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Amigo's Menu Singapore

Amigo’s Menu Singapore With Prices List


Monthly Specials

Their Signature Sets, like A1 and A2, are a steal at just S$13.68-S$14.40. Craving something more substantial? Try their Buddy Combo Sets, starting at S$24.66-S$26.80. For a feast fit for the whole family, go for the Family Feast Sets, with options like C1 and C2, ranging from S$63.72-S$83.30.


Their Whole Signature Fried Spring Chicken is a must-try, priced at just S$16. For a lighter option, go for the Lucky Plate (2 Pcs) at S$7.90 or the Happiness Plate (3 Pcs) at S$10.50. Sharing with friends? The Family Set (9 Pcs) is a steal at S$26.90! With a variety of delicious options, including Crispy Wing starting from S$6.90 and Half Crispy Spring Chicken starting from S$8.90, Amigo’s Menu Prices promises a delightful chicken feast for everyone! Don’t miss out on their tantalizing Broiler starting from S$3.30.


From the classic and crispy Fish n Chips for just S$9 to the mouthwatering Beef Steak starting at S$14.90, they have something for every palate. Don’t miss out on their delectable Grilled Lamb Chop and flavorful Chicken Chop, both available from S$14.90 and S$8.90 respectively. If you’re in the mood for something unique, try the Teriyaki Chicken Chop at an affordable S$7.90 or the savory Chicken Lasagna at S$7.70. Health-conscious diners will love their Grilled Fish option, starting at S$11.50, while those craving a quick and satisfying meal can opt for the Chicken Popcorn Rice at just S$6.90.


From mouthwatering Fish n Chips at just S$9 to delectable Beef Steak starting from S$14.90, this restaurant offers a diverse range of flavors to satisfy any craving. Whether you’re a meat lover or prefer something lighter, their menu has it all. Treat your taste buds to the succulent Grilled Lamb Chop or the flavorful Chicken Lasagna, both priced at under S$15! Don’t miss out on the wallet-friendly Chicken Popcorn Rice at just S$6.90 or the scrumptious Teriyaki Chicken Chop at an enticing S$7.90. For those who love seafood, the Grilled Fish starting from S$11.50 is a must-try.


From the tantalizing Seafood Spaghetti at just S$9, to the creamy goodness of Chicken Mushroom Cream Spaghetti priced at S$10.50, every bite left me craving for more. With options like Mushroom Aglio Olio for S$7.90 and Chicken Bolognese at S$9.50, this restaurant truly knows how to satisfy pasta cravings without breaking the bank.

Add On

From tangy Honey Mustard to creamy Cheese Sauce, their range of delectable condiments adds the perfect touch to any meal at just S$ 1 each. And with options like Mayonnaise, Black Pepper Sauce, and Tartar Sauce, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Amigo’s Alternative Restaurants

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