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Putien Menu Singapore

Putien Menu Singapore With Prices List


Seasonal Dishes

Their Salt-baked Duotou Clams and Steamed Duotou Clams with Minced Garlic were simply delightful, bursting with flavors. The PUTIEN Crispy Oyster was a crispy, mouthwatering delight. I also savored the unique Mudskippers with Tender Bean Curd, Pan-fried Braised Mudskippers, and Crispy Salt and Pepper Mudskippers. Each dish, priced attractively between S$ 21.40 and S$ 34.30, showcased the restaurant’s commitment to quality and taste.

Grab Set Menu

Their Takeaway Set Meals are perfect for individuals or groups, offering a variety of options starting from just S$19.80. Whether you’re dining solo or with friends, you can enjoy a delightful dining experience without breaking the bank.


I was captivated by the exquisite flavors of their Braised Pig Intestine and the crispy goodness of the Deep-fried Yellow Croaker. The Ah Yuan Fragrant Herbal Chicken left me craving for more, and the Braised Bamboo Shoot and Homemade Bean Curd showcased authentic taste. Don’t miss their signature PUTIEN Starter at just S$ 3.20!

Meat & Seafood

Indulge in their signature Deep-fried Squirrel Yellow Croaker (800g) or savor the succulent Pan-fried Yellow Croaker (500g). If you crave seafood, don’t miss the delectable Stir-fried Chilli Clams or the flavorful Steamed Prawn with Minced Garlic. For a unique twist, try the Bamboo Herbal Prawn or the PUTIEN Crispy Oyster. The restaurant’s diverse selection caters to every palate, ensuring a memorable dining experience.


From the mouthwatering Deep-fried Eggplant with Pork Floss to the flavorsome Stir-fried Kailan with Bean Curd Skin, each dish is a perfect fusion of taste and quality. The restaurant’s standout Sambal White Water Snowflake and Stone Pot Homemade Bean Curd are must-try delicacies. With their affordable prices starting from S$16, you can savor the goodness of Braised Luffa with Conpoy and Seasonal Vegetable in Supreme Stock. Experience the culinary excellence of (D)PUTIEN Traditional Bean Curd Stew-S and (D)Stir-fried Yam-S, priced at S$17.10 and S$18.10, respectively.

Main Course

Their Fujian Red Mushroom Seafood Lor Mee-S is a must-try, priced at S$20.30. If you’re craving something equally delicious but more budget-friendly, their Fujian Seafood Lor Mee for S$14.90 won’t disappoint. And for those seeking a taste of traditional Heng Hwa cuisine, the (D)Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon-S at S$13.80 is a true winner. But that’s not all; their (D)PUTIEN Cabbage Rice-S, (D)Mazu Mee Sua-S, and (D)PUTIEN “Ca Fen”-S are equally enticing at just S$13.80 each. So, whether you’re a fan of rice or looking for delectable noodle options, Putien has got you covered. And to top it off, don’t forget to savor their fragrant Rice for a mere S$1.60.



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What is PUTIEN famous for?

This renowned eatery takes pride in crafting dishes with the finest and freshest ingredients, resulting in a culinary experience that truly captures the essence of the city. Among its celebrated specialties are the Fujian Red Mushroom Seafood Lor Mee, Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon, PUTIEN Cabbage Rice, and the delectable Mazu Mee Sua. These signature dishes exemplify PUTIEN’s commitment to delivering exquisite flavors that leave a lasting impression on every diner’s palate.

Is PUTIEN a Michelin star?

Yes, PUTIEN has been awarded one Michelin star for its high-quality cooking and exceptional friendly service. The restaurant chain, which opened its first branch in 2000, is recognized for its culinary excellence and is definitely worth a visit for food enthusiasts seeking a delightful dining experience.

Which country is PUTIEN from?

Hailing from China, PUTIEN brings the authentic flavors of the Fujian Province to your plate. This renowned restaurant offers a unique dining experience with its characteristically light, down-to-earth, and flavor-packed dishes, all crafted with a focus on using the freshest and finest ingredients.

What type of food is PUTIEN?

PUTIEN is a type of Fujian cuisine with its roots in the coastal region of Putian. This culinary style incorporates a delightful array of ingredients, including seaweed, oysters, clams, and various other seafood. The delectable flavors and unique dishes of Putian cuisine have also found their way into the hearts and palates of the Chinese diaspora residing in South-East Asia.

How many Michelin stars does PUTIEN have?

PUTIEN, the renowned restaurant, has been honored with a prestigious Michelin star, a symbol of its exceptional culinary prowess. This prestigious recognition signifies that PUTIEN delivers high-quality and delectable dishes that are well worth a visit!

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