Shu Bistro Menu Prices 2024 Malaysia

Hello Shu Bistro lovers, are you looking for the latest Shu Bistro Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Shu Bistro Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Shu Bistro Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Chicken Lasagnafrom RM 32
Mushroom Soupfrom RM 17
Mushroom Alfredo Pastafrom RM 28
Smoked Chicken Cabonara Pastafrom RM 28
Shu Bistro Menu Malaysia


Mushroom Soupfrom RM 17


Caesar Saladfrom RM 18.50
Toasted Smoked Duck Garden Saladfrom RM 22.50
Panzanella Salad (Vegetarian)from RM 19.50
Shu Bistro Menu Malaysia

Main Course

Shu Bistro offers an impressive selection of delectable chicken dishes, from the classic Chicken Cordon Bleu to the zesty Mexican Chicken Tortilla Wrap, there’s something for every chicken lover. Not a fan of chicken? Fear not, as they also serve up delicious dishes featuring beef, lamb, and seafood. Sink your teeth into the Australia Grain Fed Beef Sirloin, savor the succulent New Zealand Rack of Lamb, or indulge in the crispy Pan-Fried Salmon. With a range of affordable price points, Shu Bistro is an excellent option for those looking for a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

Chicken Cordon Bleufrom RM 35
Foot-Long Chicken Hotdogfrom RM 31
Mexican Chicken Tortilla Wrapfrom RM 31
Pan-Fried Chicken Rouladefrom RM 36.50
Peri Peri Chickenfrom RM 33.50
Crispy Chicken Chopfrom RM 32.10
Chicken Milanesefrom RM 28
Grilled BBQ Teriyaki Chicken Burgerfrom RM 33.50
Australia Grain Fed Beef Sirloinfrom RM 98
New Zealand Rack of Lambfrom RM 139.90
Crispy Pan-Fried Salmonfrom RM 54.50
Red Snapperfrom RM 60
Fish & Chipsfrom RM 31
Shu Bistro Menu Malaysia


Farm & Ocean 4-5 PaxRM 292
Mini Platter 2-3 PaxRM 166


Smoked Chicken Cabonara Pastafrom RM 28
Smoked Duck Aglio Oliofrom RM 28
Tuna Puttanesca Pastafrom RM 28
Bolognaise Pastafrom RM 28
Chicken Lasagnafrom RM 32
Beef Lasagnafrom RM 35
Mac & Cheesefrom RM 28
Shu Bistro Menu Malaysia

Meat Free Healthy Meal (Vegetarian)

Shu Bistro’s vegetarian-friendly menu is a great option for those looking for meatless meals in Malaysia. The Vegetarian Burger and Vegetarian Aglio E Olio Pasta are tasty options for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, while the Plant Based Meat Guacamole Pesto Burger provides a delicious plant-based alternative to traditional burgers. The Pesto Pasta With Roasted Vegetables And Sun-Dried Tomato is also a must-try dish that will leave you feeling satisfied and healthy. The Mushroom Alfredo Pasta and Marinara Pasta are perfect for pasta lovers looking for a vegetarian twist. The Vegetarian Mexican Tortilla Wrap is another great option for those looking for a tasty vegetarian meal. All of these dishes are reasonably priced, making them a great choice for those on a budget.

Mushroom Alfredo Pastafrom RM 28
Marinara Pastafrom RM 28
Plant Based Meat Guacamole Pesto Burgerfrom RM 33.50
Vegetarian Burgerfrom RM 29.50
Vegetarian Aglio E Olio Pastafrom RM 26.50
Vegetarian Mexican Tortilla Wrapfrom RM 29.50
Pesto Pasta With Roasted Vegetables And Sun-Dried TomatoRM 28
Shu Bistro Menu Malaysia

Kids Menu

Banger & Mashfrom RM 17
Mini Fish & Chipsfrom RM 17
Macaronifrom RM 13.50


Shu Bistro in Malaysia offers a delectable range of appetizers that will undoubtedly please your taste buds. The menu features popular dishes such as Smoked Salmon Croquettes, Korean Fried Chicken, Sloppy Joe Nachos, Spicy Buffalo Wings, and Crispy Squid. For those who love fries, the restaurant serves a range of potato options like Cheesy Garlic Potato Wedges, Special Fries, and Curly Fries. Moreover, the menu has vegetarian options like Edamame, perfect for those who don’t consume meat. With such a vast variety of appetizers to choose from, Shu Bistro has something for everyone to enjoy.

