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Common Grounds Menu Malaysia 2023 With Prices List


Common Grounds in Malaysia is a great place to satisfy your Korean cuisine cravings. The menu is filled with mouth-watering options that will make it hard to choose just one. Some of the popular dishes include the Soy Garlic Boneless Chicken and Cheesy Cheese Boneless Chicken, both of which are incredibly flavorful and cooked to perfection. If you’re in the mood for some noodles, try the Jjajangmyeon or the Kimchi Soup Ramyeon. The Jumeokbap Tuna Fist Rice and the Kimchi Bokkeumbap are also great choices and are sure to leave you feeling full and satisfied. With affordable prices starting from RM 18.90, Common Grounds is definitely worth a visit.

F35. Soy Garlic Boneless Chickenfrom RM 18.90
F12. JjajangmyeonRM 25.50
F32. Cheesy Cheese Boneless Chickenfrom RM 19.90
F02. Jumeokbap Tuna Fist RiceRM 22
F11. Kimchi Soup Ramyeonfrom RM 19.90
F01. Kimchi BokkeumbapRM 20.90
Common Grounds Menu Malaysia


F47. Galbi Jjimfrom RM 66
F48. Spicy Galbi Jjimfrom RM 68.50
F49. Beef Bulgogifrom RM 44
F51. Dubu Kimchi Sogogifrom RM 30.90
F50. Sogogi Bokkeumfrom RM 46.50
Common Grounds Menu Malaysia


F43. Miyeok Gukfrom RM 30.90
F44. Haejanggukfrom RM 35.50
F45. Spicy Haejanggukfrom RM 36.50
Common Grounds Menu Malaysia


F67. Tteokbokkifrom RM 24.50
F21. Rabokkifrom RM 33
F40. Tteokbokki Chicken Cheese Platterfrom RM 58.50
F42. Tteokbokki Chicken Tonkatsu with Cheesefrom RM 57.50
Common Grounds Menu Malaysia

Canned Drink

Common Grounds Menu Malaysia offers a variety of refreshing drinks to complement their Korean cuisine. The drinks range from the famous Korean Paldo Rice Punch to Hatai Bon Bon flavored sodas. You can also enjoy traditional options like Sprite, Cola, and 100 Plus, along with Mineral Water. Milkies Soda, available in original and melon flavors, is a unique beverage to try out at Common Grounds. Overall, the drinks menu has something for everyone.

N017. Hatai Bon Bon Grapesfrom RM 7.50
N018. Hatai Bon Bon Pearfrom RM 7.50
N019. Hatai Bon Bon Peachfrom RM 7.50
N020. Hatai Bon Bon Strawberryfrom RM 7.50
N021. Paldo Rice Punchfrom RM 7.50
N022. Milkies Soda Originalfrom RM 6.50
N024. Milkies Soda Melonfrom RM 6.50
N025. Colafrom RM 5.50
N026. Spritefrom RM 5.50
N027. 100 Plusfrom RM 5.50
N028. Mineral Waterfrom RM 3.50
Common Grounds Menu Malaysia5 Eat Zeely

Chicken & Cheese Pool

F20. Spicy Chicken Dakgalbifrom RM 33
F37. Yangnyeom Chicken Cheese Poolfrom RM 46.50
F38. Very Cheesy Chicken Cheese PoolRM 47.50
F39. Crispy Chicken Cheese PoolRM 46.50
F77. Fried Chicken ManduRM 19.90
F78. Fried Spicy Chicken ManduRM 20.90
F04. Wanja JorimRM 27.50

Quesadilla & Sausages

F64. Cheese Shrimp QuesadillaRM 20.90
F63. Mashed Potato Corn Cheese SausageRM 27.50
F65. Macaroni Cocktail SausageRM 24.50


If you’re looking for a Korean-style seafood feast in Malaysia, look no further than Common Grounds. Their menu features a variety of tasty and generously portioned seafood dishes, including Fried Seafood Platter, Nakji Bokkeum, Saewoo Bokkeum, and Fried Whole Squid. Don’t miss their corn cheese shrimp with garlic bread, a savory and satisfying option for sharing with friends or family. Prices start from RM 27.50, making it an affordable option for those craving Korean seafood cuisine.

