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Duke Bakery Menu Singapore

Duke Bakery Menu Singapore With Prices List


Charcoal Bread

Japanese Scone


Indulge in the Swiss Chocolate, a rich and velvety delight priced at S$4.60, or savor the French Garlic Soft Bread and Triangle Cheese, both priced at S$4. With a wide variety of flavors, from savory Garlic Ham to sweet Matcha Roll with Mochi at S$5.80, this bakery is a paradise for taste buds. Don’t miss the unique offerings like Black Pearl (S$5.80) and Chrysanthemum (S$5.20) buns, promising a culinary adventure.

European Bread


Whole Cakes & Slices

Their Citrus Cheesecake and Black Forest desserts, priced at S$34.60 each, are absolute must-tries. For a touch of sophistication, indulge in their Tiramisu (Alcohol) priced at S$37.60. If you prefer a taste of variety, their cake slices, like Citrus Cheesecake Slice, Black Forest Alcohol Slice, Chocolate Mousse Cake Slice, and Tiramisu Alcohol Slice, all at S$6.20 and S$6.70, are perfect options to savor multiple flavors.

Cakes & Cookies

This hidden gem offers an exquisite array of treats that will surely satisfy any sweet tooth. From the heavenly Classic Sponge Cake with a delightful cheese twist at just S$ 5.20 to the mouthwatering Duke Chocolate Slice at a mere S$ 4.50, every bite is a journey of flavors. The Taiwanese Pineapple Tart (台式凤梨酥) for S$ 2.40 and the Matcha Almond Cookies at S$ 7.60 are definite must-tries. Don’t miss their unique Pandan Coconut Butter Cookies (班兰椰子曲奇) and Duke Garlic Slice (公爵蒜片) for a touch of local flair. Whether you’re craving traditional favorites like the Almond Cookies (杏仁曲奇) or feeling adventurous with the Duke Sugar Slice (公爵糖片), Duke Bakery Menu will leave you wanting more.

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How to get Duke Bakery membership?

Wondering how to snag that coveted Duke Bakery membership? It’s a piece of cake! Just purchase three of their delectable bread, and voila! You’ll be granted a fantastic FREE Lifetime Membership Card, unlocking a splendid 10% discount on all your future purchases. And the perks don’t stop there! This awesome membership card is valid at all Duke Bakery outlets in Singapore, so you can enjoy the benefits wherever you go. Happy bread shopping!

Where is Duke Bakery from?

I stumbled upon the charming Duke Bakery 面包公爵 @ United Square. So, you might wonder, where does this wonderful bakery come from? Well, it proudly traces its roots back to the beautiful island of Taiwan. Yes, Duke Bakery originates all the way from Taiwan, and it brings with it a delightful array of delectable treats that will surely captivate your taste buds.

Which country is best for a bakery course?

The United States stands out as a top destination for honing your baking skills. There are some fantastic universities that offer excellent bakery courses, and I’ve listed a few of them here along with their fees: The International Culinary Schools at the Arts Institutes with a cost of USD 32,000 (INR 26 Lakh), The Culinary Institute of America with a fee of USD 35,000 (INR 28 Lakh), and the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, which charges USD 22,100 (INR 18 Lakh).

Is Duke Bakery healthy?

Is Duke Bakery a healthy option? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Duke Bakery offers whole wheat levain bread, and they have an array of choices with low sugar and low oil content. They go the extra mile by incorporating nutritious nuts and fruits into their offerings, resulting in delectable treats that not only taste great but also contribute to your well-being. So, you can look forward to savoring their scrumptious delights guilt-free!

Who owns Duke bakery Singapore?

In Singapore, the proud owner of Duke Bakery is none other than Allen Tsai! He’s not only the proprietor but also serves as the talented Executive Pastry Chef, bringing his expertise from an impressive 10-year journey under the guidance of renowned masters hailing from Germany, Japan, and France. It’s fascinating to see how passion and dedication can result in such a delightful bakery that we all get to enjoy!

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