Smoked Salmon CroquettesRM 18.50
Korean Fried Chickenfrom RM 20.90
Crispy SquidRM 21.50
Sloppy Joe NachosRM 24
Spicy Buffalo WingsRM 20
Golden Fish FingerRM 17
Mashed Potatoes With Bacon ChipsRM 10
Crispy Garlic Bread (1pcs)RM 1.60
Cheesy Garlic Potato WedgesRM 17
Special FriesRM 13.90
Curly FriesRM 15.30
Popcorn ChickenRM 17
Crispy Onion RingRM 17
BBQ Mini Chicken SausageRM 17
EdamameRM 12.50

Iced Fruit Tea Mocktails

Aromatic Buttered Basmati RiceRM 4
Iced Lemon & LimeRM 19.50
Iced Blood CitrusRM 19.50
Iced Salted Spice LoverRM 19.50
Iced Jasmine Peach LemonRM 19.50

Iced Soda

Iced Yuzu UvaRM 19.50
Apple Mojito SodaRM 16.60
Tropical SodaRM 16.60
Pineapple Yuzu SodaRM 16.60

Fruits Yogurt Smoothies

Blood OrangeRM 16.60
Peach Yogurt SmoothiesRM 19.50
Lychee Lime Yogurt SmoothiesRM 19.50
Fresh Strawberry Yogurt SmoothiesRM 21


Apple Orange Yogurt SmoothiesRM 21
Chocolate MilkshakeRM 19.50
Oreo MilkshakeRM 19.50
Matcha MilkshakeRM 19.50

Fresh Fruit Juices

If you’re looking for a refreshing beverage to accompany your meal, Shu Bistro has a variety of juices and milkshakes to choose from. Options include classics like Orange Juice and Apple Juice, as well as more unique choices like Watermelon Juice and Carrot Milk Juice. For those in need of a pick-me-up, the Honey Lemon drink is a great choice. Whether you’re looking for a fruity, creamy or zesty drink, Shu Bistro has got you covered. With reasonable prices, you can quench your thirst without breaking the bank.

Mocha MilkshakeRM 21
Orange JuiceRM 12
Apple JuiceRM 12
Watermelon JuiceRM 12
Carrot Milk JuiceRM 12
Honey Lemonfrom RM 8

Hot Beverages

Hot ChocolateRM 11
Hot MatchaRM 11
Ginger TeaRM 8
Morrocan Mint TeaRM 8
Jasmine Green TeaRM 8
Sencha Green TeaRM 8
Premium Earl Grey TeaRM 8


Americanofrom RM 11
Lattefrom RM 12
Cappuccino (Hot)RM 12
Hot MochaRM 11

Soft Beverages

Handcrafted Homemade Chicken Burgerfrom RM 33.50
Coca ColaRM 7
100 PlusRM 7
SpriteRM 7
Shu Bistro Menu Malaysia
Shu Bistro Menu Malaysia
Shu Bistro Menu Malaysia

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Who is the owner of Shu Bistro in Malaysia?

Shu Lin is the owner of Shu Bistro in Malaysia.

Is Shu Bistro halal In Malaysia?

We are not sure if Shu Bistro is halal in Malaysia or not.

How many branches have Shu Bistro In Malaysia?

Shu Bistro has more than 20 outlets In Malaysia.

What Shu Bistro accepts credit cards In Malaysia?

Yes! Shu Bistro accepts credit cards In Malaysia.

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