Heavenly Wang Menu Prices Singapore 2024

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Heavenly Wang Menu Singapore

Heavenly Wang Menu Singapore With Prices List


Wang Sharing Bundles

Indulge in the Wang’s Royal Breakfast for 2 at just S$18.60 or savor the Wang Feast for 4 priced at an irresistible S$35.60. Don’t miss out on their delightful Wang Beverage Bundle and Wang’s Family Breakfast for 2, both starting from S$13.20.

Reinvent Toast Sets

Volcano Bun & Open Toasties Sets

SG Faves


A La Carte & Extras

From the comforting Soft Boiled Eggs at just S$2.40 to the delectable Tuna Melt and Luncheon Sunrise priced at S$4.90 each, this restaurant offers an array of mouthwatering options. Don’t miss their heavenly Kaya Butter Toasts for only S$2.60.

Heavenly Wang Alternative Restaurants

Is Wang Cafe the same as Heavenly Wang?

You might be wondering if Wang Cafe and Heavenly Wang are the same. Well, let me clarify that Heavenly Wang offers the delicious flavors of Wang Café’s famous kopi and toast, but with the added advantage of serving a halal range of food and beverages along with traditional bakery delights. So, if you’re looking for that familiar taste with halal options, Heavenly Wang has got you covered!

Who owns Heavenly Wang?

Heavenly Wang is under the ownership and management of NTUC Foodfare Co-operative Ltd. They are the proud owners of both Heavenly Wang and Wang Café brands.

Where is Heavenly Wang from?

This charming spot, also known as 旺角 (Prosperity Corner), came into existence back in 1953 and can be found along Bugis Street in Singapore. Specializing in local-styled breakfast favorites like Kopi, Kaya Toast, and Soft-Boiled Eggs, Heavenly Wang is a must-visit spot, nestled within the bustling Changi Airport.

Who is the owner of Heavenly Wang in Singapore?

NTUC Foodfare Co-operative Ltd is the owner of Heavenly Wang in Singapore.

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