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Pastamania Menu Prices Singapore 2024

Hello Pastamania lovers, are you looking for the latest Pastamania Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Pastamania Menu 2024 Singapore with prices.

Pastamania Menu Singapore

Pastamania Menu Singapore With Prices List


Promotions (Delivery)

Their Salted Egg Mala Seafood Pasta at just S$14.80 is a delectable fusion of seafood goodness and tantalizing spice. For a delightful twist, try the Baked Laksa Chicken & Prawn Pasta or the Laksa Chicken Calzone, both priced at S$13.80. To quench your thirst, sip on the refreshing Fizzy Pomegranate Refresher, a steal at S$6.50.

Set Meal

Their menu offers an array of tempting options to satisfy your taste buds. From the comforting Soup Set starting at just S$6.50 to the indulgent Epic Value Feast priced at S$68.80, there’s something for everyone. Treat yourself or gather your friends and family for a Pasta Party at S$38 or a Feast for 3 at S$46. With the Snack Set, Value Meal, and Treat for One options in between, Pastamania is a delightful culinary journey waiting to happen.


From the savory Cheddar Cheese Sticks to the mouthwatering Mala Mid Wings, their menu is a true feast for the senses. Indulge in the crispy goodness of Crispy Chicken Fillets or savor the rich flavors of Honey Garlic Chicken. With prices starting from just S$4, Pastamania is the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on the Cheesy Garlic Bread Trio or the creamy goodness of Cream of Mushroom soup.

Pasta (Fusion)

Their menu offers an array of mouthwatering dishes like Basil Chicken Aglio, Seafood Tom Yum, Salted Egg Chicken, and more. With prices starting from just S$ 10.90, it’s an absolute treat for foodies seeking both flavor and value.

Pasta (Aglio-based)

Pasta (Cream-based)

Their menu boasts a delectable array of pasta dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. From the rich and creamy Creamy Chicken to the flavorful Cheesy Crumble options like Chicken Bacon and Chicken Ham, each dish starts from just S$ 8.90. Don’t miss out on classics like Al Funghi, Alfredo, and Carbonara, all available from S$ 11.50.

Pasta (Tomato-based)

From the fiery Spicy Chicken at just S$10.90 to the classic Pomodoro starting at S$8.90, and the flavorful Beef Bolognese from S$10.90, there’s something for everyone. Indulge in mouthwatering choices like Chicken Sausages (S$11.20) and Beef Meatballs (S$13.20) or savor the rich Chicken Cheese Salsiccia (S$13.90). Treat yourself to the oceanic goodness of Marinara (S$14.80) or Vongole (S$13.90).


Indulge in their mouthwatering pizzas available in 7″ and 10″ sizes, such as the classic Margherita starting at just S$10.90. Craving something meaty? Try the savory 7″ Hot Basil Chicken for S$11.90 or the hearty 10″ Meat Lovers for S$16.90.

Baked Item



Pastamania Alternative Restaurants

What is PastaMania known for?

delve into the renown of PastaMania – a delightful Italian casual dining chain that originated in Singapore. This homegrown gem is celebrated for its delectable offerings, ranging from traditional Italian favorites like Prawn Aglio and Carbonara to creatively crafted fusion delights such as Seafood Tom Yum and Salted Egg Chicken.

How long did PastaMania last?

The PastaMania, even with its exposure on World Championship Wrestling’s Monday Nitro and endorsements from the legendary Hulk Hogan himself, sadly did not stand the test of time. Regrettably, the restaurant closed its doors in less than a year, proving that even celebrity endorsements couldn’t rescue the eatery from its fate.”

How many outlets does PastaMania have?

The number of outlets PastaMania has in Singapore totals up to 18 delightful Italian restaurants, as reported on SHOPSinSG. So, if you’re a fan of pasta and Italian cuisine, you’ve got plenty of options to satisfy your cravings at PastaMania!

Which brand of pasta is famous?

Which brand of pasta is renowned and widely known? Well, let me share with you the top 5 most popular Italian pasta brands that have gained worldwide fame. At the top of the list is Barilla Pasta, a company that has been handed down through generations, now being run by the three brothers Guido, Luca, and Paolo Barilla. Not only does Barilla produce a wide variety of pasta types, but it also holds the impressive title of being the largest pasta producer globally, with a significant share of both the Italian (40-45%) and US (25%) markets.

Which countries have PastaMania?

I’ve discovered that this delightful pasta chain has extended its reach beyond its origins in Singapore. Not only has it established several outlets across the vibrant city-state, but it has also ventured into other exciting territories. PastaMania has successfully expanded its operations to encompass Malaysia, Kuwait, various Middle Eastern countries, as well as Bangladesh and India. With its delectable offerings, it’s no surprise that PastaMania’s popularity continues to grow across these diverse nations.

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