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Rock Bottom Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Rock Bottom Menu in Malaysia offers a delectable range of Indian cuisine that will leave you wanting more. The Chicken Biryani is a must-try, with its perfectly cooked rice and flavorful chicken. The Tandoori Chicken Half is also a great choice for those who love their meat tender and juicy. Don’t miss out on the Punjabi Tarka Dal, a delicious lentil dish that is perfect for vegetarians. For those who love creamy and spicy curries, the Murg Tikka Butter Masala is an absolute delight. The Combo Biryani is perfect for sharing with friends and family, while the Lamb Biryani is a must-try for meat lovers. Visit Rock Bottom Menu in Malaysia and indulge in these mouth-watering dishes at affordable prices.

Chicken BiryaniRM 44
Tandoori Chicken HalfRM 36
Punjabi Tarka DalRM 23
Murg Tikka Butter MasalaRM 44
Combo BiryaniRM 54
Lamb BiryaniRM 48
Rock Bottom Menu  Malaysia

Soups,Salads & Sandwiches

Rock Bottom Menu in Malaysia offers a wide variety of delicious soups and salads that will satisfy your cravings for healthy food. Their Wild Mushroom Soup at RM 25 is a must-try with its rich and creamy texture. If you’re a fan of salads, then the Caesar Salad at RM 27 or the Prawn, Mango + Avocado Salad at RM 42 are highly recommended. For sandwich lovers, the Rock Bottom Club Sandwich at RM 36 or the Egg, Avocado + Smoked Salmon Sandwich at RM 38 are perfect choices. With such an extensive menu, Rock Bottom has something for everyone to enjoy.

Wild Mushroom SoupRM 25
Charred Tomato SoupRM 29
Caesar SaladRM 27
Smoked Salmon Caesar SaladRM 38
Chicken Caesar SaladRM 32
Prawn, Mango + Avocado SaladRM 42
Arugula + Avocado SaladRM 34
Grilled Beef SaladRM 38
Rock Bottom Club SandwichRM 36
Egg, Avocado + Smoked Salmon SandwichRM 38
Rock Bottom Menu  Malaysia


Aglio Olio PastaRM 35
Seafood Aglio Olio PastaRM 46
Pasta Alla PomodoroRM 35
Pasta CarbonaraRM 40
Spicy Creamy SalmonRM 46
Grilled Chicken Pesto PastaRM 39
Salted Egg King Prawn PastaRM 48
Rock Bottom Menu  Malaysia


PepperoniRM 44
MargheritaRM 36
HawaiianRM 42
Quattro Formaggi Con FunghiRM 46
Smoked SalmonRM 46
Chettinadu ChickenRM 39
Pepper Fried LambRM 43
Rock Bottom Menu  Malaysia


Rock Bottom’s menu in Malaysia offers a wide variety of delicious options, ranging from BBQ Whole Chicken Leg to Lamb Burger. The Lemon Chicken Scallopini and Mint Soy Grilled Lamb Shoulder are some of my personal favorites. The prices are reasonable with the Sirloin Steak being the most expensive at RM 76 and the Chicken Burger being the cheapest at RM 38. The Pan-fried Salmon Fillet is also a great choice for seafood lovers.

BBQ Whole Chicken LegRM 42
Lemon Chicken ScallopiniRM 38
Mint Soy Grilled Lamb ShoulderRM 52
Grilled Lamb RackRM 88
Sirloin SteakRM 76
Pan-fried Salmon FilletRM 56
Chicken BurgerRM 38
Beef BurgerRM 44
Lamb BurgerRM 46
Rock Bottom Menu  Malaysia

Rock Bottom’s Signature Platter

Rock Bottom’s Special Vegetarian Kebab PlatterRM 68
EuropeanRM 88
Afghani Mixed TandoorRM 108
Kebab + TikkaRM 76

Vegetarian Appetizers

Vegetarian SamosaRM 19
Paneer ShaslikRM 38
Rock Bottoms Paneer Pasanda PakoraRM 38
Onion BhujiaRM 19

Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

Rock Bottom’s menu in Malaysia offers an array of mouth-watering options, especially for those who love Tandoori dishes. The Tandoori Chicken Half and Full are popular options, cooked to perfection with delicious spices. The Tandoori Jheenga and Prawn Shaslik are also great choices for seafood enthusiasts. The Murg Tikka Kandahari and Lahori Seekh are must-try dishes for those who love traditional Indian flavors. The Kastoori Tangri Kebab and Machli Chutneywali are some of the lesser-known dishes, but equally delicious. With prices ranging from RM 36 to RM 68, Rock Bottom’s Tandoori menu is sure to tantalize your taste buds without breaking the bank.

Tandoori JheengaRM 46
Murg Tikka KandahariRM 38
Lahori SeekhRM 38
Tandoori Chicken HalfRM 36
Tandoori Chicken FullRM 68
Machli ChutneywaliRM 42
Prawn ShaslikRM 46
Kastoori Tangri KebabRM 46

Vegetarian Mains

Rock Bottom’s menu in Malaysia offers a delightful selection of vegetarian dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. The Palak Paneer is a favorite among vegetarians, with creamy spinach and soft paneer cubes. The Aloo Ghobi and Aloo Jeera Methi are flavorful dishes, made with potatoes and a mix of spices that will tantalize your taste buds. The Bhindi Do Pyaza and Baingan Bharta are excellent options for those who love eggplants and okra. Paneer Butter Masala is another popular dish, rich in flavor with a creamy tomato-based sauce. The Punjabi Tarka Dal and Dal Makhani are must-try dishes for lentil lovers, while the Dal Ganga Jamuna is a unique dish with a blend of two types of lentils. With prices ranging from RM 23 to RM 34, Rock Bottom’s vegetarian menu is not only delicious but also affordable.

