Hard Rock Cafe Menu Prices Singapore 2024

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Hard Rock Cafe Menu Singapore

Hard Rock Cafe Menu Singapore With Prices List


Starters and Shareables

Indulge in their mouthwatering offerings like the Classic Nachos loaded with flavor at just S$ 32.35. For a spicy kick, try the One Night in Bangkok Spicy Shrimp priced at S$ 21.55. And don’t miss out on their delectable Wings, Potato Skins, and Chilli Crab Dip, all at the same irresistible price of S$ 21.55 each.


Steak Burgers

Indulge in their Original Legendary Burger, a true classic that never disappoints, priced at just S$ 32.35. For a delightful twist, try the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger or The Big Cheeseburger, both equally mouthwatering. Feeling extra hungry? The Double Decker Double Cheeseburger is the way to go at S$ 43.15. Vegetarians will rejoice with the Beyond Burger option at the same enticing price of S$ 32.35.


Specialty Entrees

Look no further than Hard Rock Cafe Menu Singapore! With a wide range of mouthwatering dishes, this place has something for everyone. Treat yourself to their delectable Cowboy Ribeye or savor the succulent New York Strip Steak. Vegetarians will love the Famous Fajitas’ veggie option, while seafood enthusiasts can indulge in the Grilled Norwegian Salmon. Don’t miss their must-try Tupelo Chicken Tenders and the flavorful Baby Back Ribs.

Premium Ala Carte Sides

Indulge in a tantalizing array of dishes, from the savory Seasoned Fries and Cheese Fries with Bacon to the delightful Fresh Beet Side Salad and Classic Caesar Side Salad. Don’t miss out on their mouthwatering Twisted Mac and Cheese and Golden Onion Ring Tower! With prices starting at just S$8.59, this restaurant promises a flavor-packed adventure for your taste buds.


Hard Rock Cafe Alternative Restaurants

Does Singapore have a Hard Rock Cafe?

Yes, you can find the lively Hard Rock Cafe in the heart of Singapore, right at the center of its vibrant entertainment and retail hub. This two-story hotspot offers a fantastic experience of live music and delightful dining, making it a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

Why is Hard Rock Cafe so famous?

Hard Rock Cafe has achieved remarkable fame and worldwide recognition, becoming an iconic global company with a presence in more than 74 countries, boasting a diverse portfolio of venues including Cafes, Casinos, and Hotels. Its popularity is also attributed to its distinct and collectible fashion and music-related merchandise, offering fans and visitors cherished memorabilia. Moreover, Hard Rock Live performance venues have contributed to its reputation, providing unforgettable and immersive dining experiences that leave a lasting impression on patrons.

Where is the biggest Hard Rock Cafe in the world?

In the vibrant hub of Universal Studios Orlando, amidst the lively CityWalk entertainment complex, stands the grandiose and remarkable Hard Rock Cafe Orlando – proudly claiming the title of being the largest HRC on the planet.

Does Hard Rock Cafe serve beer?

Hard Rock Cafe, you’ll be delighted to find a selection of alcoholic beverages, including beer. So, if you’re in the mood to enjoy some great music and delicious food while sipping on a cold one, this iconic establishment has got you covered with its wide range of libations, making it a perfect spot to unwind and have a-rockin’ good time!

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