F59. Corn Cheese Shrimp with Garlic BreadRM 38.50
F52. Fried Seafood PlatterRM 31.90
F56. Nakji Bokkeumfrom RM 52.90
F57. Saewoo Bokkeumfrom RM 49.50
F53. Fried Soft Shell CrabRM 31.90
F54. Fried Whole SquidRM 42.90
F41. Tempura PlatterRM 27.50
F58. Fried Calamari RingRM 24.50

Fried Chicken (Wing/Boneless)

If you’re craving for some Korean fried chicken, Common Grounds Menu Malaysia offers a wide selection of options to choose from. Their crispy and flavorful chicken dishes include Original Crispy Chicken, Soy Garlic Chicken, Yangnyeom Chicken, and Spicy Chicken. For those who prefer boneless chicken, you can try their Cheesy Cheese Boneless Chicken, Spicy Boneless Chicken, Original Crispy Boneless Chicken, Soy Garlic Boneless Chicken, and Yangnyeom Boneless Chicken. These dishes range from RM 17.90 to RM 30.90 and are perfect for sharing with friends or family.

F27. Original Crispy Chickenfrom RM 27.50
F28. Soy Garlic Chickenfrom RM 29.90
F29. Yangnyeom Chickenfrom RM 29.90
F30. Spicy Chickenfrom RM 29.90
F31. Cheesy Cheese Chickenfrom RM 30.90
F32. Cheesy Cheese Boneless Chickenfrom RM 19.90
F33. Spicy Boneless Chickenfrom RM 18.90
F34. Original Crispy Boneless Chickenfrom RM 17.90
F35. Soy Garlic Boneless Chickenfrom RM 18.90
F36. Yangnyeom Boneless Chickenfrom RM 18.90

Jeongol (HOTPOT)

H1. Haemul Jeongolfrom RM 104.50
H3. Kimchi Jjigaefrom RM 77
H4. Bulgogi Jeongolfrom RM 91.50
H5. Haemul Doenjang Jjigaefrom RM 104.50
H6. Budae Jjigaefrom RM 82.50
H7. Eomuk Jjigaefrom RM 77

Rice & Noodles

Common Grounds Menu Malaysia offers a variety of Korean dishes that will satisfy your cravings. If you’re in the mood for some classic Korean dishes, you can try their Jjajangmyeon or Kimchi Bokkeumbap. For those who love spicy food, they offer Kimchi Soup Ramyeon and Bulgogi Yangnyeom Ramyeon. You can also enjoy cold noodle dishes like Mul-naengmyeon or Bibim Naengmyeon. If you’re looking for something different, their Jumeokbap Tuna Fist Rice and Twigim Cheese Kimbap are also worth a try. Don’t forget to add their Marinate Egg Yolk Rice as a side dish. All these dishes are available at an affordable price range, starting from RM 6.90.

F60. Twigim Cheese KimbapRM 22
F02. Jumeokbap Tuna Fist RiceRM 22
F03. Jumeokbap Chicken Fist RiceRM 22
F12. JjajangmyeonRM 25.50
F13. JjajangbapRM 22
F11. Kimchi Soup Ramyeonfrom RM 19.90
F01. Kimchi BokkeumbapRM 20.90
F05. JapchaeRM 19.90
F06. Chicken JapchaeRM 22
F07. Beef JapchaeRM 24.50
F14. Mul-naengmyeonRM 25.50
F08. Marinate Egg Yolk RiceRM 6.90
F15. Spicy Mul-naengmyeonRM 26.50
F09. Soy Garlic RamyeonRM 19.90
F10. Bulgogi Yangnyeom RamyeonRM 31.90
F16. Bibim NaengmyeonRM 25.50
F17. Jjampongfrom RM 38.50
F26. JjimdakRM 38.50


If you’re a fan of Korean food and looking for a unique twist on your favorite dishes, then Common Grounds is the perfect spot for you! The menu features a variety of Korean classics, like kimchi jeon and haemul pajeon, alongside creative options like spicy dubu-jorim and truffle parmesan fries. And if you’re a fan of fried chicken, then you’re in luck – Common Grounds has a range of options from spicy fried chicken skin to fried chicken luncheon meat. Plus, with prices starting as low as RM 13, it’s easy to try a little bit of everything without breaking the bank.

