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BreadTalk Menu Singapore

BreadTalk Menu Singapore With Prices Lis




From the creamy and rich Hokkaido Fresh Milk and Hokkaido Milk Strawberry to the refreshing Cold Brew Oolong Tea and Cold Brew Green Tea, they have something for everyone. Don’t miss out on their luscious Soy Milk and indulgent Milk Tea, both priced at just S$3.80. And for the ultimate treat, savor the goodness of Hokkaido Milk for only S$6.60.


They offer an array of delectable treats, such as the mouthwatering Fire Flosss and the heavenly Hazel Cacao, both priced at just S$2.40. For a savory option, try their Hearty Sausage Croissant, a steal at S$2.50. With an extensive menu that includes everything from sweet Sugar Donuts to savory Chicken Parmesan, BreadTalk is a haven for food enthusiasts on a budget. Don’t miss their unique Kit Kat Donut and the delightful Berry Lovely Donut, each priced at S$2.40. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, BreadTalk’s got you covered with their range of delectable offerings, all reasonably priced and guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Tea Cakes

I recently tried their Momoji for just S$3, and the Fire Momoji with an exciting kick at the same price. For those craving something sweet, their Marble Steam Cake, Strawberry Steam Cake, and Orange Steam Cake all priced at S$2 each are sure to satisfy. If muffins are your weakness, you’ll love their Raisin Muffin and Chocolate Muffin, both reasonably priced at S$1.70.

Chilled Cakes

This delightful restaurant offers a wide range of mouthwatering options, including their signature 6-inch Dark Forest Gateau for just S$45.80. For cheesecake lovers, the Japan Light Cheese Cake is a steal at S$14.80. Indulge in the lusciousness of the Fresh Strawberry Yogurt, available in both 4-inch (S$31.80) and 6-inch (S$49.80) sizes. For something unique, try the Green Grape Charlotte 4-inch at S$26.80 or the MangoCoco 6-inch at S$45.80. Don’t miss the Salted Caramel 4-inch (S$26.80), Chantilly 6-inch (S$43.80), and Pretty Pink 4-inch (S$28.80) cakes, perfect for any celebration.


With an array of mouthwatering options like White Toast, California Toast, and Gourmet Fruit Loaf, starting from just S$3, you’re in for a treat. Indulge in their delectable Marble Chocolate and Matcha Red Bean offerings, priced from S$4.20, and savor the rich flavors. Don’t miss out on their unique creations like Kaya Marble and Milky Way, all starting from S$3.40.

Spreads & Condiments

Their Peanut Butter (250g) is a steal at just S$7, while the Assorted Kaya (100g) adds a burst of flavor at S$3.80. Want more? Grab the Peanut Butter (2 Btls) for only S$13 or indulge in the Kaya Gift Set priced at S$7.20. For a savory twist, try the Chilli Pork Floss (Btl) or the Crispy Pork Floss (Btl), both available for S$9.80 each. Feeling adventurous? Go for the 3-In-1 Floss Gift Pack priced at S$26! Visit BreadTalk today and elevate your taste buds with these amazing offerings.


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What is special about BreadTalk?

They stand out by carefully sourcing high-quality, natural ingredients from around the world, such as top-notch Japanese-milled flour and pure butter from New Zealand. What sets them apart is the meticulous process of preparing these ingredients from their raw state, crafting delightful pastes and fillings right in their Central Kitchen. This approach guarantees superior quality control over their finished products, resulting in delicious and outstanding offerings that keep customers coming back for more!

Who is the CEO of BreadTalk?

“Hey, folks! If you’ve been wondering about the mastermind behind BreadTalk, look no further. The CEO of BreadTalk is none other than James Quek. You can find more about him and his professional background on his LinkedIn profile. He’s the driving force behind the BreadTalk Group, making sure it keeps spreading those delicious bread vibes everywhere. So, if you’re a fan of their delectable treats, now you know who’s leading the way!”

Which country has BreadTalk?

I want to share some interesting information about BreadTalk and its global presence. According to Wikipedia, BreadTalk has a widespread network of bakery outlets in countries like Singapore, PRC, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Not only that, they’ve also expanded their reach with franchised bakery outlets across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. So, it’s safe to say that you can find BreadTalk in various countries across these regions. Happy snacking and exploring the delicious offerings of BreadTalk!

Who owns BreadTalk Group?

Well, it’s none other than George Quek Meng Tong, the mastermind behind this renowned bakery chain, BreadTalk. He not only founded the company but also holds the position of chairman, steering the group with his vision and expertise. Quite an impressive feat, don’t you think?

Who are the competitors of BreadTalk in Singapore?

In Singapore’s bustling bakery scene, BreadTalk Group faces competition from several noteworthy contenders. One such rival is Emicakes, a locally established and unfunded company dating back to 1992. Also vying for the attention of customers is Milk & Honey, a company that unfortunately met its end after being founded in 2012. Another unfunded player in the mix is Windowsill Pies, which came into existence in 2011. And not to be overlooked is Swissbake, a Singaporean company founded in 2003 that adds further competition to the mix. These establishments present a diverse range of offerings, ensuring that the bakery landscape remains dynamic and exciting for all food enthusiasts.

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