Oriental Chinese Restaurant Menu Prices Singapore 2024

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Oriental Chinese Restaurant Menu Singapore

Oriental Chinese Restaurant Menu Singapore With Prices List



Their Catfish Tofu Soup, Seaweed Egg Soup, and Tomato Egg Soup are the perfect starters, each priced at an affordable S$ 9.40. For heartier options, try their Mutton Soup with Wintermelon at S$ 15.20 or the comforting Vegetables & Tofu Soup. Don’t miss out on the zesty and flavorful Sour & Spicy Soup, all at S$ 9.40.

Cold Dishes

Their menu boasts an array of tantalizing dishes that will surely leave your taste buds craving for more. From the flavorful 东北大拉皮 tossed mung clear noodles with shredded meat at just S$10.90 to the spicy and succulent 口水鸡 spicy chicken priced at S$12, each dish is a delightful journey through the flavors of China. Don’t miss out on their signature 家常凉菜 homecooked-style cold dish for S$13.80 or the refreshing 凉拌百叶 spicy beef tripe priced at S$10.90.

Hot Dishes

Their extensive selection includes delicious dishes like Shredded Potato with Green Chilli, Fried Vermicelli with Bean Sprout, and Sauteed Potato with Green Pepper, all at S$ 13.80. Craving something unique? Try the Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken (S$ 22.20) or the mouthwatering Soft Fried Squid (S$ 24.40). With delightful options such as Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs (S$ 20.70) and Spicy Shredded Meat (S$ 17.60), this restaurant caters to every palate. Don’t miss their Fresh Lobster starting from S$ 38.00 for a seafood indulgence.


The Spicy Chicken With Noodle, Beijing Style Noodle With Soy Bean Paste, and Beef & Ox Tripes Chilli Noodles stood out with their rich flavors. For those who prefer rice dishes, the Beef Fried Rice and Chicken Fried Rice were equally delightful. Don’t miss out on their must-try specialty, the Xiao Long Bao! With reasonable prices and an extensive menu, this restaurant is a true culinary gem.

BBQ Skewers

From succulent 2x羊肉Lamb to flavorful 2x牛肉筋Beef Tendon, their menu is a meat-lover’s delight. Not to be missed are the 2x生烤鸡胗Chicken Gizzard and 2x蜜汁鸡中翅Honey Chicken Wings, bursting with delightful flavors. Vegetarians will relish the 2x杏鲍菇King Oyster Mushroom and 1x烤茄子Eggplant. With affordable prices like S$3.80 for 2x羊肉Lamb, this restaurant promises a delightful culinary experience without breaking the bank!”


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How many dishes should I order at a Chinese restaurant?

“How many dishes should you order when dining at a Chinese restaurant? Well, here’s a handy tip to keep in mind: aim for one dish per person, and don’t forget to add some soup and rice to your order! This simple rule of thumb will help ensure you have enough variety and plenty to share among your group. Bon appétit!”

How much does it cost to open a Chinese restaurant?

“What’s the price tag for starting up your very own Chinese restaurant?” Well, it typically falls somewhere between $50,000 to $150,000. Sure, it’s a significant upfront investment, but don’t fret! If you make savvy choices, curate a top-notch menu, and cultivate a loyal clientele, this initial cost could prove to be a wise and rewarding decision in the long haul. Remember, it’s not just about the money you put in, but the dedication and passion you infuse into your culinary venture that can make all the difference!

What is the most ordered Chinese food?

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, you might wonder, “What is the most ordered Chinese food?” Well, let me enlighten you with some delectable options! One of the top contenders is General Tso Chicken – a mouthwatering, sweet, and fried chicken delight, which, according to Grubhub, holds the crown as the most popular Chinese dish in America. And who can forget the beloved Egg Rolls? These crispy, savory rolls have won the hearts of almost every American. Another favorite is Wonton Soup, a comforting and widely adored soup made with doughy dumplings filled with meat, chicken, or veggies. These dishes offer a glimpse into the delightful world of Chinese flavors, making them a go-to choice for many. So, next time you’re craving Chinese food, consider giving these classics a try and savor the taste of authentic Chinese cuisine!

What is the average Chinese meal?

I’m eager to shed light on the delightful world of Chinese cuisine! So, let’s explore what a typical Chinese meal entails. The Chinese highly value the freshness and deliciousness of their ingredients. A classic Chinese meal generally includes a serving of rice, a flavorful soup, and three to four delectable side dishes. These dishes are often prepared with seasonal vegetables, succulent seafood, or delectable bite-sized portions of meat or poultry. The focus on quality and taste makes Chinese dining a delightful experience that caters to both the senses and the appetite.

What is the profit margin on Chinese restaurants?

Profit margins in Chinese restaurants can differ based on factors such as their size, location, and menu offerings. On average, most Chinese restaurants can expect a profit margin ranging from 3% to 12%. Nevertheless, seasoned owners who have honed their operations can potentially attain higher profit margins, reaching around 15% to 20%.

How much are restaurants in Singapore?

On average, a meal at a typical restaurant can cost you anywhere from S$20 to S$40 per person. To give you a better idea, if you plan on having breakfast and dinner at home and opt for lunch at food courts, along with some basic weekend outings, you can expect your monthly food budget in Singapore to range from S$600 to S$1,000 for a couple who are mindful of their expenses.

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