F66. Kimchi JeonRM 27.50
F73. GimmariRM 17.90
F55. Haemul PajeonRM 27.50
F24. Spicy Fried Chicken SkinRM 15.50
F22. Spicy Chicken FeetRM 18.90
Fried Chicken Skinfrom RM 13
F68. Spicy Dubu-jorimRM 16.50
F69. Truffle Parmesan FriesRM 18.90
F70. Curly FriesRM 16.50
F71. Dakgalbi FriesRM 19.90
F72. Kimichigaru Seaweed FriesRM 18.90
F74. Sweet Potato FriesRM 16.50
F75. Cheesy WedgesRM 17.90
F79. Fried Onion RingRM 14.50
F76. Fried Chicken Luncheon MeatRM 20.90

Side Dish

S2. Chicken-muRM 4
S3. Buchu-kimchiRM 4
S4. DanmujiRM 4
S5. KimchiRM 4
S6. Myulchi BokkeumRM 4
S7. Yeongeun JorimRM 4
S8. Sigeumchi NamulRM 4


D2. Sizzling BrowniesRM 16
D4. Honey Butter ChipsRM 19

Slushy Barbican

N02. Strawberry SlushlyRM 22
N03. Lemon SlushlyRM 22
N04. Apple SlushlyRM 22
N05. Peach Slushlyfrom RM 22
N06. Peach BarbicanRM 12
N09. Lemon BarbicanRM 12
NO5. Peach SlushyRM 24.90

Sparkling Ade

N011. Apple Sparkling AdeRM 13.50
N012. Peach Sparkling AdeRM 13.50
N013. Pineapple Sparkling AdeRM 14.50
N014. Lychee Sparkling AdeRM 13.50
N015. Strawberry Sparkling AdeRM 14.50
N016. Mango Sparkling AdeRM 14.50


N29. Americanofrom RM 9.90
N30. Cappuccinofrom RM 11
N31. Lattefrom RM 11
N32. Flat Whitefrom RM 13.50


N33. Memil-Cha (Buckwheat Tea)RM 5.50
N34. Boricha-barley TeaRM 5.50
N35. Oksusu Cha-corn TeaRM 5.50
N36. Nokcha-green TeaRM 5.50

Soju Bottles

Common Grounds Menu in Malaysia offers a wide range of Soju drinks to their customers. I had the chance to try some of them, and I must say that they are worth a try. Among the available options are Original Soju, Apple Soju, Melon Soju, Strawberry Soju, Pineapple Soju, and Green Grape Soju. The prices of these drinks are quite reasonable, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for quality drinks at affordable prices. Overall, I was pleased with my experience trying out the various Soju drinks available at Common Grounds, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great night out with friends.

A22. Original SojuRM 27.50
A23. Apple SojuRM 27.50
A25. Melon SojuRM 27.50
A26. Strawberry SojuRM 27.50
A27. Pineapple SojuRM 27.50
A28. Green Grape SojuRM 27.50

Korean Wines

A31. Seol Joong Mae OriginalRM 64.90
A32. Seol Joong Mae GoldRM 64.90
Common Grounds Menu Malaysia
Common Grounds Menu Malaysia
Common Grounds Menu Malaysia
Common Grounds Menu Malaysia

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Who is the owner of Common Grounds in Malaysia?

Juhn TeoJuhn Teo is the owner of Common Grounds in Malaysia.

How many branches have Common Grounds in Malaysia?

Common Grounds has more than 15 outlets in Malaysia.

is Common Grounds halal in Malaysia?

Yes! Common Grounds is halal in Malaysia.

What Common Grounds accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Common Grounds accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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