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Zhang Liang Mala Tang Menu Singapore

Zhang Liang Mala Tang Menu Singapore With Prices List


Choose Soup Base (选择汤底)

Their menu offers a delectable range of options, including the Mala Original Soup, Tomato Soup, Mushroom Soup, and the tantalizing Mala Hotpot (Dry). Craving something with a Thai twist? Don’t miss out on their zesty Tom Yum Soup! With prices starting from just S$ 0.10, you can indulge in a delightful culinary journey without breaking the bank.

Extra Condiments 额外酱料

Their menu offers a wide array of tantalizing dishes, and their condiments are just as exceptional. From the rich and aromatic Sesame Oil to the fiery Chili Padi, each element adds an explosion of flavor to your meal. Don’t miss out on the affordable prices, starting at just S$0.20! Embrace the authentic tastes of Sichuan cuisine at Zhang Liang Mala Tang Menu Prices Singapore, where every bite is a delightful adventure.

Beverages 饮料

Bundles Set 套餐

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What is the minimum order for Zhang Liang Malatang?

let’s talk about Zhang Liang Malatang’s minimum order requirement. To enjoy their delicious offerings, you’ll need to go for a minimum order of 300g/bowl of their lip-smacking Tomato Soup 番茄汤. It’s essential to keep this in mind because any order below this minimum won’t be accepted and processed. So, make sure you go for at least 300g per bowl to satisfy your cravings and have a fantastic dining experience at Zhang Liang Malatang. Happy eating! 我们恳请您至少订购每碗300克的商品。

Where did Zhang Liang Malatang come from?

The origins of Zhang Liang malatang can be traced back to the captivating landscapes of Sichuan, China, where the delightful Malatang cuisine first emerged. Drawing inspiration from this rich heritage, we seek to offer our customers an immersive experience that echoes the essence of nature. The roots of Malatang are said to lie near the Yangtze River, nestled in the heart of Sichuan. We aim to allow people to savor and embrace this unique food culture that has flourished in the region.

What are the ingredients in malatang?

Today, let’s delve into the delightful world of Malatang, a hot pot dish that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. So, what goes into making this scrumptious treat? Well, fear not, for I’ve got you covered! To assemble the mouthwatering Malatang, I’ve prepared an array of delectable ingredients. These include thinly sliced beef, book tripe, beef meatballs, Taiwan-style sausage, fried fish cake, Fu Zhou-style fish meatballs, baby bok choy, lettuce, a variety of mushrooms, fried tofu puffs, and sweet potato noodles that I soaked in water an hour in advance. Embrace the flavors and spice up your dining experience with this sensational Malatang hot pot recipe, available in both spicy and non-spicy versions. Let’s get cooking and indulge in the ultimate hot pot delight!

What is Ma La Tang in Chinese?

Have you ever wondered about the delicious Chinese dish called Ma La Tang? Well, let me enlighten you! Ma La Tang is a popular street food in China, known for its spicy and numbing hot soup. In Chinese, it’s written as “麻辣烫” (málàtàng), where “麻辣” refers to the combination of numbing and spicy flavors, and “烫” means hot or boiling. It’s a delightful concoction of various ingredients like meat, vegetables, tofu, and noodles, all cooked in a flavorful and fiery broth. If you’re a fan of bold and exciting flavors, Ma La Tang is a must-try dish!

Is malatang popular in Korea?

Is malatang popular in Korea? Absolutely! Lately, the ‘malatang’ trend has taken Korea by storm, becoming immensely popular among the younger generation, especially those in their 20s and 30s, as well as female diners. Not only malatang, but various other Chinese cuisines like ‘Malaxiangguo’ and ‘xiaolongbao’ (steamed soup dumplings) are also gaining significant fame among Koreans. So, what exactly is Malatang? Let’s dive into this dominating Chinese cuisine that has captured Koreans’ appetites!

What country is malatang?

Intrigued by the flavors of Malatang? Well, let me enlighten you with this explainer! Originating in the vibrant Sichuan region of China, this fiery and delectable dish gained widespread popularity across the country, especially around 2010, when numerous food stalls started dishing out this tantalizing treat. So, if you’re in for a taste adventure, head over to China to savor the authentic Malatang experience!

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