setting. With a scenic view of the beach, you can savor our delectable dishes while enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings. Our team is dedicated to creating a memorable dining experience for all our guests, ensuring that you leave with a satisfied palate and cherished memories. Come and indulge in the delightful flavors of our halal menu, and let us make your time at East Coast Park truly special.

How Many Locations Have Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House In Singapore ?

Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House Has More Than 10 Outlets In Singapore .

What Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore ?

Yes! Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore.

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