Jinjja Chicken Menu Prices Singapore 2024

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Jinjja Chicken Menu Prices Singapore

Jinjja Chicken Menu Singapore With Prices List


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JINJJA Party Sets

JINJJA Chicken Ala Carte

Looking for a delightful Korean fried chicken experience in Singapore? Look no further than Jinjja Chicken! Their menu offers a variety of tempting options. You can indulge in their mouthwatering JINJJA Wings Ala Carte, available in 6-pc, 12-pc, and 18-pc servings, or savor the succulent JINJJA Drumsticks Ala Carte, served in 3-pc, 6-pc, and 9-pc portions. If you’re craving a perfect combination, try the 4-pc Wings Bap Ala Carte or the 2-pc Drumstick Bap Ala Carte. And for those looking for a quick and delicious snack, don’t miss their delightful Kpop Chicken Ala Carte. W

JINJJA Chicken With SPICY POTATO CHIPS And Drinks Sets

For those craving a hearty Korean fried chicken meal, Jinjja Chicken offers an array of delicious set options. You can savor the delectable 6 pcs JINJJA Wings Set, the 12 pcs JINJJA Wings Set, or the 18 pcs JINJJA Wings Set for a satisfying feast. If you prefer drumsticks, their 3 pcs JINJJA Drumsticks Set, 6 pcs JINJJA Drumsticks Set, and 9 pcs JINJJA Drumsticks Set are sure to please. Don’t miss the delightful 2 pcs Drumstick Bap Set and the 4 pcs Wings Bap Set, perfect for a quick yet delightful meal. With prices starting from S$14, Jinjja Chicken’s sets offer both value and flavor for a delightful Korean dining experience!

JINJJA Chicken With Fries And Drinks Set

JINJJA Chicken With Kpop Chicken And Drinks Sets

JINJJA Signature Sets

Savor a delightful array of Korean delights at Jinjja Chicken! Indulge in the rich and flavorful Beef Ram-Don, starting from S$11.90, or satisfy your cravings with their famous JINJJA Wings, JINJJA Drumsticks, and Wings Bap, all starting from S$9.20. For a tasty and filling option, try the Drumstick Bap and Kpop Chicken, both available from S$9.20. Craving noodles? Don’t miss their Rabboki, Chicken Ramyeon, Jjajang Myeon, and Seafood Jjampong, all starting from S$9.90. For a quick bite, their Beef Bulgogi Kimbap, Chicken Kimbap, and Bulgogi Beef Burger, starting from S$10.20, are sure to satisfy. If you prefer a vegetarian option, the Kimchi Tofu Burger and Tofu Bibimsalad, both available from S$8.20, are delicious choices. Jinjja Chicken offers a wide selection of Korean favorites that will leave you craving for more!


Experience the exciting flavors of Korea with Jinjja Chicken’s delectable snacks! Try their latest Korean Spicy Chicken Flavour Potato Chips for only S$3.20 or indulge in the unique Sesame Seaweed Fries, priced at S$3.30. Craving something more substantial? The Tteokbokki Fries, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (4 Pieces), and Mandu are perfect choices, all starting from S$4. For traditional Korean favorites, don’t miss their mouthwatering Tteokbokki, Seaweed Tofu, and Kimchi, all available for S$4. Need something to complement your meal? Opt for their Rice at S$1.60 or enhance your taste buds with the delightful Truffle Mayo and Cheese Sauce, starting from S$2.20 and S$1.20 respectively.



Jinjja Chicken Menu Prices Singapore

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Is JINJJA Chicken from Korea?

JINJJA Chicken is a hip and trendy Korean fast-casual restaurant chain, offering a unique dining experience that sets it apart from others in Singapore.

Who owns JINJJA Chicken Singapore?

Bernard Tay is the founder of Jinjja Chicken. He completed his studies with a major in Marketing from York University in Canada in 2006.

Is JINJJA Chicken halal?

JINJJA Chicken currently has outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. All JINJJA Chicken outlets are halal certified, making them suitable for Muslim customers.

Is Korean fried chicken like KFC?

Actually, while KFC can stand for “Korean Fried Chicken” in certain contexts, in the case of the popular fast-food chain “KFC,” it officially stands for “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” However, in the context of the beloved Korean dish, Korean Fried Chicken is inspired by American fried chicken but has a unique flavor profile and cooking techniques that make it a distinct and delicious dish.

What is Jinjja in English?

That’s right! In Korean, “진짜” (jinjja) and “정말” (jeongmal) both mean “really” in English. However, the context and usage of these words may vary. “진짜” is more commonly used in casual speech and can express surprise or emphasis, while “정말” is more formal and can be used in various situations to convey sincerity or truthfulness. Understanding the appropriate usage of these words will help you communicate effectively in Korean.

Where did JINJJA Chicken originate from?

Yes, that’s correct! JINJJA Chicken originated from Singapore and is a Korean fried chicken joint that operates on a fast-food concept. It brings together the flavors of Korean fried chicken with the efficiency and convenience of fast-food dining. The combination of Korean-style fried chicken and a fast-food approach has made JINJJA Chicken a popular choice for those seeking delicious and quick meals.

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