Urban Daybreak Menu Malaysia 2024

Hello Urban Daybreak lovers, are you looking for the latest Urban Daybreak Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Urban Daybreak Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Urban Daybreak Menu Malaysia
Urban Daybreak Malaysia

Urban Daybreak Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List

Urban Daybreak Malaysia’s menu includes, Avocado Smash, Urban Daybreak’s Baked Eggs, Toasted Artisan, Bread, Cauliflower & Arugula Bowl, Eggstraordinary Sando, Love Sausage Muffin, Urban’s Really Big, Breakfast, Stout Pulled Pork with Poached Egg, Scramble Trouble, The Perfect Omelette, Smoked Salmon Pate and much more to taste there.


Our Favourites

Avocado SmashRM18.20
Urban Daybreak’s Baked EggsRM19.60
Toasted Artisan BreadRM11.20
Cauliflower & Arugula BowlRM19.60
Eggstraordinary SandoRM19.60
Love for Sausage MuffinRM15.40

Our Signature

Urban’s Really Big BreakfastRM31.50
Stout Pulled Pork with Poached EggRM21.00
Scramble TroubleRM18.20
The Perfect OmeletteRM18.20
Smoked Salmon PateRM18.20

Our Mains

Fillet O FishRM26.60
Ultimate Steak SandwichRM29.40
The Hungry BurgerRM26.60
Chorizo PastaRM23.10
Dan Dan MienRM23.10
Steak & EggsRM33.60
The Sea BassRM28.00

Sweets / Waffles / Toasts

Signature French ToastRM22.40
Pancake StacksRM18.20
Biscoff & ChocolateRM21.00

Coffee & Choc

Spanish LatteRM10.50
Flat WhiteRM8.40
Long BlackRM7.70
Organic ChocolateRM9.10

Handcrafted Coffee

Honey LatteRM10.50
Matcha LatteRM10.50
Mint Mocha LatteRM10.50
Iced Coconut LatteRM10.50
Indian Chai Latte FloatRM10.50
Hazelnut DivinityRM10.50
Caramel MochaRM10.50
Mint Infused Ice CoffeeRM10.50
Best Drink EverRM10.50

Herb Crafted Tea

Floral OolongRM9.10
House Blend English BreakfastRM9.10
Earl Grey with A TwistRM9.10
Reviving Green TeaRM9.10
Sweet Antioxidant TeaRM9.10

Caffeine Free Tea

Hormone BalanceRM10.50
Cramp Relief ChaiRM10.50
Better SleepRM10.50
Anti FatigueRM10.50

Something Special

Cinnamon Iced ChocolateRM10.50
Real-real Honey LemonRM9.10
House KombuchaRM10.50

Superfood Raw Juiceee

Smooth CitrusRM10.50
Liver DetoxRM10.50
Hangover CureRM10.50
Green MachineRM10.50
Vitamin C BoosterRM9.10
I Love Apple JuiceRM9.10
No More ConstipationRM10.50
Improve Your Eyesight One at a Time (Carrot)RM9.10
Be Skinny (Lemon & lime)RM9.10

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Urban Daybreak Malaysia Contact Details

facebook; facebook.com/urbandaybreak/

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