Palak PaneerRM 34
Aloo GhobiRM 29
Aloo Jeera MethiRM 29
Bhindi Do PyazaRM 29
Baingan BhartaRM 29
Paneer Butter MasalaRM 34
Punjabi Tarka DalRM 23
Dal MakhaniRM 24
Dal Ganga JamunaRM 29

Non-Vegetarian Mains

Rock Bottom Menu Malaysia offers a wide range of delectable dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From the flavorful Fish Masala to the spicy Prawn Chilli Fry and the creamy Murg Tikka Butter Masala, there is something for everyone. The prices are reasonable too, with most dishes ranging from RM 40 to RM 46. Don’t miss out on their signature dishes like the Jaipuri Machli and Gosht Rogan Josh, which are simply divine.

Fish MasalaRM 40
Jaipuri MachliRM 46
Prawn Chilli FryRM 46
Fish Chili FriedRM 40
Goan Prawn CurryRM 46
Prawn ChettinadRM 46
Murg MakhaniRM 44
Murg Tikka Butter MasalaRM 44
Murg VindalooRM 44
Gosht Rogan JoshRM 44
Gosht SaagwalaRM 44
Keema GoshtRM 40

Local Delights

Nasi Goreng AyamRM 30
Char Kuey TeowRM 39
Nasi Goreng KambingRM 39
Salted Egg Seafood Fried RiceRM 40
Char Bee HoonRM 28

Rock Bottom’s Sizzling Experience

Sizzling Mutton VaruvalRM 48
Sizzling Gong Bao ChickenRM 36
Sizzling Butter Fish ManchurianRM 46
Sizzling Pepper Chilli LambRM 54
Sizzling Chilli SquidsRM 48

Grub & Bites

If you’re looking for a variety of mouth-watering snacks to munch on, then Rock Bottom Menu Malaysia has got you covered. From the crispy and flavorful Chicken Pakoras and Veggies Pakoras to the cheesy Fried Mozzarella Sticks and the savory Parmesan Fries, there’s something for everyone. Meat lovers can indulge in the spicy Mutton Varuval and the tender Chicken Varuval, while those who prefer seafood can try the Curry Laksa Mussels or the Spicy Tomato Mussels. The menu also offers a range of chicken wings like the Garlic Butter Chicken Wings and the Salted Egg Chicken Wings, which are simply delicious. The prices are reasonable too, with most snacks ranging from RM 20 to RM 44. Don’t forget to try the Rock Bottom Special Fries and the RB Chicken Satay, which are truly one of a kind.

Chicken PakorasRM 25
Curry Laksa MusselsRM 43
Masala PeanutsRM 20
Veggies PakorasRM 22
Mutton VaruvalRM 44
Parmesan FriesRM 20
Chicken VaruvalRM 36
Garlic Butter Chicken WingsRM 35
Plain Chicken WingsRM 32
Veggie Spring RollsRM 22
Chicken 65RM 34
Fried Mozzarella SticksRM 29
Salted Egg Chicken WingsRM 39
Plain FriesRM 16
Garlic BreadRM 14
Fried Chicken Sausage With AnchoviesRM 34
Spicy Tomato MusselsRM 43
Chicken PopcornRM 32
RB Chicken SatayRM 29
Rock Bottom Special FriesRM 20
Rock Bottom Special Chicken WingsRM 35

Rice & Bread

Rock Bottom Menu Malaysia offers an array of delicious Indian dishes at an affordable price range. The Lamb Biryani and Prawn Biryani priced at RM 48 each, are a must-try for biryani lovers. Their Jeera Rice and Garlic Naan, priced at RM 22 and RM 9 respectively, are perfect accompaniments to any main course. For those who prefer chicken, the Chicken Biryani priced at RM 44 is a popular choice. The restaurant also offers various vegetarian options like the Vegetable Biryani at RM 30 and Paneer Kulcha at RM 14. Their bread platter priced at RM 28 is perfect for sharing.

Lamb BiryaniRM 48
Jeera RiceRM 22
Garlic NaanRM 9
Chicken BiryaniRM 44
Prawn BiryaniRM 48
Vegetable BiryaniRM 30
Combo BiryaniRM 54
Plain RiceRM 12
Saffron RiceRM 24
Plain NaanRM 8
Butter NaanRM 9
Keema NaanRM 16
Cheese NaanRM 14
Paneer KulchaRM 14
PurisRM 12
Bread PlatterRM 28
ChapatiRM 8
RoomaliRM 9
Tandoori ParathaRM 9
Tandoori RotiRM 7
Laccha ParathaRM 9
Pudina ParathaRM 9
Rock Bottom Menu  Malaysia
Rock Bottom Menu Malaysia
Rock Bottom Menu Malaysia

Rock Bottom

Who is the owner of Rock Bottom in Malaysia?

Leslie Gomez is the owner of Rock Bottom in Malaysia.

Is Rock Bottom halal in Malaysia?

No! Rock Bottom is not certified halal in Malaysia.

How many branches have Rock Bottom in Malaysia?

Rock Bottom has more than 35 outlets in Malaysia.

What Rock Bottom accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Rock Bottom accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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